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In this OSRS Lost City Quest Guide, we’ll go through all the steps to complete the quest.

This guide is a part of our OSRS Optimal Quest Guide.

Lost City story & info


In this quest, you look out for the Lost City of Zanaris. You’ll discover you need a Staff crafted from a Dramenwood tree to enter the Lost City. Which is only found inside the dungeons on Entrana and protected by a lvl 101 Tree Spirit.


After this quest, you can equip Dragon Longswords and Dragon Daggers. You also have access to Zanaris.

Quest Requirements

skill requirements Skill Requirements

You also need to be able to kill a lvl 101 Tree Spirit. Though they can easily be safespotted with Magic.

Additionally, you’ll need to kill multiple lvl 25 zombies until you get a bronze axe drop on Entrana.

quest requirements Quest Requirements

There are no quest requirements.

item requirements Item Requirements

ItemGrand Exchange?Obtainable during Quest?
AxeYesYes by killing lvl 25 Zombies (everyone has to do this)

You need an axe at the start of the quest and one at the end of the quest. The one at the end has to be obtained from lvl 25 Zombies as you will need to bank your axe before going to Entrana.


  • Teleports to Lumbridge
  • Teleports to Varrock
  • Teleports to Falador

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install the quest helper plugin for runelite from the runelite plugin hub

Lost City Guide

Quest Start

location osrs
How to get here:– Use Necklace of Passage to Wizards Tower
– Use Glory to teleport to Edgeville
– Use Glory in Someone’s P-O-H in W330
– Use Lumbridge Teleport and run through Lumbridge Swamp

Speak with the Warrior in the Lumbridge Swamp to start the Lost City quest.

lost city quest start

Dialogue: 1 – 3 – 1 – 2

He tells you about the hidden city of Zanaris. They are trying to find it, but can’t find the Leprechaun in the tree.

They must not have looked very far, because the first tree on the left contains the Leprechaun,

Try to chop the first tree on the left of the encampment as highlighted. (Must have an axe in your inventory)

leprechuan tree location osrs for lost city quest

Shamus will pop out, talk with him.

Dialogue: 2

He tells you the little shed in the swamp is the entrance to Zanaris. But you need to equip a dramenwood staff to enter. The only way to obtain such a staff is to craft it from the branches of a Dramen tree. Which are only found in Zanaris.

And so our quest begins.

Getting the Dramen Branch

For the next part, we will need to go to Entrana, a sacred island where you cannot bring any weapons or armour.

So BANK all your stuff in Draynor Village EXCEPT:

  • Runes for magic spells (to kill the Tree Spirit and multiple Zombies)
  • Some Food
  • Stamina Potions
  • Teleportation out

Once your gear and weapons are banked, run towards Port Sarim and speak with the Monks to take you to Entrana.

monks of entrana boat location

The Monks are located on the second dock in Port Sarim (the one behind Veos from X Marks the Spot).

take the boat to entrana from port sarim by speaking with the monks of entrana

If they don’t let you board, it means you are still wearing or holding onto something that is not allowed.

Once on Entrana, run East (through the church) then North (across the bridge), and then East towards the cave entrance.

entrana cave location

Enter this cave.

go down the ladder to the cave

Once inside, you will need to get a Bronze Axe to chop down the Dramenwood tree after the boss fight.

The only way to obtain an axe here is to kill Zombies until one drops it (and yes this can take a while).

Kill Zombies until one of them drops a Bronze Axe.

kill zombies in entrana cave until you get a bronze axe

(I’ve done this quest at least 20 times and this is the first time I got the axe first try)

kill zombies until you get a bronze axe

Once you have the Bronze Axe, run East then South at the Greater Demons.

You’ll find a Dramen Tree. DON’T CHOP DOWN YET.

Prepare yourself for the safespot first.

As soon as you click on chop tree, run behind the mushrooms. The Tree Spirit can’t reach there.

safespot the tree spirit from lost city by hiding behind the mushrooms

Now simply kill it with magic.

safespot the tree spirit from lost city by hiding behind the mushrooms

Once the Tree Spirit is dead, chop tree Dramenwood tree.

chop down the dramen tree to get dramen branches

Repeat multiple times so you have multiple branches and never have to come back here again.

NOW TELEPORT OUT. Don’t try to get out, it leads to the wilderness.

Entering Zanaris

Now it’s time to visit the fabled hidden city of Zanaris.

Bank and get your knife. Use it on the dramen branch to create a Dramen Staff.

use a knife on the dramen branch to create a dramen staff

Equip the Dramen Staff.

And return to Lumbridge Swamp.

Inside the middle of the Lumbridge Swamp, you’ll find a small shed.

shed to zanaris location for lost city quest guide

Go inside while equipping the Dramen Staff, and you’ll be teleported into Zanaris.

lost city shed to zanaris location

Your quest is now complete!

Quest Rewards

  • 3 Quest Points
  • Access to Zanaris
  • Ability to Equip Dragon Longsword and Dragon Dagger
lost city quest rewards


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