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In this OSRS Monk’s Friend Quest Guide, we’ll go through all the steps to complete the quest.

This guide is a part of our OSRS Optimal Quest Guide.

Monk’s Friend story & info


Brother Omad from the Ardougne Monastery needs your help. He’s annoyed by a Monk’s Child who keeps screaming for their blanky. It’s up to you to rescue the stolen Child’s Blanket and return the Monks to piece. Afterward, Omad will send you a second chore. He’s hosting a birthday party for the aforementioned child and needs some wine for the party. However, the monk he sent out for the wine has been missing for three days. You must help fix his cart so this children’s party can have wine and you can become a Monk’s Friend.

Extra Info

Monk’s Friend is a short P2P quest that is commonly done by new accounts (especially ironmen) to boosts their woodcutting levels from levels 1 – 13.

Quest Requirements

skill requirements Skill Requirements

There are no skill requirements.

quest requirements Quest Requirements

There are no quest requirements.

item requirements Item Requirements

  • Jug of water
  • 1 log


  • Teleports to Ardougne
    • Fishing Trawler Grouping teleport
    • Ardougne Teleport tab (if completed Plague City)
    • Ardougne Cloak

OSRSGuide Recommendation:

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  • Helps keep track of the item requirements and whether you have them on you or not
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  • Knows which dialogue you need to use during the quest
  • Shows the next location in the quest on your map

If you want to install it, you can install the Quest Helper directly from your Plugin Hub on Runelite.

install the quest helper plugin for runelite from the runelite plugin hub

Monk’s Friend Guide

Quest Start

location osrsUse a Fishing Trawler Teleport in your Grouping menu to get here. Or teleport to Ardougne. More: Ardougne Travel methods.

Speak with Brother Omad in the Ardougne Monastery to start the quest.

speak with brother omad to start the monks friend quest in osrs

You have to secure a stolen blanket that belongs to a Monk’s child.

Blanket Retrieval

Run west to the location as highlighted below.

blanket location for monks friend

You’ll find a stone circle, stand in it and a ladder will magically appear. Climb down the ladder.

Run South and go past the first door to retrieve the blanket from the table. Be careful as you will be attacked by lvl 14 and 26 thieves.

childs blanket location

Once you have the blanket, return to Brother Omad and speak with him.

return the childs blanket to brother omad

Next, talk to him again. (Dialogue: 2)

He needs your help again, this time with a party they are hosting for the 1-year-old. He mentions Brother Cedric was sent out to get wine 3 days ago but hasn’t returned.

You’ll find Brother Cedric if you run North from the monastery towards the zoo.

help out brother cedric

Talk to him to give him a jug of water. (Dialogue: 2)

Then, speak with him again and give him a regular log.

Return to Brother Omad to finish the quest!

finish the monks friend quest

Quest Rewards

  • 1 Quest Point
  • 2,000 Woodcutting Experience
  • 8 Law Runes
monks friend quest rewards


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