This jad osrs quick guide should get your ready to face TzTok-Jad in the fight caves to get your firecape. You should practice using the jad simulator before facing him.

Jad Stats

  • Combat level: 702
  • Max hit: 97
  • Attack style: Stab/Magic/ranged

Jad requirements

To face tztok-jad you will need at least 43 prayer so you can pray overhead and 61 ranged. Higher stats are of course highly recommended.

Recommended Gear

Gear for Jad is pretty self-explanatory. You want to max out on ranged attack bonus and prayer bonus.

This means that a blessed d’hide set is recommended over a regular d’hide set or even Karil’s armour. Armadyl armor is best in slot.

Recommended weapons for jad are (in this order): Tbow/blowpipe combination, blowpipe, karils crossbow, armadyl crossbow, or rune crossbow.

different kinds of gear setups for facing jad in the fight caves. You can wear armadyl for best in slot or opt for elite. Another option is blessed d'hide armour for the prayer bonus. Part of the osrs jad guide.
Recommended gear for Jad in order

1 defence pure gear

1 defence pures should prioritise prayer bonus when attempting to do jad. Part of the osrs jad guide.
  • any god mitre (for prayer bonus)
  • ava’s accumulator
  • fury/glory
  • diamond dragon bolts (e) for jad
  • armadyl crossbow/rune crossbow
  • any god robe top (for prayer bonus)
  • book of law
  • black d’hide chaps/red d’hide chaps
  • regen bracelet/mithril gloves/combat bracelet
  • ranger boots/holy sandals
  • archers ring (i)/ring of suffering/ring of the gods

Recommended Inventory

recommended inventory for fighting jad in osrs.

For every gear setup, (and if you have 75 ranged) you should have a blowpipe in your inventory with at least adamant darts.

Purple sweets are recommended for 1 defence pures with little experience. Sweets are a stackable food source, though they are expensive.

Other than a blowpipe, your inventory should contain: 2 ranging potions and the remainder of the inventory filled with saradomin brews and super restores.

Jad strategy

Jad spawns on wave 63 of the fight caves.

During the fight:

  • Have auto retaliate on
  • Focus on prayer switches (Jad’s max hit is 97)

Jad spawn

Jad’s spawn is always random but it is possible to find out where Jad will spawn in your fight cave. Jad will always spawn where the level 360 spawns on wave 62. So if you pay attention to that spawn, you can predict jad’s spawn in wave 63.

Jad Safespot map

All safespots in the osrs figh caves. Italy rock is the best point to be when jad spawns.


When jad reaches half his health, 4 levels 108 healers will spawn. This is the phase of the fight where most players make mistakes. Always prioritize your prayer switches over everything while fighting had.

Once healers spawn, it’s important that you get them off jad and on you, this way they will no longer heal the jad. If you have good enough armor and stats, you don’t even have to kill the healers at all and instead can tank the hits. Make sure to always line them up so they can’t heal him.

Jad fight at 14:43

If you plan to log out before the fight, log out after finishing wave 61. Not during wave 62 as this might spawn you in the middle and unprepared for Jad’s first attacks.

Jad Simulator

The only way to defeat jad is by flicking prayers. Jad has two attack styles (ranged and magic) so you need to pray accordingly. Failing to do so will lead to a quick death. To get used to this prayer flicking you should be using the jad simulator.

The jad simulator by Runeapps is the best (and only) option for this available. This simulator is made for an rs3 variant of Jad but while the graphics and prayer icons are a bit different, the prayer flicking mechanism is identical to that of osrs.

To make the simulator look more osrs-like you should be selecting “prayers” instead of “curses”, other settings you can change to your preference or playing style.

The jad simulator by runeapps is the best way to prepare for jad in osrs.

Muscle memory plays a huge role in gaming, this is no different with bossing in osrs. Spending 10 minutes on the jad simulator won’t make you a prayer-flicking god. Spending 10 minutes every day for a week on the other hand will train your muscle memory and prepare you to face jad properly and with confidence.

Beware of downloadable jad simulators, these are keyloggers that want to steal your osrs password. Only use the jad simulator by runeapps which does not require a download.

Hopefully, this jad quick guide for osrs has been useful to prepare you for the fight caves. Don’t forget to check out the jad simulator and use it before doing so.