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Your house is only one teleport away, so being able to teleport anywhere from your max house, is a massive Quality of Life upgrade.

OSRS Players constantly use their P-O-H for Questing, Skilling & Solo PVMing.

But as rewarding as the skill is, Construction is very expensive to train!

In this guide, I’ll give you all the information you need for the ‘max-house’ layout, and also give you some lower-level options so you can grow your house as you progress your account.

Do I need a max house?

Absolutely not. Eventually, you’ll get yourself a max house (which BTW, becomes available at just 84 Construction) but you’ll get there as you progress your account.

There’s no need to rush it, just make sure your house grows with your account!

Efficient House Layout

There are a couple of things you need to know to make your house as efficient as possible.

First, the amount of rooms you have in your house has an impact on loading times. So for an optimal layout, limit the amount of rooms inside your house and don’t get a basement/second floor as those have massive impact on the loading time.

Second, always put your important teleports (e.g. Portal chamber) close to your portal. BTW, you always spawn on the North side, so keep that in mind!

Here’s an example of my preferred layout.

my house layout

You can easily remove or move rooms using the ‘house viewer’ which you can find in your house options.

how to access house viewer to move your rooms
‘House Viewer’ is only accessible in Building Mode

Below, I’ll show an efficient layout for each tier of player-owned-house.

Tiers of Player-Owned-Houses

Here’s a list of 4 tiers of houses that you can unlock as you progress through the game. I also included a price estimation for each layout.

Entry-level House (50 Construction)

The first house layout is unlocked at level 50 Construction, and you’ll likely have this layout for a long time.

entry-level house layout

At this level, you get access to the following:

  • Mounted Glory: teleports to Draynor Village, Edgeville, Karamja, Al Kharid
  • Portal Chamber: add important spellbook teleports to your POH
  • Prayer Altar: easy Prayer Restore

TIP: Add a portal to ‘Salve Graveyard’ which is the closest teleport to a Fairy Ring.

Cost from levels 1-50:100K
Approximate cost to build house (based on 1 portal chamber):250K
Total Cost:350K

Intermediate-level House (70+ Construction)

70 construction house upgrades

The next time you train Construction, go for level 70, which will cost you about 5M.

At this point you should have completed Eye of Glouphrie for the Crystal Saw and have Teak Shelves 2 in your kitchen so Construction-boosting Tea can be served.

You’ll unlock the following:

Cost from levels 50-70:5M
Approximate cost to build layout:400K
Total Cost:5.4M

High-level House (80+ Construction)

80 construction house upgrades

Got some money to spare? Your next milestone is 80 Construction, which will cost you about 20M.

At this level, you can boost to 86 Construction, unlocking the following:

Cost from levels 70-80:20M
Approximate cost to build layout:5M
Total Cost:25M

Max House (85 Construction)

max house layout

To get a max house at level 85 Construction, you’ll need to boost your construction level via a Crystal Saw (+3) and Cups of Tea (+3).

You’ll have access to the following:

Cost from levels 80-85:20M
Approximate cost to build layout:5M
Total Cost:25M

And there you have it. If you add everything together, you’ll need to spend about 55M to get a max house. This cost can be halved if you do Mahogany Homes instead of regular construction training.

Alternatives to a Max House

Training Construction is expensive, if you don’t have the funds to train it right now, you can still unlock the benefits of a sweet house.

Here are two options.

Ferox Enclave

Using a Ring of Dueling, you can access the Ferox Enclave, which has restoration pools that have just the same benefit as the Ornate Rejuvenation Pool, unlocked at 90 Construction. It restores your health, stats, prayer, stamina, and even gets rid of poison and venom.

the ferox enclave has a restoration pool similar to a max house

You also have a bank here so it’s perfect for low-level players to use this location while questing, bossing, training slayer, etc!

W330 Houses

If you visit the Rimmington House Portal in the House Party World (world 330) you can access max houses through the Advertisement board.

you can access other peoples homes in world 330

This allows you to use their teleports, spellbook-swapping altars, and restoration pools! Absolutely recommended for Questing on a new account, so many teleports!

Wrap Up

That’s it for the house layouts! Remember: don’t rush to a max house, let your construction level ‘grow’ as your account grows. It’s more rewarding (and more economical) that way!

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