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Update: As of January 10, Kourend Favour was removed from the game.

This in-depth Arceuus Favour Guide will cover everything you need to know to get 100% Favour in the Arceuus House.

The Arceuus Favour house is by far the easiest house to gain favour in in my opinion.

Gaining favour for Arceuus is quick, fun and amazing experience.

Did you know that the Arceuus Library, where favour is gained, is considered to be one of the fastest Runecrafing methods in the game? Likewise, it is also an amazing FREE magic training method.

I always train my Magic from 35 – 55 here on every ironman account that I create, getting 100% Arceuus Favour in the process.

But even for non ironmen, Magic training is expensive, and Runecrafting is slow and boring.

Insert the Arceuus Library. This is where you will go from 0% to 100% Arceuus Favour in NO TIME.

arceeus favour icon How to get to the Arceuus Library

There are a number of fast ways to get to the Arceuus Library such as a teleport (using the Arceuus Spellbook) or a nearby Fairy Ring but if you don’t already have favour, you won’t have access to these things.

For this reason, the most common way to get here is by using the Wintertodt teleport on your Games Necklace and simply walking South.

how to get to the arceuus library

arceeus favour icon How does the Arceuus Library work?

The Arceuus Library is a library located in Arceuus.

In this library, players can gain 2.5% favour AND a book of Arcane knowledge for EVERY correct book they collect for one of the three NPCs: Sam, Professor Gracklebone and Villia.

So in total, you will need to give them 40 books.

This may sound like a lot, but trust me, it is one of the fastest favour in the game.

However, there is one caveat to this method.

At least if you want it to be fast. You will need the Runelite client for this method.

If you aren’t sure what Runelite is, you can check out our other article here: Runelite – everything you need to know.

Why do you need Runelite?

Because Runelite will tell you EXACTLY where the books you are looking for are located.

This is pretty crazy, because originally, you would have to look through tens of shelves in order to find the correct book.

This would take A LONG time.

But with the Runelite client, you simply walk to where the arrow leads you!

arceeus favour icon How to set up runelite at the arceuus library

Runelite isn’t automatically turned on when you enter the library.

This is because the books are spawned in a random pattern that changes every 80 – 100 minutes.

(Don’t worry, you won’t be there that long.)

For this reason, Runelite first needs to callibrate.

In order to set this up, you first need to search a couple of random shelves.

how to set up runelite for the arceuus library

These shelves will have a white tile in front of them.

Search these shelves until you find your first book.

what it looks like if you find a book at the arceuus library

Once you do, Runelite will highlight new shelves for you to search.

These shelves will display two or three books. This means Runelite is close to finishing its calibration but not quite.

how to set up runelite for the arceuus library to gain arceuus favour

Search those shelves.

how to set up runelite for the arceuus library to gain arceuus favour

You may have to repeat this once or twice before Runelite is fully calibrated.

You’ll know that Runelite is fully set up when only one book shows up in front of the shelves. The tile will also be yellow as well as the text.

books are highlighted in yellow in the arceuus library

Once you see this, you can start gaining Arceuus Favour.

arceeus favour icon How to run the Arceuus library

To start gaining favour, right-click on either Professor Gracklebone or Villia and select help.

help npcs find books in the arceuus library is the fastest way to gain house favour

They will assign you a book to collect for them.

Next, you should look at your mini map and check if you see an arrow. This is Runelite telling you where the book is located.

runelite helps you gain arceuus house favour

If you don’t see an arrow on your mini map (or your screen, if you are close enough), you should move around until you do.

When you get close enough, you will also see an arrow on your game screen.

The correct book will be highlighted in green.

what a highlighted book looks like with runelite turned on in the arceuus library

Once you have the requested book (the one Runelite points you towards), go back to the NPC who requested it from you.

help the NPCs to gain arceuus house favour

(You’ll know you have the correct book in your possession by the green highlight)

They will give you 2.5% favour and a Book of Arcane Knowledge.

That Book of Arcane Knowledge, will give you experience in Magic (11x your current level) or Runecrafting at (4x your current level).

So if you have level 50 Magic, you will gain 550 experience for every Book of Arcane knowledge you use.

You won’t be able to be able to help this NPC anymore until you help another one.

I always start with Professor Gracklebone, so next I will talk to Villia.

Do exactly the same thing.

Then speak with Professor Gracklebone again, and run this pattern all the way until you have 100% favour in the Arceuus house.

But wait! There is a way to do this MORE EFFICIENTLY. Keep reading.

arceeus favour icon How to run the library efficiently

Now that you know HOW the Arceuus Library works, I can explain to you how to do it EFFICIENTLY.

First of all, you are going to need weight-reducing gear.

Graceful is obviously the best thing you can wear here.

wearing graceful will make gaining arceuus favour at the arceuus library a lot faster

If you don’t have graceful, just make sure you aren’t wearing anything to keep yourself as light as possible.

You will also bring 4 – 8 stamina potions. Make sure the rest of your inventory is EMPTY.

Speak with Professor Gracklebone to get a book assigned from him.

Next, make your way to the assigned book.

On the way there, pick up every other book Runelite highlighted in yellow from the shelves.

Why? Because these are other books that Professor Gracklebone/Villia WILL request from you later.

At which point you will simply give it to them without having to search for it first.

Pretty neat, right? This is what makes gaining favour here SO fast and the experience rates SO good.

Once you have the book, give it to Professor Gracklebone and talk to Villia next and repeat.

If one of the NPCs happens to ask you for a book that you already have in your inventory, a green tile will show underneath them.

If this happens, simply speak to them again to give the book to them and speak to the other NPC to get the next book assigned.

Repeat this process until you have 100% favour.

arceeus favour icon Other info

The reason I only use Professor Gracklebone and Villia is because they are close to each other. You can also help Sam if you want.

At 20% favour, you can speak to Horphis who will assign you to look for a dark manuscript.

This gives 5% favour.

However, there is only one dark manuscript.

For this reason, I find getting them is A LOT slower and you should simply stick to Professor Gracklebone/Villia for fast favour and exp.

arceeus favour icon Arceuus Favour Tips

Don’t use the Books of Arcane Knowledge on skills that are lower than 20 if you can help it. Since you get 11x the level in experience (4x for runecrafting), it simply won’t be worth it.

Don’t log out before you have 100% Arceuus Favour, this will reset the room and you will have to calibrate Runelite all over again.

When you find to find the Transportation Incantations book read it, this will unlock the Kourend Teleport

Once you find the Soul Journey book read it, this will start the Bear your Soul Miniquest.

Wrap Up

This should help you get 100% Arceuus Favour as quickly as possible by using the Arceuus Library Efficiently.

You’ll also gain good Magic/Runecrafting experience in the process so that is a nice add-on!

If you happen to be under 50 Magic/Runecrafting, why not stay until you have it? The Arceuus Library is one of the fastest training methods for both skills and it is free after all!

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