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Big chances are coming to OSRS with the expected arrival of a new grandmaster quest: Desert Treasure 2! Desert Treasure has always been one of the most popular quest series in the game so it’s super exciting that this quest line is seeing a sequel.

In this article, we’ll look at everything we know so far about Desert Treasure II: The Fallen Empire.

Desert Treasure II Release Date

Desert Treasure 2 is scheduled to be released somewhere in the Summer of 2023. The exact dates are not yet known.

Update April 13: Desert Treasure 2 Beta Worlds

Desert Treasure 2 Beta worlds are now live!

Travel to the following worlds:

  • 401
  • 405
  • 407
  • 409
  • 412

BETA test the new Virtus Robes, upgraded Ancient Sceptres, BIS rings, new prayer book, and Soulreaper axe rewards on these worlds.

what your account looks like in the desert treasure 2 beta testing worlds
what your account looks like in BETA testing worlds

Beta worlds are different from your regular account and give you access to a maxed OSRS account with all the items already unlocked and a green egg that allows you to teleport you to different bosses in osrs and also change your prayer book to test out Ruinous Prayers!

green egg from desert treasure 2 beta worlds

What we know so far

everything we know so far about osrs desert treasure 2

The iconic Desert Treasure quest that came out 17 years ago is finally receiving a sequel. And just like the original, it’s going to be chockful of spectacular rewards that change the game as we know it. Instead of a new spellbook (Ancient Magicks) the sequel will come with the unlock of a new prayer book (Ruinous Powers) which is undoubtedly going to change the game as we know it.

Ruinous Powers will be useful in both PVP and PVM and it’ll be very interesting to see how it will fit into the current game. Jagex did say that unlike Ancient Curses from RS3, Ruinous Powers will completely replace the original Prayer Book. Meaning it’s not an upgrade that’s going to completely replace the original prayer book. This would potentially be game-breaking. Instead, you can compare it to Ancient Magicks where it is useful in some cases but other spell books such as the normal spellbook and lunars are still useful as well.

For the sake of the game, its better to have options, instead of a new prayer book that completely wipes the floor with the original one. Something we’ve learned from Ancient Curses in RS3.

Aside from the new Prayer Book, Desert Treasure will unlock 4 new areas and 4 new bosses which you will be able to fight once the quest is over. This is super exciting as these bosses will definitely be yet another great combat money maker, unlocked only by a high-requirement grandmaster quest.

Speaking of requirements, here are the current known quest requirements for Desert Treasure 2:

  • Below Ice Mountain
  • Temple of the Eye
  • Garden of Death
  • Secrets of the North

That’s quite a bit of questing, and plenty of skills needing to be base 70, so you guys better get started if you want to complete DT2 as soon as it is released.

Furthermore, the quest will unlock Virtus Robes (potentially as drops from the bosses?) which were originally going to be part of the Nex Update. And finally, the quest will also unlock gems (blood, smoke, etc) which you will be able to pair with your Ancient Sceptre in order to make it even more powerful.

Pretty exciting stuff! Here’s the cinematic trailer if you haven’t seen it yet.

Desert Treasure 2 Rewards

Virtus Robes

virtus robes full set stats osrs
desert treasure 2 reward: virtus robes
virtus concept source: osrs news

It wouldn’t be Desert Treasure without unlocking some huge buffs to Ancient Magicks, would it? Virtus Robes will be a new BIS magic armour when using Ancient Magicks. No stats have been revealed yet but it should be more powerful than Ancestral when using the Ancient Spells but worse when using other magic spells.

How will one obtain Virtus Robes? Likely they will be part of the drop table from the 4 new bosses.

Ruinous Powers Spellbook

ruinous powers prayer book

Probably the most exciting part of the new Desert Treasure 2 quest is the prayer book that will be unlocked from it. Ruinous powers is going to have some nifty prayers that will entirely change how the game is played. Most of its prayers are combat based and will be useful in PVP/PVM scenarios but there are also some utility prayers as well.

Check the full list of Ruinous Powers

Ancient Sceptre Upgrades

desert treasure 2 reward: ancient sceptre upgrades

The recent Secret of the North quest unlocked the Ancient Sceptre (as a drop from its boss), an upgrade to the Ancient Staff. Desert Treasure 2 bosses will drop gems that can further upgrade this sceptre.

Each of the bosses will have UNTRADEABLE gems as part of their drop table in their theme (blood, smoke, ice, shadow) which can be combined with the Ancient Sceptre to buff spells in that element.

Ruinous Powers Prayer Book

Here are the currently proposed prayers for the Ruinous Powers Prayer book that will be unlocked as a reward from Desert Treasure 2. Please note that these are still being polled and changes are still being implemented.

Latest Update: March 8th news post

Protection Prayers

Dampen Melee / Magic / Rangedcurrently scrapped
Absorb Melee / Magic / Rangedcurrently scrapped
Withstand Melee / Magic / Rangedcurrently scrapped
Deflect Melee / Magic / RangedReduces damage taken by 90% in PVM (limited to 36% in PVP) AND deflects 10% of the damage back to the attacker.
Example: imagine that General Graardor is about to deal 52 damage to you. But you are using the ‘Deflect Melee’ protection prayer, then you will only receive 5 damage and General Graardor will also receive 5 damage.

Offensive Prayers

Ancient Precision+20% attack
Ancient Strength+20% strength
Ancient Sight+ 20% ranged attack
+ 20% ranged strength
Ancient Will+ 20% magic attack
Trinitas+15% attack
+15% strength
+15% ranged attack
+15% ranged strength
+15% magic attack
Decimate+20% attack
+30% strength
Anihilate+20% ranged attack
+30% ranged strength
Vaporise+25% magic attack
+4% magic damage

Overhead Offensive Prayers

Gambit+8% accuracy in all styles
RebukeIncreases your damage taken by 15%, reflects 15% of any damage dealt to you.
VindicationWhen reduced below 10% of your maximum HP (without taking lethal damage), heal for 15% of your Prayer level and lose any remaining Prayer points.
For 6 seconds after Vindication triggers, your next attack will deal 10% bonus damage.
WrathUpon death, deals damage up to 25% of the player’s base Prayer level to targets in a 5×5 radius
Ruinous SmiteReduces the user’s and opponent’s prayer points by 33% of damage dealt

Ancient Vows

Fumus’ VowWhile active, attacks consume 10% of your poison severity, to deal the same amount as bonus poison damage to an enemy.
Umbra’s VowEvery attack, 10% of your damage drains your opponents defence.
Nerf: defence cannot be lowered more than 15% of the their original defence level
Cruor’s Vow10% chance to heal 10% of the damage you deal in any combat style
Glacies’ Vow20% chance to deal a recurrent magical attack of 10% of your initial hit. This bonus damage rolls off of your equipped style against your target’s Magic defence.

Utility Prayers

Ruinous GraceInstead of draining run energy, your prayer points are drained.
RejuvenationRegen 1 hp every 20 seconds.
MetaboliseReduces action delay (not eat delay) by 0.6s after eating
This prayer will be nerfed with a ‘wind-up’ time similar to preserve (e.g. 15 seconds before it takes effect).
After this ‘wind-up’ time, deactivating Metabolise will reset your action delay to your weapon’s attack speed or left unchanged – whichever of these values is greater
Berserkercombat stat boost duration is extended by 50% as long as this prayer is active

Desert Treasure 2 FAQs

What is the release date for Desert Treasure 2?

Desert Treasure 2 is scheduled to be released somewhere in Summer of 2023. The exact dates are not yet known.

What are the rewards from Desert Treasure 2?

Desert Treasure 2 will unlock a new prayer book called Ruinous Powers. Furthermore, it will give players access to Virtus Robes and gems to upgrade their Ancient Sceptre.

What are the quest requirements for Desert Treasure 2?

  • Below Ice Mountain
  • Temple of the Eye
  • Garden of Death
  • Secrets of the North
  • Desert Treasure 1


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