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In this OSRS Legends’ Quest Guide, we’ll go through all the steps to complete the quest.

This guide is a part of our OSRS Optimal Quest Guide.

Legends’ Quest Quest story & info


The 50th quest to be released to OSRS and the last quest made for Runescape Classic back in the day, if you completed this quest, and wore the cape, you were considered an absolute legend.

Nowadays this quest isn’t such a big deal anymore with other quests such as Song of the Elves and Secrets of the North which have much harder boss fights and take even longer, yet this quest still holds a special place in our hearts.


Radimus Erkle from the prestigious Legends’ Guild wants to explore and map the Kharazi Jungle and form relations with its natives. Are you legendary enough to finish this (very long) quest and get access to this tremendously exclusive guild?

Quest Requirements

skill requirements Skill Requirements

quest requirements Quest Requirements

item requirements Item Requirements

This quest has a lot of item requirements making it impossible to carry everything at once. Therefore, each chapter of this Quest Guide will include an inventory section for your convenience.

  • Machete
  • Hammer
  • 2 Gold Bars
  • Axe (rune or above)
  • Pickaxe
  • Lockpick x2
  • Vial of Water
  • 1 Soul Rune
  • 2 Law Rune
  • 1 Earth Rune
  • 1 Mind Rune
  • Unpowered Orb + runes to cast charge orb spell (e.g. cosmic and air)
  • Charcoal
  • 3 Papyrus (more recommended)
  • The following gems:
    • Sapphire
    • Ruby
    • Emerald
    • Red Topaz
    • Diamond
    • Opal Jade
  • Adrigal (obtained during quest, will show you in this guide)
  • Snake Weed (obtained during quest, will show you in this guide)


  • Must be able to protect from melee
  • Prayer pots are highly recommended for boss fight
  • Travel method to Legends Guild
  • Travel method to Shilo Village
    • Fairy Ring C-K-R
    • Ardougne teleport than use Barnaby to Brimhaven and Jahedy to Shilo Village

Legends’ Quest Guide

Quest Start

Speak with one of the guards outside the Legends’ Guild to start the Legends’ Quest.

You can easily get to the Legends Quest by using Fairy Ring B-L-R.

legends quest start

Mapping the Kharazi Jungle

Make your way to the Kharazi Jungle.

Ardougne/Rimmington Teleport > Travel to Brimhaven via Barnaby (requires 30GP) > In Brimhaven travel to Shilo village via Hajedy.

item requirements Inventory for this step

legends quest start inventory
  • Machete
  • Axe
  • Radimus’ Notes (received from Radimus at quest start)
  • 3 Papyrus
  • Charcoal

Once in Shilo village, exit through the Eastern side and cut your way through the Jungle entrance. (You need your machete and axe for this)

easiest entrance into the kharazi jungle

Next, we will need to stand in the WEST, EAST, and MIDDLE of the Kharazi Jungle and read our Radimus notes to map create a map.

Here are the three locations:

radimus notes mapping locations for legends quest

Stand in each of these spots and read your Radimus Notes to start mapping the Jungle.

Once all three are done, exit the jungle through the vines and use your notes on a Jungle Forester.

Dialogue: 1

speak with the forestor after completing your mapping of the kharazi jungle to receive a bullroarer

They will give you a bullroarer. If they don’t, read your map and speak to them again.

Connecting the locals

item requirements Inventory for this step

connecting the locals inventory for legends quest chapter 2
  • Machete
  • Axe
  • Radimus Notes
  • Pickaxe
  • Lockpick (more than one in case one breaks)
  • 1 Soul Rune
  • 1 Mind Rune
  • 1 Earth Rune
  • 2 Law Rune
  • 1 Opal
  • 1 Jade
  • 1 Red Topaz
  • 1 Sapphire
  • 1 Ruby
  • 1 Diamond

Re-enter the Kharazi Jungle.

Once inside, swing the Bull Roarer you received from the Jungle Forester.

Gujo will appear.

Dialogue: 1-1-1-1-1-1

swing your bullroarer to make gujo appear

Now run northwest and search the Mossy rock.

mossy rock location legends quest

You’ll enter a cave.

Investigate the fire wall around Ungadulu.

Ungadulu will start talking to you.

Dialogue: 1-1

Exit the cave and swing your bullroarer once again to speak with Gujo.

Dialogue: 4-5-5

Search the mossy rock again to re-enter the cave.

In the room, you’ll find two bookcases. Search the one with the crevice to enter it.

crevise entrance

At the end of the crevasse cave, right-click investigate Ancient Gate.

picklock ancient gate

Now smash through the 3 boulders with your pickaxe and open the ancient gate at the end.

Optional: Kill one of the Deathwing bats for a Karamja Achievement Diary.

Run through the cave until you find a Marked wall. Right-click to search it.

search marked wall, use runes on the marked wall

Now use your runes on the Marked Wall:

  • 1 Soul Rune
  • 1 Mind Rune
  • 1 Earth Rune
  • 1 Law rune
  • Another Law rune

Once inside, you will need to place the correct gems on the correct carved rocks (the brown things sticking out of the water).

place gems on carved rock legends quest

Once you’ve placed all the gems, pick up the binding book.

Fighting Nezikchened

Teleport to an anvil with 2 gold bars and a hammer to make a gold bowl.

Then, bank to get ready for a boss fight.

Return to the Kharazi Jungle.

item requirements Inventory for this step

legends quest chapter 3 inventory setup
  • Machete
  • Axe
  • Radimus Notes
  • Bullroarer
  • Binding Book
  • Prayer potions
  • Food
  • Armour/weapon for fight
  • Some energy/stamina pots
  • Teleport Out

Once inside the jungle, swing your bullroarer to speak to Gujo.

Dialogue: 1 Gujo will bless your gold bowl.

Now run to the center of the Kharazi Jungle where the water pool is.

water pool location in kharazi jungle

Drop a food and use your machete on the tall reeds.

use your machete on tall reeds at the water pool, then use tall reed on water pool

Now use a hollow reed on the water pool.

Run back to the Mossy rock and enter the cave.

Now use the Blessed Gold Bowl on the fire ring.

use golden bowl on fire wall around ungadulu

Then use the binding notes on Ungadulu.

Defeat the first form of Nezikchened. (stand close to him and use protect from melee)

defeat the first version of nezikchened in legends quest

Once defeated, right-click and speak with Ungadulu.

Now use the Yommi Seeds you received from Ungadulu on the blessed bowl of water.

Leave the cave and run back to the water pool.

Swing your bullroar and speak with Gujo.

Dialogue: 1-2-3

Then, do the same you did earlier:

Drop something, use your machete on the tall reed, and then use the hollow reed on the water pool.

Speak with Gujo again.

Dialogue: 1-2-2-5

Getting Adrigal and Snake Weed

Before we commence with the rest of the quest, we need to pick up some Snake Weed and Adrigal.

Teleport to Tai Bwo Wannai using fairy ring code C-K-R.

You’ll find Marshy Jungle Vines southwest of tai bwo wannai. Search them to find Grimy Snake Weed. Clean it.

snake weed location osrs for legends quest

Next, run northeast (where the harpy bug swarms are). Here search one of the palm trees to find Adrigal. Clean it.

adrigal location osrs for legends quest

Okay now that you have Adrigal and Snake Weed, we can get ready for the next part of the guide.

Restoring the pool

Get to a bank.

Use your Snake weed and Adrigal on a vial of water to create a bravery potion.

item requirements Inventory for this step

restoring the pool, chapter 4 of legends quest inventory setup
  • Gold bowl
  • Machete
  • Axe
  • Radimus notes
  • pickaxe
  • Bullroarer
  • Rope
  • Unpowered Orb
  • Runes to charge unpowered orb (i brought air and cosmic for charge airb orb)
  • 2 lock pick
  • Prayer potions
  • food
  • Teleport out
  • Yommi Tree Seeds

Return to the Mossy Rock in the Kharazi Jungle.

You will have to go through that Crevice again where you found the binding book earlier.

  • Search the bookcase again to go back through the Crevice
  • Search ancient gate
  • Smash boulders
  • run through the bats
  • go through the marked wall (use)

Here, you will find another ancient gate.

Go into your magic spellbook, cast charge orb and click on the ancient gate.

charge orb to open ancient gate

Once inside, use your rope on the winch.

Now drink your bravery potion and climb down the winch.

Try to pick up the blue hat. Viyeldi will speak with you.

Climb over the rocky ledges to make your way down.

Kill 3 different skeletons:

  • San Tajolan
  • Ranalph Devere
  • Irvig Sinaj

You’ll get a crystal in your inventory from each of them.

Now locate the furnace northeast in the cave and use your 3 crystals on them.

use crystals on the furnace to create crystal heart

And you’ll get a crystal heart.

Use the crystal heart on the mossy rock in the centre of the cave.

Run south until you find a barrier.

Use your crystal heart on the recess next to the barrier.

use crystal heart on recess

Now walkthrough the barrier.

Run west until you see water with a boulder in front. Push the boulder.

A spirit will spawn. Dialogue 2-1-1-1

try to push the boulder, echned spirit will appear

He will give you a dark dagger.

Now either bank and get ready for the fight or if you are ready, return to the top of the cave (where the blue wizard hat is).

Equip the dagger.

Pick up the hat, try to kill Viyeldi your dagger will now glow.

Go back down to the boulder.

Push the boulder.

The demon will spawn again and drain your prayer.

Drink a prayer pot, protect from melee, and kill Nezikchened.

kill the second version of nezikchened legends quest

After the fight, push the boulder.

Use your blessed golden bowl on the sacred water.

fill blessed gold bowl with sacred water

Now either walk back to the surface or teleport.

Note: if you teleport, you will have to fill up your golden bowl from the water pool in the center of the jungle.

Once you are on the surface, locate the fertile soil underneath the mossy rock.

fertile soil location legends quest

Plant your yommi seeds on the fertile soil.

place yommi tree seeds on fertile soil

Now use your golden bowl on the Yommi Tree Sapling.

Then use your axe on the tree 2 times to make a totem.

Pick up the totem.

Now run to the East of the Kharazi Jungle until you find a totem.

Now get ready for the final boss fight.

Make sure your prayer points are full and turn on protect from melee.

Now use the totem in your inventory on the totem.

turn on protect from melee before the final boss fight in legends quest

 Nezikchened will spawn and attack you 4 times before dissapearing.

Then, a skeleton will spawn. Kill the skeleton. KEEP PROTECT FROM MELEE ON!!

Once defeated, Nezikchened will attack you 4 more times before spawning another skeleton.

After the third skeleton, Nezikchened will spawn again and this time you can kill him for good.

final boss fight legends quest

Once defeated, use the totem on your inventory on the totem.

Gujo will spawn and give you a gilded totem.

And that’s the quest! Now return to the Legends’ Guild (fairy ring B-L-R) to finish up.

Speak with Radimus Erkle. Then speak with him again inside the guild building.

And your quest is complete! He will ask you if you want to train, this will give you 4 x 30K experience in a skill of your choice.

TIP: ironmen should use all the experience on herblore.

Quest Rewards

Here are the quest rewards for Legends’ Quest:

  • 4 Quest Points
  • Access to the Legends’ Guild
  • 120,000 (4x30k) Experience in a skill of your choice
legends quest rewards

If you want the legends’ cape, you can buy it for 675 coins from Siefried Erkle on the 2nd floor of the Legends’ Guild.


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