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Hunters Rumours is a brand new hunter training method added to the game with the arrival of the Hunters Guild in OSRS’s new expansion: Varlamore!

Hunters Rumours are very similar to Slayer tasks. All you have to do is ask a hunter master for a rumour, and they’ll tell you where you can find a ‘rare creature’. Then you hunt that creature until you find the rare variant. (Yes, it’s like shiny Pokemon hunting!)

Getting there

Travel to the Hunters Guild via your Quetzal unlocked from the quest ‘Twilights’ Promise‘.

travel to the hunters guild via quetzal

Here, enter the cave in the center to speak with Verity.

speak with verity at the hunters guild to unlock hunters rumours

After speaking with Verity, you are free to get Rumours from any of the masters, similar to slayer masters.

There are 4 tiers:

  • Novice (46)
  • Adept (57)
  • Expert (72)
  • Master (91)

How to get a rumour

Speak with a hunter master to get a rumour.

get a rumour from a hunter master

Once you have a rumour, you have to hunt the creatures UNTIL you find the unique specimen they are looking for. (Imagine doing slayer tasks, but instead of a task count, you are looking for a Shiny Pokemon).

hunters rumour

Now just go hunt that creature. I was assigned dashing kebbits so I’ll head to the Piscatoris Hunter Area.

hunting rare dashing kebbits

Once you’ve successfully hunted the shiny creature, you’ll get the following message in your game chat:

message that you've completed rumour

After that, return to the hunter master to collect your reward.

collecting reward from guild hunter

And repeat!

P.s. If you don’t like your rumour, you can ask another hunter master for a new rumour.

Blocking Hunter Tasks

There’s no way to ‘block tasks’ like you can with slayer masters, which is annoying because some tasks (e.g. foxes) are a bit tedious and result in EXP waste.

HOWEVER, there is a sneaky trick you can use.

As a hunter master cannot assign a task already given to you by another master, you can essentially ‘block’ a task this way.

E.g. let’s say I ask an adept master for a hunter rumour and they assign ‘foxes’ I can block that task by NEVER completing it.

It may take a little bit to get it set up, but it’s worth it if you plan on doing rumours in the long run.


After completing your rumour, you’ll receive a loot sack.

hunters rumour reward

These contain a bunch of different rewards including Quetzal Feed, which is necessary to build more Quetzal Landing Spots and expand your Quetzal Travel network!

P.s. The Quetzal Feed is worth A LOT of money right now.

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