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With access to Darkmeyer, the new quest-locked district in osrs, comes a variety of new item and training methods into the game. To access darkmeyer, players have to complete sins of the father quest.

How to get to darkmeyer

Once you complete the quest, you can teleport to darkmeyer using your Drakan’s medallion.

New item: Blood Shard

The blood shard can be attached to the amulet of fury to create the amulet of blood fury which gives you a 10% chance of healing 10% of the damage dealt.

The blood shard is a dorp from killing vyrewatch sentinels or pickpocketing vyrelords. The shard can be attached to the amulet of fury to create the amulet of blood fury.

Besides the amulet looking dope, it also has a special attack: 10% chance of healing 10% of the damage you do to an opponent. Making the effect in

The amulet has 10,000 charges upon creation, similar to the abyssal tentacle. Once all charges are used, the blood shard breaks and the amulet turns into a regular amulet of fury.

4 new training methods

1. Darkmeyer woodcutting: Blisterwood trees

Blisterwood trees are a nice alternative woodcutting method to 3-tick teak trees in osrs. These can only be found in darkmeyer osrs.

Woodcutting level required: 62

Exp per log: 76 exp

The blisterwood tree is an everlasting tree located in the Arboretum of Darkmeyer. This tree, gives 76 exp per log and the speed is comparable to that of Teak trees. Which has a slightly higher exp per log of 85.

The blisterwood tree never depletes but you will stop chopping it every so often. This makes it a nice AFK woodcutting method with speeds experience rates of 50 -65K per hour.

You can 3-tick this tree without it being chopped down or without having to move because it doesn’t deplete. This makes it a great alternative method to 3-tick teak trees for getting the fastest woodcutting experience in osrs.

The blisterwood logs are untradeable but can be burned to train firemaking or alched for 300coins which would make you a profit while training your magic level with high alchemy.

2. Darkmeyer thieving: Pickpocketing Vyrelords

pickpocketting vyrelords is a profitable way to train thieving once you have over 82 thieving in osrs. Vyrelords are only found in darkmeyer.

Thieving level required: 82

Exp per successful pickpocket: 307

Pickpocketing vyrelords become available at level 82 though they have a pretty high failure rate so a higher level is advised. They give you 307 experience each and a level 99 thieving player should expect around 520 pickpockets per hour amounting to 160K exp per hour.

While that is a high experience rate per hour, Ardougne knights are still a better option if you’re going for the fastest way to 99 thieving.

The profit rates are however way better than Ardougne knights, which top out at 300K per hour with rogues outfit. The current profit rates of the Vyrelords are about 900K per hour with rogues outfit but this rate depends almost entirely on the value of the blood shard which is currently worth around 4M.

If you plan on doing this thieving method, I’d advise you to check the current price of the blood shard.

3. Darkmeyer agility: Hallowed Sepulchre

Hallowed sepulchre minigame in darkmeyer osrs is the fastest agility experience currently in osrs.

Agility level required: 52 Agility

The Hallowed Sepulchre agility course is very different from your conventional agility course where you simply have to complete the course to gain your experience.

In this mini-game, your experience rates depend entirely on your own timing, precision and your experience with the course.

This brings a new agility method into the game that actually requires skill and is fun to play.

The revealed exp rates by Jagex are:

  • 52 agility: 36k per hour
  • 62 agility: 48k per hour
  • 72 agility: 55k per hour
  • 82 agility: 66k per hour
  • 92 agility: 75k per hour

This makes the Hallowed Sepulchre a nice contender (first place?) for the fastest agility experience in the game. As this is almost 10k experience per hour above that of the Ardougne rooftop agility course.

Though it is of course not as AFK and requires skill, timing, and precision to do.

4. Darkmeyer runecrafting: Daeyalt Essence

afk mining with the daeyalt essence mine is now possible thanks to darkmeyer osrs

This is where it gets interesting, with access to darkmeyer comes access to the Daeyalt essence mine. Daeyalt essence can be used in exactly the same way as pure essence but it gives you a higher (extra 50%) experience rate.

The extra 50% experience also stacks with the ZMI altar bonus for a total of 155%.

This means efficient Lava runecrafting (fastest experience in the game) now can give you 105k experience per hour instead of the usual 70K experience per hour.

It comes with one catch though: you cannot trade daeyalt essence. This means that if you want the higher experience rates, you have to mine it yourself.

This is how, daeyalt essence brings a nice new slightly AFK runecrafting method into the game.

Players can choose to AFK mine the essence (which stacks so there is no banking) and afterwards craft those into lava runes for a higher (and finally acceptable) experience rate of 105K per hour.

Darkmeyer 4 new training methods by Theaoatrix

For more info on the 4 new training methods, watch Theaotrix’ latest video on the topic.

Hopefully, this quick article on darkmeyer in osrs gave you a couple of cool new methods to explore in osrs.


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