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Want to learn how to boost your Farming level in OSRS? Need to temporarily increase your farming level to for an Achievement Diary or a Quest? Whatever your reason may be, we’ve got you covered with this quick guide on how to temporarily increase your farming level.

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3 ways to Boost Your Farming level in OSRS

Garden Pies (+3 boost)

The easiest way to boost your farming level is by using a Garden Pie. Garden pies boost your farming by 3 levels.

Regular/main accounts can buy Garden Pies from the Grand Exchange. So if you need to boost your farming for only 3 levels, this is by far the best boosting method available to you.

To make a garden pie yourself (for example as an Ironman), you need the following ingredients:

  • Onion
  • Tomato
  • Cabbage
  • Pie Shell

You also need 34 Cooking to bake a Garden Pie. If you don’t have the levels, you can boost your Cooking Level to make the Garden Pie.

Further down in this article, I’ll explain the steps to make garden pie as well as how to obtain the ingredients for ironmen.

Spicy Stews using Brown Spice(up to +5 boost)

Spicy Stew Boosting offers a way to boost your Farming Level 5 levels without many requirements. This is the only way to obtain a +5 farming boost in OSRS.

Spicy Stews have the ability to give you a temporary boost between 0-5 levels in a bunch of different skills, including Farming. Which skill is boosted, and for how many levels, is entirely up to RNG. So this method is only handy if you need to boost for an Achievement Diary or Quest Requirement.

Main/regular accounts are better off buying Garden Pies, unless they need a +5 level boost. In this case, they can purchase regular stews and brown spice from the Grand Exchange and combine them in the hope of getting the +5 Farming boost they need.

To boost Farming with Spicy Stews, you need to add 3 doses of brown spice to a regular stew.

P.S. Ironman can buy Regular stews in the Warriors Guild.

Ironman can obtain Brown Spice by killing the Hell-rat Behemoth in the Southern room. TIP: Wily Cats are the best for this job. Using raw Karambwanji is the best food as they are stackable.

Cider (+1 boost)

One final boosting method for farming is to make Cider with the brewing minigame. Cider boosts your farming by one level. If you manage to obtain a mature cider, this boosts farming for 2 levels.

Cider only has two ingredients:

  • Apple Mush (made using 4 cooking apples & a bucket in the brewery minigame)
  • Ale Yeast (bought from Blandebir for 25GP)

While the least annoying beer to brew, it still takes 1-5 days for Cider to ferment.

Regular accounts can purchase Cider from the Grand Exchange if they only need a +1 boost, or mature cider if they need a +2 boost.

How to make Garden Pies

how to make garden pies in osrs which give a +3 farming boost

To make Raw Garden Pies do the following steps:

  • Add Pastry dough to Pie Dish to create Pie Shell
  • Add Tomato to your Pie Shell
  • Then add Onion to the Part Garden Pie
  • Finally, add Cabbage to the Part Garden Pie
  • Cook the Garden Pie

All the ingredients can be bought from Food Shops in Gielinor (Grand Tree Groceries, Culinaromancers chest, Port Sarim Food Store).

Consider using the Bake Pie spell on the Lunar Spellbook to ensure you don’t burn your garden pie.

How to Make Cider

how to make cider in osrs which give a +1 or +2 farming boost

To make Cider you need the following ingredients:

  • 5 Cooking Apples (Can be bought from Culinaromancers chest or Hosidius Market)
  • Bucket (to store your apple mush)
  • 1 Ale Yeast (bought from Blandebir next to the fermenting vat for 25GP)

Brewery Location

brewery location osrs to make cider for your farming boost

The Brewery is located in Keldagrim. The easiest way to get here is to use the Blast Furnace teleport minigame teleport in your grouping menu. Alternatively, you can take the trapdoor in the Grand Exchange which will take you there.

Note: you need to START the Giant Dwarf Quest to gain access to Keldagrim.

Once in Keldagrim, the Brewery is located next to the Blast Furnace building.

Go upstairs in this building and you’ll find a Fermenting Vat.

If you don’t already have Ale Yeast, pick up the pot that spawns and buy some from the dwarf Blandebir for 25GP.

How to make Cider

How to make cider to get the +3 farming boost

To make Cider, you will first need a bucket of Apple Mush. You can create Apple Mush by adding your four cooking apples to the Apple Press next to the fermenting vat.

Once added, crush them with your feet and then use a bucket on the apple press. Now you have a bucket of Apple Mush.

Now to make your cider:

  1. First, your bucket of Apple Mush to the Fermenting Vat
  2. Add a pot of Ale Yeast to the Fermenting Vat
  3. Wait 1-5 days for the Cider to Ferment

Once the Cider is fermented, bring 8 empty beer glasses to obtain your Cider.


Those are all the ways to temporarily inflate your Farming Level in OSRS. Boosting can be a great way to complete Quests and Achievement Diaries without having the necessary level. Regular accounts can buy Garden Pies from the Grand Exchange for an easy a +3 Farming Boost. If you need a +5 Farming boost consider buying Stews and Brown spices to make Spicy Stews.

Ironman can make Garden Pies themselves fairly easily as the ingredients can all be bought and the only requirement is 34 cooking. I don’t know why anyone would consider making Ciders, but they are an option as well. If you need a +5 farming boost as an ironman, you can make your own Spicy Stews with a bit of effort.

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