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Looking to get to Fossil Island? Maybe you want to do some Birdhouse runs, or you wish to train your combat on the Sand Crabs? Regardless of your plans– This Fossil Island Guide’s got you covered. Here are the best ways to travel to Fossil Island in OSRS.

This article is part of our osrs world map Travel for Beginners Guide.

Requirements to access Fossil island

Fossil Island is locked behind the Bone Voyage quest. Players must first complete Bone Voyage, in order to access the island.

Bone Voyage has 2 requirements:

To Obtain Kudos, players can clean finds after completing the Dig Site quest. This method is covered in our Digsite Pendant Guide.

3 ways to travel to Fossil island

Travel methodRequirements
1. Digsite PendantMust have unlocked the Digsite Pendant
2. Digsite Pendant in W330None
3. Quick Barge at DigsiteNone

1. Digsite Pendant

The best way to get to Fossil island is by using a Digsite Pendant.

digsite pendant is the best way to travel to fossil island

However, the Digsite pendant is locked behind two requirements:

  • Must have unlocked the Digsite Pendant Enchantment spell
  • Must have 49 Magic to cast the Lvl-3 Enchantment Spell

With this Pendant, players can easily teleport to the Digsite (East of Varrock) and take the boat to Fossil Island.

OR they can even teleport directly to Fossil Island if they have linked their Digsite pendant with the Strange Machine inside the House of the Hill.

How to obtain the Digsite Pendant and how to unlock the Fossil Island teleport is covered in our Digsite Pendant Guide.

digsite pendant teleport menu: digsite & fossil island teleports

2. Digsite Pendant in P-O-H (W330)

If you don’t want to unlock the spell behind the Digsite Pendant yourself, you can also use someone else’s Digsite Pendant in their house.

For this method, you will need to log into world 330 (which is the House Party World) and enter someone’s house through the Advertisement Board.

If you don’t know how to access someone else’s home, here’s a quick guide:

First, hop to world 330 first (this is the house party world) and visit the Rimmington House Portal.

travel to rimmington house party in world 330

Here, you will see a House Advertisement box next to the portal, click on it.

select a house form the house advertisement board in world 330 to use their digsite pendant

Now, you can select a house to visit. Most of these houses are from players with 99 Construction and contain Digsite Pendants.

Once inside a house, locate the Portal Nexus room.

use the digsite pendant in someones P-O-H to travel to fossil island

Inside this room, a framed Digsite Pendant should hang here.

You can use this pendant to travel to the Digsite. (You will not be able to travel to the other destinations)

teleport menu on mounted digsite pendant

If the top house doesn’t have it (which rarely happens) try a different home.

Now you just need to remember to always use W330 whenever you wish to visit Fossil Island.

3. Run to the Digsite from Varrock

Alternatively, if you don’t have access to Digsite Pendants, you can also just walk to Digsite from Varrock.

travel to the digsite from varrock and then take the boat to fossil island

Once you arrive at the Dig Site, Speak with the barge Guard to take the boat to Fossil Island.

take the boat to fossil island from the dig site

4. Use Digsite Teleport Scroll

Players who have money to spend can also purchase Digsite Teleport Scrolls from the Grand Exchange. These will take you directly to the Digsite and then you can walk towards the barge and board the boat to Fossil Island.

digsite teleport grand exchange

However, this method is not for everyone since Digsite Teleport Scrolls go for around 14k each.

digsite teleport scroll teleports you directly outside the digsite


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