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Varlamore Part 2 will bring with it, a brand new minigame for the Herblore skill! Here’s a brief overview of everything you need to know about the minigame before its arrival.

After a brief introductory quest, you’ll be eligible to work in an Alchemy Shop.

varlamore alchemy shop

You have to bring your own herbs (unfinished potions work as well) but there are no secondaries!

The gameplay loop is as follows:

  • Pick an order and grab the necessary herbs/ (unf) potions from the bank
  • Break those down into a paste at the refiner
  • Break your paste down into a ‘potion base’ at the mixer
  • And finally, add a modifier at the processing station, before delivering the order

Orders consist out of a ‘Potion base’ and a ‘modifier’.

how potions are created in the herblore minigame

The base exists out of a combination of three component types known as L-A-Ms (Lye, Aga, Mox).

E.g. to create a ‘Shrinker’ potion as illustrated above, you’ll need 3 Lye components, or in this case a single Ranarr weed.

If you were to make ‘MixAlot’ instead, you would need one of each component types.

The modifier is added in the final step where you choose between the Retort, Alembic, and Agitator processing machines.

The Retort applies the ‘Concentrated‘ modifier, the Alembic applies the ‘Crystalised‘ modifier, and the Agitator applies the ‘Homogenous‘ modifier.

Furthermore, these machines also have different handling:

  • The retort is slow, but AFK
  • The Alembic is instant
  • The agitator requires active interaction (e.g. stirring)

As you play the minigame, you’ll be awarded points in each L-A-M category, depending on the herbs you use. So if you primarily use Lye herbs, you’ll have more Lye points than A or M points.

These points can be spent in the reward shop.

concept art for the herblore minigame reward shop
Fake concept art I made for the reward shop

Check out my video above for an in-depth look into the rewards.

BTW, these rewards are currently being polled.

This article has been a TL;DR for the Proposed Herblore Activity, click the link to read the official newspost.

More info on Varlamore, and its updates here.


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