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Need to temporarily increase your Smithing level to for an Achievement Diary or a Quest? We’ve got you covered with this Guide covering every way to temporarily boost Smithing.

For more info on Smithing Training, check out our1-99 OSRS Smithing Guide.

3 Ways to Boost Smithing in OSRS

Kovac’s Grog (+4 boost)

The best way to boost your Smithing in OSRS is to buy Kovac’s Grogs from the Giants Foundry minigame which boost your smithing level by 4 levels.

Regular accounts can get these from the Grand Exchange, however, they are quite pricey at around 35K GP each.

Ironman (and regular accounts) can obtain them by playing the Giants Foundry minigame. Obtaining 300 Foundry Reputation is very fast so it’s definitely worth checking out the minigame if you haven’t already. It’s also a great smithing training method so definitely check out our guide for more information.

Dwarven Stout (+1/+2 boost)

If you only need a minor smithing boost of +1 or +2, you can purchase Dwarven Stout or Dwarven Stout (m) from the Grand Exchange which give +1 and +2 smithing boosts.

Ironman can make these themselves by Brewing them in Keldagrim.

Keep in mind that you will need to wait between 1 to 1.5 days for your beer to ferment and you will likely end up with the regular version which only gives a +1 smithing boost.

Spicy Stew using Orange Spice (up to +5 boost)

Spicy Stew Boosting offers a way to boost your Smithing Level 5 levels without many requirements. This is the only way to obtain a +5 Smithing boost in OSRS.

The only requirement is that you have completed the Evil Dave Subquest of Recipe for Disaster.

These spicy Stews are untradeable and need to be created by using 3 doses of Orange Spice on a stew. Both can be bought from the Grand Exchange by regular accounts and combined to create Spicy Stews.

Keep in mind that Spicy Stews don’t give a guaranteed boost. Spicy Stews are luck-based and each stew will give you random level boosts. It can take a while to get the necessary boosts which is why Spicy Stews are generally not recommended unless you absolutely need a +5 boost and the grind is too long. This is generally done by ironman as main accounts are better off buying a Kovak’s grog in the case of Smithing boost.

To boost smithing with Spicy Stews, you need to add 3 orange spices.

P.S. Ironman can buy Regular Stews from the Warriors Guild.

Ironman can obtain Orange Spice by killing the Hell-rat Behemoth in the North-western room. TIP: Wily Cats are the best for this job. Using raw Karambwanji is the best food as they are stackable.


Those are all the ways you can boost your Smithing level in OSRS! For regular accounts, I recommend you buy either a regular or mature Dwarven stout if you only need a +1 or +2 boost and a Kovac’s Grog if you need a +4 boost.

Ironmen can make Dwarven Stouts themselves provided they are willing to wait 1.5 days for it to ferment. Ironman in a hurry are better off doing the Giants’ Foundry minigame to obtain a +4 smithing boost through the Kovak’s Grog which only takes about 10 minutes to obtain.

For more Smithing leveling methods, check out our1-99 OSRS Smithing Guide.


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