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In this OSRS Tree Gnome Village Quest Guide, we’ll go through all the steps to complete the quest.

This guide is a part of our OSRS Optimal Quest Guide.

Tree Gnome Village story & info


First, you will have to traverse the Green Gnome Village Maze (we have a map in this guide) only to discover that King Bolren desperately needs your help. The Tree Gnomes are fighting a losing battle with General Khazard’s forces. The only way they can avoid extinction, is to use Tree Magic but their Orbs of Protection (that power the trees) have been stolen by the enemy forces. It’s your job to re-acquire the orbs during the quest.

Extra Info

You can easily safe spot the final boss with Magic (I’ll show you).

The maze only needs to be completed once, for every subsequent visit you can follow Elkoy at the start of the Tree Gnome Village Maze.

This quest unlocks the Spirit Tree Transporation method which is highly recommended for ALL accounts. Using the Spirit Tree you can fast travel to and from the following locations:

  • Grand Exchange
  • Tree Gnome Village
  • Battlefield of Khazard (Ardougne)
  • The Grand Tree
  • Your house (if you plant a tree with Construction)

Quest Requirements

skill requirements Skill Requirements

There are no skill requirements.

However, you should be able to kill a safe-spottable lvl 112 Khazard Warlord. (As long as you bring enough runes for your best Magic spell, you will be fine)

quest requirements Quest Requirements

There are no quest requirements.

item requirements Item Requirements

ItemGrand Exchange?Obtainable during Quest?
6 normal logsYesYes (if you bring an axe)
Combat equipment to fight a lvl 112
(Safespotting with Magic is best for low lvl accounts)


  • Stamina potions
  • Ability to kill a lvl 112 Khazard Warlord (safespotting with Magic is pretty easy)
  • Some food (in case you mess up)

OSRSGuide Recommendation:

Use the Quest Helper Plugin for Runelite.

The Quest Helper Plugin makes Questing TONS easier.

  • Helps keep track of the item requirements and whether you have them on you or not
  • Displays a quest guide in the sidebar
  • Highlights NPCs you need to talk to
  • Knows which dialogue you need to use during the quest
  • Shows the next location in the quest on your map

If you want to install it, you can install the Quest Helper directly from your Plugin Hub on Runelite.

install the quest helper plugin for runelite from the runelite plugin hub

Tree Gnome Village Guide

Quest Start

location osrs– Use Ardougne Cloak teleport to the Monastery
– OR use Fishing Trawler Grouping teleport
– OR use Ardougne Teleport

The quest start is located in the middle of the Tree Gnome Maze. Here’s the solution to the Maze (you will only have to do this once).

tree gnome village maze solution to get to the quest start

Once you have traversed the maze, speak with King Bolren to start the quest.

speak with king bolren to start the tree gnome village quest

Once the quest is started, Elkoy will guide you out of the maze.

Speak with Commander Montai on the battlefield.

once the quest is started, speak with commander montai

Speak with him again to give him your 6 regular logs.

Then speak with him one last time (Dialogue: 2).

1. Firing the Ballista

Now you’ll need to speak with three gnome trackers.

Here are their locations.

Speak with all three to get the coordinations.

locations of the three gnome trackers for tree gnome village

Then, return to the gnome side and locate the Ballista.

fire the ballista with the coordinates from the trackers

Use the coordinates you received from the Gnome Trackers.

(Or just guess, you can try them all until one hits)

2. Retrieving the Orbs

Walk towards the biggest Khazard building (the one you just hit) and crawl over the crumbled wall.

climb over the crumbled wall and go upstairs

Get the Green Orb from the chest upstairs.

get the green orb from the chest

Now go back to the center of the maze (follow Elkoy) and speak with King Bolren.

3. Prepare for battle

In the next part, you will fight the Khazard Warlord (Lvl 112).

So grab your armour, food, and weapon from the bank if you still need to, and then head to the Khazard Battlefield.

khazard warlord location, final boss for tree gnome village


First, speak with him. He will then attack you, and run South past the twig on the floor.

This twig is your safety point. Always run back to the twig (highlighted tile) whenever he comes close to you.

how to safespot khazard warlord for tree gnome village

Now you can kill him with magic without taking damage.

Once he is dead, pick up the Orbs of Protection.

Finally, return to King Bolren to finish the quest.

speak with king bolren to complete tree gnome village quest

Quest Rewards

  • 2 Quest Points
  • 11,450 Attack Experience
  • Gnome Amulet
  • Spirit Tree Teleportation
tree gnome village quest rewards


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