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Want to learn how to boost your Cooking level in OSRS? Maybe you just want to unlock a higher-level fish, or you need to boost for a Quest or Achievement Diary. Whatever your reason may be, this article contains every way to temporarily increase your cooking level.

For more info on Cooking Training, check out ourosrs cooking guide1-99 OSRS Cooking Guide.

3 ways to Boost your Cooking level in OSRS

Chefs Delight (+5 boost)

Chef’s Delight is a beer that can be made using the Fermenting vat in a Brewery. Drinking a Chefs’ Delight will boost your cooking level depending on your current level:

  • Level 1-19 Cooking: +1 boost
  • Level 20-39 Cooking: +2 boost
  • Level 40-59 Cooking: +3 boost
  • 60-79 Cooking: +4 boost
  • Level 80 Cooking: +5 boost

Main accounts can buy Chefs’ Delight and Chef’s Delight (m) from the Grand Exchange. So if you need a cooking boost for a quest or achievement diary as a main, buying a Chefs’ Delight is your best option.

Chefs’ Delight also has a mature version which adds an additional +1 cooking boost no matter your cooking level. Meaning you can obtain a max boost of +6 cooking.

Obtaining the Mature Version through brewing is based on RNG though you can increase your chances by a lot by adding The Stuff from the Troubling Brewing Minigame to your fermenting vat while making Chefs Delight. Since The Stuff requires a frankly boring and dead minigame, I doubt many of you will bother obtaining it.

How to make Chefs’ Delight, and how to permanently keep Chefs’ Delight, is explained further down this article. I would like to note that if you are an ironman in need of a cooking boost, it will takes 5 days for your Chefs’ Delight to ferment so I hope you aren’t in a hurry.

Spicy Stew (boost up to +5)

Spicy Stew boosting offers a way for ironman to boost their Cooking Level 5 levels without many requirements. I mention Ironman because main accounts can simply purchase Chefs’ Delight from the Grand Exchange and don’t need to bother with the intricate process of Spicy Stew Boosting.

Spicy Stews have the ability to give you a temporary boost between 0-5 levels in a bunch of different skills, including Cooking. Which skill is boosted, and for how many levels, is entirely up to RNG. So this method is only handy if you need to boost for an Achievement Diary or Quest Requirement.

To boost Cooking with Spicy Stews, you need to add 3 doses of Orange spice to a regular stew.

P.S. Regular stews can be bought in the Warriors Guild.

You can obtain Orange Spice by killing the Hell-rat Behemoth in the North-Western room. TIP: Wily Cats are the best for this job. Using raw Karambwanji is the best food as they are stackable.

Dorgeshuun Dishes (+1 boost)

If you only need a +1 boost, there are a bunch of dishes you can obtain in the Dorgeshuun City which will temporary boost your cooking level by +1.

These dishes are:

  • Eel Sushi
  • Fillets
  • Grubs à la mode
  • Loach
  • Mushrooms
  • Roast Frog

The only way to obtain these dishes is by participating in the Dorgeshuun Kaan Trading Minigame. While playing the minigame, you will randomly receive the previously named dishes from the Gourmets which, when consumed, can temporarily increase your cooking level by +1.

This method is a good alternative for ironman if you only need to boost your cooking with 1 level as these are very quick to obtain compared to the Spicy stew and Chefs’ Delight which are kind of a pain.

How to make Chefs’ Delight

how to make chefs delight for a +5 cooking boost in osrs

To make chefs’ Delight you need the following ingredients:

  • 2 Barley Malt
  • 4 Chocolate Dust
  • 2 Buckets of water
  • 1 Ale Yeast

Obtaining Ingredients (for Ironman)

As an Ironman, you will have to obtain Barley Malt by planting Barley Seeds in a hop patch. Next, you can cook the barley on a range to create barley malt. Chocolate dust can be obtained by using a pestle and mortar on a chocolate bar, these can be bought from the Culinaromancers’ Chest or the food store in Port Sarim.

Ale yeast can be bought from Blandebir for 25GP, he is located next to the Fermenting vat in Keldagrim. He requires you to have a pot in your inventory, you can take the one that spawns next to him.

Brewery Location

brewery location osrs to make chefs delight for your cooking boost

The Brewery is located in Keldagrim. The easiest way to get here is to use the Blast Furnace teleport minigame teleport in your grouping menu. Alternatively, you can take the trapdoor in the Grand Exchange which will take you there.

Note: you need to START the Giant Dwarf Quest to gain access to Keldagrim.

Once in Keldagrim, the Brewery is located next to the Blast Furnace building.

Go upstairs in this building and you’ll find a Fermenting Vat.

If you don’t already have Ale Yeast, pick up the pot that spawns and buy some from the dwarf Blandebir for 25GP.

How to make Chefs’ Delight

how to make chefs delight to get +5 cooking boost
  1. First use your 2 buckets of water on the Fermenting Vat
  2. Next, use 4 chocolate dust on the Fermenting Vat
  3. Afterward, use 2 Barley Malt on the Fermenting Vat
  4. Finally, use your Ale Yeast on the Fermenting Vat

Once all ingredients are added, you will have to wait 5 days for your Chef’s Delight to ferment. Once the five days are over, return to the Fermenting Vat with 8 beer glasses to obtain your Chef’s Delight.

Next, I recommend you don’t use any of them and use these to build a Fermenting Vat for your P-O-H so you have permanent Chefs’ Delight! Tutorial on that below.

Recommended: get a chef’s delight barrel in your P-O-H

With level 48 Construction and 8 Chef Delights, you can add a Chef’s Delight Barrel to your house which will be able to serve you unlimited Chefs’ Delight, allowing you to get an infinite cooking boost!

We highly recommend every ironman have this in their house as you will likely need to boost your cooking a couple of times during the game.

The Chef’s Delight barrel is made in the barrel space of your kitchen in your P-O-H.

Here’s what you’ll need to make the Cef’s Delight Barrel:

  • 8 Chef’s Delight (yes you will have to make these if you are an ironman)
  • 3 Oak Plank
  • 2 Steel Bar
  • Hammer/saw

The only downside of the Chef’s Delight Barrel is that you cannot take the beers outside your house. They will despawn if you try to leave yourself. Meaning you have to do all your cooking inside your house if you want to have the boost. Since you can add a range to your house, this shouldn’t really be a problem.

Note: main accounts can simply by the Chef’s Delight flatpack (premade) from the Grand Exchange.


Those are all the ways you can increase your cooking level in OSRS! Main accounts can simply purchase Chef’s Delight from the Grand Exchange to temporarily boost their level. Ironmen will have to go through the pain of making Chef’s Delight themselves and should definitely consider getting themselves a Chef’s Delight barrel to prevent this pain in the future.

For a fast way of training your cooking, check out ourosrs cooking guide1-99 OSRS Cooking Guide.


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