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The OSRS 2023 Easter Event is finally here! The Easter Bunny is back in Varrock and needs your help again this year. This time, the egg mould has been stolen and the likely suspects are Gertrude’s boys! This 2023 Easter Event Guide shows you all the steps you need to finish the event and claim the Giant Bronze Dagger reward!

Event Map

These are all the locations you need to visit during this event:

  • Easter Bunny (behind Eastern Bank)
  • Getrude’s house
  • Shiloup & Wilough in Varrock Square
  • Drain behind Varrock Pub (Digging Spot)
osrs easter event map

Easter Event Guide

Event Start

To start the Easter Event, speak with the Easter Bunny outside of Varrock East Bank.

osrs easter event start. Easter bunny location

Gertrude’s Children

Now speak with Gertrude about her children.

(They are the ones who hit the Easter Bunnies Egg Mould)

speak with gertrude to talk about her boys

You’ll need to talk to all her children for hints on the location of the Egg Mould.

First, speak with the two boys in their rooms in Gertrude’s House.

The solution for the Dialogue with Kanel is HAPPY EASTER.

speak with kanel in gertrudes home

Philop doesn’t require a solution, he just tells you he is hanging out with Charlie the Tramp.

speak with philop

Now, travel to Varrock Square and speak with Shilop first.

Select option 3: Drain.

select option 3 when speaking with shilop

Next, speak with Wilough.

speak with wilough to start a cutscene

A cut scene will start. In which you lose a game of Egg, Silk, or Secateurs.

Now go talk to Horvik in the armour shop next door.

Horvik will explain that the child always wins. He’s fed up with it and decides to give you a Giant Bronze Dagger to win the game.

speak with horvik to get the giant bronze dagger

Once you have the Giant Bronze Dagger, speak with Wilough again for another game of Egg, Silk, or Secateurs.

pull out the giant bronze dagger to win the game of egg, silk and secateurs from wilough

This time you will choose Giant Bronze Dagger and win the game.

After winning, you should receive the following message in your chatbox:

once you get this message, you should talk to the easter bunny

This means you have enough hints to find the location of the Egg Mould. Tell the Easter Bunny.

Making the Easter Eggs

The Easter Bunny will give you an Eastfloor Spade.

Run towards the Varrock Pub and behind the kitchen, locate the drain. Dig in this spot using the Eastfloor Spade.

dig the drain just behind the varrock pub.

Now return to the Easter Bunny again.

Speak with the bunny first, and then, right-click on the Easter Bunny and select ‘Get-Ingredients’.

Repeat 5 times.

get ingredients from the easter bunny

Once you have 10 chocolate dust in your inventory, run to the Varrock Pub again to use the range. (or use any other range)

To make the Easter Eggs: first, use the Easter Chocolate Dust on an Egg Mould.

use easter chocolate dust on egg mould

Then cook on the range.

cook the easter eggs on the range

Now click on the Hot Egg Mould to empty and receive an Easter Egg Half.

Repeat this until all 10 chocolate dust has turned into Easter Egg Haves.

Now, use the Easter Egg Halves on each other to create Warm Easter Eggs.

use easter egg halves on each other to create warm easter eggs

And finally, use the Warm Easter Eggs on your bucket of milk.

Repeat until you have 5 Easter Eggs.

Once you have them, return them to the Easter Bunny.

Next, speak with Gertrude. (To give her the Easter Eggs)

And finally, return to the Easter Bunny to claim your Easter Event 2023 Reward!

Easter Event 2023 Reward

The 2023 Easter Event has the following rewards:

  • Giant Bronze Dagger
  • Eastfloor Spade
  • nest Hat
  • 2 Easter Eggs
easter event 2023 rewards

Here’s what we look like equipping the new rewards!

easter event 2023 giant bronze sword reward

If you have missed any other Easter Events, participating in this event will unlock ALL of their rewards!

Afterward, you can pick them up from Django in Draynor Village.


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