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The Varlamore expansion brought us a brand new thieving method: Stealing Valuables!

This activity involves stealing house keys from ‘wealthy citizens’ in Varlamore and subsequently using those keys to loot their homes.

And its available as early as level 50 thieving!

How it works

Stealing valuables consists of two parts:

  1. Stealing house keys from wealthy citizens
  2. Looting their homes

Pickpocketing Wealthy Citizens (Part 1)

The bazaar in Varlamores Capital is a hotspot for Wealthy Citizens. Pickpocket these elite Varlamorians for their house keys which has a drop rate of 1/17.

If you have the rogue outfit, wear it because you’ll get double keys.

You’ll need about 20 keys to spend an hour looting homes. But feel free to stick around for longer and stack those keys up.

pickpocketing wealthy citizen

Every 90 seconds a street urchin (the kids roaming around the bazaar) will distract the wealthy citizens.

When they do, you can AFK pickpocket that citizen for 24 seconds, and you will never fail. Talk about sweet AFK experience!

This unlocks the possibility to AFK this part of the thieving activity:

  • Make sure your sound effects are toggled on
  • Watch some YouTube/work/study/play on an alt
  • Every 90 seconds you’ll hear a sound, at which point you have to click on the wealthy citizen who’s being distracted
  • Repeat!

Looting Homes

Once you have a couple of house keys (20 required for 1 hour of looting) you can start the fun part: looting the homes!

There are 3 total houses that can be looted, but only one of them is available at all times.

3 possible houses that can be looted

To find out which home is available, you have two options:

  • Run in between the highlighted houses
  • Or speak with a street urchin (the kids that hang out near one of three houses) and pay them 15 valuables (the first time is free)
street urchins can reveal which house is available
The street urchins can reveal which house is available for you to loot

Once you’ve found the home, open the locked door with your house keys. You’ll use one key per home.

use a house key to break into the home

Now, click on any furniture (jewellery case, wardrobe, chest) to start looting it. Your character will do the rest.

Every 30 seconds, you’ll hear a notification accompanied with a golden arrow, that suggests you should loot that instead.

highlighted wardrobe gives more exp

Doing so will result in a juicy EXP drop, so be sure to always go for these! These contribute greatly towards your exp/hr.

After 3 minutes, the home-owner will return to their home. You’ll know they’re on their way back when you hear a *whistle* sound.

street urchin whistles to warn of returning home owner

When this happens, leave the home through the window.

Failing to leave the home, will result in losing some of your valuables.

when you get caught, you get thrown out the city

This isn’t the end of the world, but it will cut into your hourly profit.

'you feel tired' message

Sometimes you’ll get the notification that you’re too tired to continue looting, when this happens, go back to the bazaar and loot 1 house key to reset.

AFK Strategy

To make sure you can AFK this activity as well as possible, ensure your sound effects are turned up high.

turn on sound effects for afking

You’ll need this for the following notifications:

  • *distraction* – street urchin distracted a wealthy citizen (every 90 seconds)
  • *sparkle* – valuable loot (every 30 seconds)
  • *whistle* – the homeowner is returning (every 3 minutes)

Pickpocketing wealthy citizens is a mix of AFK (every 90 seconds) and non-AFK gameplay (manual pickpocketing) however, some players to choose to only click every 90 seconds making it an AFK activity.

Looting homes is a proper AFK activity that only requires you to click once every 30 seconds.


The valuables you collect during this activity can be sold to Oriana (NPC next to the Varlamore bank).

profit from 1 hour of stealing valuables

From 1 hour of looting, I gained around 120K from my valuables. The average seems to be around 90-150k.

This isn’t the most profitable thieving activity, but it’s still pretty good considering how AFK it is.

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