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We all remember our first time walking from Lumbridge to Varrock as an enchanting experience. But once you start to progress in the game, you don’t really walk from town to town anymore. Players use all kinds of teleports, to travel around.

This guide is designed to teach you how to get around in Gielinor, as someone new to the game but it could also be beneficial for returning players looking to get back into things.

Let’s start with the basics.

Ways players get around Gielinor

Here’s a couple of ways players get around in Gielinor:

Let’s go over them one by one. Feel free to skip those you already know about!

Magic Spells

As you may have noticed in your spellbook, there are a couple of teleportation spells in there.

teleportation via magic spells

But these spells aren’t accessible until you have the required magic level and runes in your inventory.

An example is the Varrock Teleport, which requires level 25 Magic.

Training Magic is a good way to get around, but there are alternatives that don’t require a magic level, these are coming up next.

Teleport tablets

Teleport tablets can be purchased from the Grand Exchange, and this is one of the many ways new players use to get around.

travel via teleport tablets

For example, a Varrock teleport tablet costs around 500 GP but doesn’t require a magic level to use.

Stockpiling these on your bank can be costly, but they are great means to travel.

The Grouping Teleport Menu

If you go into the ‘friend-chat’ interface (two yellow smileys) you’ll notice a sub-menu called ‘Grouping teleport’.

From here, you unlock all kinds of teleports around Gielinor, that can be used once every 20 minutes.

grouping teleport menu

Go check it out, as you’ll get a lot of benefits out of them. Keep in mind that some of them come with requirements. For example, to use the Fishing trawler teleport, you need 15 Fishing.

But this is a great early-game teleport to get to the west side of the map (Ardougne, Yanille, etc).


Some amulets, necklaces, and rings possess teleportations.

lineup of teleport jewellery such as games necklace & dueling ring

Examples are:

  • Games Necklace
  • Ring of Dueling
  • Skills Necklace
  • Amulet of Glory

These jewellery come with charges (e.g. 8 uses) and some will degrade after their charges are used up.

You can use them to gain access to new areas, or for easy banking.

For example, the Games Necklace grants easy access to Burthorpe and the Barbarian Outpost.

Meanwhile, the Ring of Dueling can be used to teleport to the Ferox Enclave for easy banking and a restoration pool.

The Skills Necklace is useful to teleport to some of the skilling guilds.

The amulet of glory can be used to teleport to Edgeville (close to Grand Exchange), Karamja & Draynor village.

Spirit Tree Network

After completing the quest ‘Tree Gnome Village‘ you get access to the Spirit Tree network. This network has handy teleports to Tree Gnome Village, Grand Exchange, Tree Gnome Stronghold & more.

spirt tree at the grand exchange
The spirit tree at the Grand Exchange

Fairy Rings

Fairy rings are a code-based teleportation system that is unlocked after completion of the quest ‘Fairy Tale pt 1’ and a small section of the follow-up quest ‘Fairy tale pt 2’.

fairy ring transportation system
Fairy ring at Zanaris

Players also need to equip a Dramen staff (made during the Lost City quest) to be able to use them.

Fairy rings are a great way to travel to some difficult-to-reach locations and completing the quest (Fairy Tale pt1) should be part of your early-game unlocks to make transportation easier.

fairy ring codes
The Fairy Ring system works via 3-letter codes

For more info, check out my guide to help you unlock Fairy Rings.

Achievement Diary Rewards

Completing Achievement Diaries is a great way to progress your accounts as the rewards are really good for transportation around Gielinor.

For example, the Ardougne Cloak 1 (a reward from the Ardougne Easy Diary) grants unlimited teleports to the Monastery.

The Ardougne cloak teleports you to the monastery, which is close to a Fairy Ring, Spirit Tree and Ardougne
The Ardougne cloak teleports you to the monastery, which is close to a Fairy Ring, Spirit Tree and Ardougne

This is a great item to have in the early game because the Monastery is close to Ardougne, a Spirit Tree, and a Fairy Ring. Thus unlocking a ton of area access all from a single cape that you can wear on your back!

Furthermore, there’s also a prayer alter to recharge your prayer.

Not to mention that the cape itself, not only looks pretty cool, but it also gives you a nice +2 Prayer Bonus making this one of the best capes for early-game combat training!

Player Owned House

Houses are the best hubs for transportation in Oldschool Runescape.

example of a maxed player-owned-house
Example of a maxed player-owned-house

These houses can have a spirit tree, fairy ring, jewellery box with all jewellery teleports, mounted necklaces, mounted capes, a portal nexus with teleports from all the spellbook, the list goes on.

Literally, every teleport in the game can be placed inside your Player-Owned-House.

Of course, you’ll need the right construction level, which is one of the most expensive skills to train.

But even low-level houses can contain handy teleports.

For example, you already unlock the ‘portal chamber’ at level 50 Construction, allowing you to place teleports to 3 different cities. And you can add multiple portal chambers to your house.

As early as level 47, you can mount a Glory in your Quest Hall, giving you unlimited teleports to Karamja, Edgeville, Draynor Village, and Al Kharid. A must-have!

What to unlock first?

It’s a bit overwhelming, isn’t it? So much to unlock…

Here’s the order in which I would unlock things on a fresh account.

You don’t have to follow this exactly but use it as a rough guideline.

1. Ardougne Cloak 1

I like to knock out the Ardougne Cloak as early as possible due to the cape being good for both travel and combat.

ardougne cloak 1 from the easy ardougne diary

Guide: Ardougne Easy Diary

2. Graceful Outfit

You’ve definitely seen this outfit around before:

graceful outfit

This is the Graceful Outfit, a reward from training Agility on the Rooftop courses.

Full Graceful may not give you any teleports, but it makes running around a lot easier.

The full set lowers your weight by -25kgs and also has a set effect that recharges your run energy 30% faster.

You’ll need 260 Marks of Grace to get the full set, which can be earned as early as level 53 Agility, provided you train Agility only using Rooftop Courses.

3. Spirit Trees

Spirit Trees are unlocked by completing the Tree Gnome Village and Grand Tree quests. These are short and easy quests that can be done on a low-level account.

Yes, there are boss fights, but you can easily defeat them with magic without taking any damage (many tutorial videos on Youtube).

Aside from the handy spirit-tree network, these quests also offer A TON of attack experience, meaning you can skip early-game combat training!

P.S. Since you already have an Ardougne Cloak, you can use it to teleport to the Monastery and access the Spirit tree to easily access the Grand Exchange!!

4. 50 Construction

Another big unlock is getting 50 Construction, which allows you to mount an amulet of glory (Edgeville, Al Kharid, Karamja, Draynor Village) and also boost for a Portal Chamber where you can add spell-book teleports to places such as Varrock, Falador, Ardougne, etc.

Here’s a good example of an early-game player-owned-house.

50 construction house
example of a 50 construction house

You might like: Max House Guide

At just 50 Construction, you can mount a glory, place a prayer altar, and add a portal chamber with teleports to different cities.

Training Construction isn’t cheap, but it’s well worth it to progress your account.

5. Fairy Rings

The Fairy Ring teleportation system consists of 50 extra teleports around Gielinor, and thus is a must-have for every account!

To unlock them, you must complete Fairy Ring Part 1, and also do the start of Fairy Ring part 2.

This is explained in this guide: how to unlock Fairy Rings.

You’ll need to have completed the following quests:

And their subquests.

Areas to unlock

As a new player, you can’t travel to each area as some of them are locked behind quests. Here’s a helpful list of Quest-locked places you can work towards unlocking:

  • Morytania: requires Priest in Peril
  • Zanaris: requires Lost City
  • Fossil Island: requires Bone Voyage
  • Keldagrim: requires start of The Giant Dwarf
  • Ape Atol: requires Monkey Madness 1
  • Sophanem: requires partial completion of Icthlarin’s little helper
  • Lunar Isle: requires partial completion of Lunar Diplomacy
  • Tirannwn: requires start of Regicide
  • Prifddinas: requires Song of the Elves
  • Darkmeyer: requires partial completion of Sins of the Father
  • Necropolis: requires partial completion of Beneath cursed sands
  • Varlamore: requires children of the sun

Beginner Travel tips

Lumbridge Home Teleport

player performing the lumbridge home teleport spell

Every 30 minutes, you can use the ‘Home Teleport’ to teleport to Lumbridge. This spell can be found at the top-left of your spellbook and doesn’t require any runes.

Early Game Varrock Teleport

A screenshot of Django's shop in Draynor Village, featuring the Chronicle
Django’s shop at the Draynor Village market

If you buy a Chronicle (300GP) from Django in Draynor Village alongside a couple of teleport cards (150GP each), you can use these as early-game teleports to Varrock. This is cheaper than buying Varrock teleport tablets from the Grand Exchange (500GP each).

Use world 330 to get access to ALL teleports

Did you know you can access anyone’s house in World 330 (House Party World)?

house portal Rimmington in world 330

All you have to do is travel to Rimmington (use house teleport) and next to the house portal, click on the ‘House Advertisement’.

advertisement board in world 330

From here, pick a house.

Once inside, you can access all their teleportation options including their portal nexus, jewellery box, spirit tree, fairy ring, etc!

W330 is super handy to get around easily!

Train your Agility early on

Did you know Agility impacts your in-game stamina? The higher your agility level is, the faster you restore run energy.

For this reason, many players make it an early-game goal to train their Agility as it makes running around more bearable.

PRO TIP: run rooftops so you can obtain Marks of Grace. You need 260 to get the full Graceful outfit.

rooftop courses reward marks of grace

Train your agility as follows:

  • At level 10: Draynor Village
  • At level 20: Al Kharid
  • At level 30: Varrock
  • At level 40-53: stay in Canifis (requires Priest in Peril)

The reason we stay in Canifis is because it has the best drop rate for Marks of Grace.

More info in my Agility Training Guide.

Wrap Up

That about wraps up this early-game travel guide. There are many different ways to get around in Gielinor, and I hope you can use this guide as a rough outline to unlock new ways to travel around!

If you enjoyed this guide, I have many other guides that will help you further progress your account. Here are some suggestions:


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