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Update: As of January 10, Kourend Favour was removed from the game.

This in-depth Shayzien Favour Guide will cover everything you need to know to get 100% favour in the Shayzien House.

How to get to shayzien
0 – 5% Shayzien Favour: Healing Soldiers
5 – 30% Shayzien Favour: Killing Shamans
40 – 100% Shayzien Favour: Organized Crime
60% Shayzien Favour: Combat Ring
Best order to get Shayzien Favour

shayzien favour icon How to get to Shayzien

There are a number of ways to get Shayzien.

The fastest way is by using the Fairy ring code D J R.

Alternatively, you can use a Skills Necklace and teleport to the Woodcutting Guild and run northwest.

how to get to shayzien

If you don’t have access to the Skills Necklace (e.g. Ironman) you can put your house in Hosidius and run from there.

shayzien favour icon 0 – 5% Shayzien Favour: Healing Soldiers

At 0% favour, you can only do one thing: heal wounded Shayzien soldiers.

However, this is actually one of the fastest ways to gain Shayzien Favour!

Many players take this method all the way to 100% favour.

Here’s how it works:

Get to the tents located in the Shayzien Encampment.

Grab a full inventory of medpacks. (make sure your inventory is empty except for 1-2 stamina potions)

take medpacks in shayzien to heal soldiers for favour

Use these medpacks on the soldiers inside the tents.

how to heal soldiers for favour in shayzien

Doing this, you get 0.1% Shayzien favour for every soldier that you heal.

You cannot heal the same soldier over and over. You will have to make your way around all the other soldiers first to reset the first soldier.

Continue this all the way to 5% favour (if you plan to kill Lizardmen for the Xeric’s Talisman) or until 100% Favour.

shayzien favour icon 5% Shayzien Favour: Killing Lizardmen

At 5% Shayzien Favour you unlock the ability to kill lizardmen and gain favour for it.

Just like healing soldiers, you will gain 0.1% favour for every lizardman that you kill.

Obviously, healing soldiers is faster than this if you are killing them manually.

killing lizardmen gains favour in the shayzien house

However, it is a much more enjoyable way to gain favour.

With this method, you also get combat experience as well as a chance to obtain the (untradeable) Xeric’s Talisman which teleports you all over the Zeah.

You can also bring a cannon here which makes this method a slightly faster way of obtaining favour than healing wounded soldiers.

shayzien favour icon 40 – 100% Shayzien Favour: Organized Crime

At 40% Shayzien Favour, you gain the ability to tackle organized crime around the Kingdom of Kourend.

This is a fun activity where you take down a group of gangsters in a random location around Zeah.

When done correctly, this is by far the fastest way to get Shayzien Favour. You only need to tackle 3 Organized Crime events to get from 40% to 100% favour.

Every 30 minutes, you will find a notice of an Organized Crime meeting inside Captain Guinea’s tent.

organized crime is the fastest way to get shayzien favour

This is what the information will look like:

how to start organized crime in osrs

Next, you’ll make your way to that exact location and wait for it to start.

how to tackle organized crime to gain shayzien favour

To make Tackling Organized Crime easier, you will benefit from installing the Shayzien Organizer plugin for Runelite.

This plugin will log the exact location where the Organized Crime is to happen as you can see in the sidebar of the screenshot above.

Organized Crime happens in every world in the exact same spot at the exact same time and lasts for 5 minutes.

If you are fast, you can hop around worlds and clear multiple worlds in one go.

By hopping worlds, you can gain favour INSANELY quickly.

Once the 5 minutes are up, the gangsters disappear from every world.

Since Organized Crime is multi combat, you can bring a cannon to speed up kills.

Don’t forget to pick up the Intelligence and give it to Guinea for Favour and Combat Experience.

organized crime osrs

Organized Crime is also a good way for ironmen to obtain planks for their construction grind as the gangsters drop quite a bit of planks.

Tackling Organized Crime is by far the fastest way to gain Shayzien Favour.

Because you can hop worlds, you can get from 40% to 100% favour in one go!

shayzien favour icon 60 – 100% Shayzien Favour: Combat Ring

At 60% Shayzien Favour you unlock the Combat Ring where you can find Shayzien Soldiers to obtain pieces of the Shayzien armour.

You can only fight the soldiers in the correct order.

First, you will need to defeat 5 tier-1 soldiers, before you can fight 5 tier-2 soldiers, and so forth.

how to get shayzien favour at the combat ring in osrs

Each soldier that you kill will drop a piece of their corresponding armour.

how to get shayzien armour in the combat ring osrs

You will also gain favour for each soldier that you kill depending on their tier level.

  • Tier 1 soldiers give 0.4% favour
  • Tier 2 soldiers give 0.6% favour (requires 70% favour)
  • Tier 3 soldiers give 0.8% favour (requires 80% favour)
  • Tier 4 soldiers give 1% favour (requires 90% favour)

At 100% favour, you unlock Tier 5 Soldiers which drop the Tier 5 armour.

This armour is the best-in-slot armour for fighting Lizardmen Shamans as it protects you from their poison attacks.

Therefore, if you plan on grinding out Shamans for a Dragon Warhammer, you will need to complete the combat ring.

shayzien favour icon Best order to get Shayzien Favour

  1. Heal 50 Shayzien Soldiers (to get 5% favour)
  2. Kill 250+ Lizardmen until 30% (or until you obtain the Xeric’s Talisman)
  3. Complete Tale of the Righteous (10% Favour reward brings you to 40% total favour)
  4. Tackle Organized Crime until 100% favour

Some players prefer to avoid Organized Crime, in which case you should just heal soldiers until you get 60% favour to access the combat ring.

Wrap up

This should help you get 100% Shayzien Favour as quickly as possible.

For low-level players, healing wounded soldiers is the fastest way to get from 0 to 100% Shayzien Favour.

Regular players and Ironman should kill Lizardmen at least until they obtain the Xeric’s Talisman.

At 60% Shayzien Favour, organized crime becomes the fastest way to obtain favour. Just one run with world-hopping can get you all the way to 100% favour.

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