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In this OSRS Plague City Quest Guide, we’ll go through all the steps to complete the quest.

This guide is a part of our OSRS Optimal Quest Guide.

Plague City story & info


Edmond needs your help. His daughter, Elena, has been missing since she went to West Ardougne to help cure them of their Plague. You’ll discover that Elena has been arrested by the Mourners (because she got too close to figuring something out about the Plague). During the quest, you will infiltrate West Ardougne and rescue Elena from her cell.

Extra Info

This quest unlocks the Ardougne Teleport method (provided read the scroll you receive as a reward at the end!)

Quest Requirements

skill requirements Skill Requirements

There are no skill requirements.

quest requirements Quest Requirements

There are no quest requirements.

item requirements Item Requirements

Be sure to purchase these items from the Grand Exchange if you are a regular account.

ItemGrand Exchange?Obtainable during Quest?
DwellberiesYesIronman have to pick them up in McGrubor’s Wood
RopeYesYes, East Ardougne general store
SpadeYesYes, spawns near Edmond’s house
4 buckets of waterYesYes, bucket spawns near Edmonds house
Chocolate dustYesBuy chocolate bar from Ardougne market, use knife on it
Snape GrassYesNo. Spawns next to the crafting guild in Falador.


  • Stamina/Energy Potions

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install the quest helper plugin for runelite from the runelite plugin hub

Plague City Guide

Quest Start

Speak with Edmond in East Ardougne to start the quest.

speak with edmond to start the quest

Edmond tells you his daughter, a healer named Elena is missing. She went to help out in West Ardougne, a city taken by a plague, and hasn’t returned. You offer to help find Elena and bring her home.

1. Getting into West Ardougne

He tells you that Dwellberies help repel the plague, and his wife can make a gas mask with them.

Ironmen should go to Mcgrubber wood to pick up some Dwelberries. Regular players already have them.

speak with edmonds wife to get the gas mask

If you already have Dwellberries, speak with Alrena, Edmonds’ wife and she’ll make you a gas mask.

Next, take the picture of Elena from the coffee table inside Edmond and Arlena’s home.

take elenas picture

Before leaving for West Ardougne, speak with Edmond again. He will tell you to go through the sewers, and that you can access them through the mud patch in their garden.

Now use a bucket of water on the mud patch behind their house 4 times.

use 4 buckets of water on the mud patch to soften it

Then use the spade to dig into the mud patch.

You’ll wind up in the Ardougne sewers.

In here, walk south and try to open the grill.

use a rope on the grill and ask edmond to help you pull the grill, then climb the pipe to get into west ardougne.

Next, use a rope on the grill.

Now speak with Edmond who followed you down here to tell him to help you open up the grill. A cut scene will start.

Finally, Equip your gasmask and climb up the pipe.

You’ll wind up in West Ardougne.

you end up in west ardougne

2. Investigating Elena’s whereabouts

Speak with Jethick as Edmond instructed you. He is located just East of the manhole.

speak with jethick

He tells you that the king is an explorer, and likely brought the Plague home through one of his expeditions. The king is currently on another expedition and left the City Warder Bravek in charge of West Ardougne. You’ll show him the picture of Elena and he’ll tell you where you can find her. He’ll also ask you to return a book for him.

Run North to the Rehnisons’ house.

enter the rehnisons house to inquire about elenas whereabouts

Here, speak with Martha. She’ll tell you Elena used to stay with them but hasn’t been seen.

speak with milli to discover elenas whereabouts

Speak with her daughter, Milli, upstairs. She says Elena has been kidnapped.

3. Saving Elena

Next, run to the house in the south-eastern corner of West Ardougne.

open the door with braveks warrent

A mourner will explain that the black cross indicates the house has been taken by the plague.

Run back to the manhole and look for a Clerk inside the big building in the center. Speak with him.

speak with the clerk to get an appointment with bravek
Dialogue: 1-3

Next, speak with Bravek.

speak with bravek, he'll give you a warrant
Dialogue: 1-3

He hands you a tattered piece of paper.

Use your chocolate dust on your bucket of milk and then use snapegrass on it to make hangover cure.

Speak with Bravek again. He’ll give you a warrant to access the mourners house you tried to access earlier.

Go back to the mourners house.

Once inside, search the barrel next to the staircase to find a key.

search the barrel to find the key to elenas cage

Go downstairs and you’ll find Elena. Open the door and speak with her.

speak with elena and save her

You’ve successfully saved her. Return to Edmond by going through the manhole and climbing up the mudpile to Edmonds house.

And your quest is complete!

plague city rewards

Quest Rewards

Plague City Quick Guide

If you prefer a video guide, check out SlayerMusiq’s Quick Guide on the Plague City Quest.


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