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This OSRS Turoth Guide will cover everything you need to know to kill Turoths in osrs for your slayer task.

osrs slayer guideThis article is part of our OSRS Slayer Guide. osrs slayer guide

πŸ›‘ Turoth Requirements

osrs slayer guideSlayer Level: 55
quest requirements for slayer task Quest Requirements: none
slayer gear requirement osrsSpecial Gear: none

πŸ“Š Turoth Stats

  • Combat level: 83
  • Max hit: 9
  • XP/kill: 76
  • Weak to: Leaf Bladed Weaponry
  • Slayer level Requirement: 55
cannon slayer taskCannon: no
burst slayer taskBurst: no

πŸ—ΊοΈ Turoth Locations

fairy ring teleportFairy Ring: D J R

Turoths are found only in the Fremmenik Slayer Dungeon just southeast of Relekka.

You can get here quickly using the Fairy Ring code A J R or a slayer ring teleport. Alternatively, you can use any teleportation method to Relekka and run southeast.

Once inside the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, you will need to make your way towards the end of the dungeon where the Turoths are located.

Two agility shortcuts requiring 81 Agility (first one) and 62 Agility (second one) are there for you to use in case you can do so.

you can do your turoth slayer task in the fremennik slayer dungeon

πŸ’­ How to fight Turoths (Strategy)

Turoths are weak against leaf-bladed weapons. The best weapon you can use against them is the Leaf-Bladed battleaxe. Ironmen who don’t have a battleaxe or sword yet will need to use a Leaf-Bladed spear which you can buy from any slayer master.

Rangers can use broad bolts or arrows instead.

Otherwise, Turoths have no requirements and are easy to kill.

You should bring a stamina or energy potion to run through the cave. Bring an agility potion in case you can boost your agility just high enough to crawl through any of the two shortcuts. (Shortcuts require 62 and 81 agility).

slayer gear iconTuroth Gear Setup

Below is an example of 3 different gear setups you can use at Turoth.

You can swap out the leaf-bladed battleaxe for a sword (although the battleaxe hits more) or a spear if you are an ironman.

TIP: ironman should bring their defender in case they get a leaf-bladed sword as a drop.

gear setup for turoth slayer task

osrs drop table Turoth Drop Table

πŸ’° According to OSRS WIKI, the average drop of a Turoth is worth 1,678 GP.

Turoths drop some alchables:

  • Mithril kiteshield (1/128)
  • Adamant full helm (1/128)
  • Rune dagger (1/128)
  • Leaf Bladed Sword (1/128)
  • Mystic Robe bottom (light) (1/128)

Turoths also commonly drop seeds and herbs.

Finally, they drop runes:

  • 3 law runes (1/21)
  • 15 nature runes (1/25)
  • 37 nature runes (1/128)

You can check out the OSRS Wiki for the full Turoth droptable.

πŸ€” Are Turoth Tasks Worth It?

Turoths are in my opinion a good task as they offer nice experience rates as well as good drops in the form of alchables and seeds.

Ironman should definitely do their Turoth tasks for the chance of obtaining a leaf-bladed sword drop.

On top of that, they will benefit from all the seed and herb drops that Turoths give as well.

It does take a while to reach them if you don’t meet the agility requirements for the shortcuts. But other than that, there is no real reason to skip or block this task.

πŸ“Ό OSRS Turoth Guide Video

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osrs slayer guideThis article is part of our OSRS Slayer Guide. osrs slayer guide

Hopefully, this OSRS Turoth guide gave you all the information you needed to complete your Turoth Slayer Task.

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