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Is Stealing Creation, the most requested rs3 mini-game actually coming to OSRS? Here’s what we know so far.

What is Stealing Creation?

Stealing creation was (and is in RS3) a fun PVP and skilling, team-based mini-game. Games last a maximum of 20 minutes and you aren’t allowed to bring any items inside.

Instead, players have to acquire fragments through different skilling activities which they can then turn into tools, weapons, armour, and more.

The game had 5 tool/weapon/armor classes or tiers and you could access those depending on your skilling levels. For example, you needed 80 mining , woodcutting or fishing to acquire class 5 clay fragments. These you could store in your team base so that other players could craft them into weapons, or if you had the appropriate smithing/crafting/fletching levels, you could do so yourself.

In this mini-game, having both high-leveled skills and combat players, were the way to win.

Does Stealing Creation Belong in Old School Runescape?

Just like when we discussed soul wars, if stealing creation were to come to osrs—it would need a serious rewrite.

OP Stealing Creation Reward system

Stealing creation was known for its OP reward system, primarily the volatile and proto tool rewards. These reward pieces could turn into any tool or weapon to then be used in skilling or combat training at double experience rates.

This means that players could play a fun game such as stealing creation for hours and then use the rewards to train at double experience. While that may not seem like an issue to some players, double exp rates have been one of the reasons many players quit RS3.

As opposed to RS3 where you have many double experience and fast leveling opportunities, Old school Runescape is a game where you have to truly grind to train your levels up. This is what the community refers to as “easyscape” and it doesn’t belong in Old School Runescape.

If Jagex wants to incorporate Stealing Creation, one of the most fun mini-games ever introduced into rs3, they will have to make sure the rewards aren’t as OP as they were previously.

But at the same time they still have to make sure playing the mini-game is worth it, otherwise you end up with a castle wars scenario where no one is interested because it doesn’t gain you anything.

Stealing Creation would truly be a nice addition to the game, but it needs a serious rewrite.

Is Stealing Creation coming to OSRS?

Back in 2015, Jagex’s Modcast approached the topic of adding stealing creation to the game for the first time.

One of the moderators mentioned how widely requested the mini-game is, but he also said osrs has more potential than that. How they could create an even better mini-game, that takes away certain aspects from soul wars and stealing creation.

In the same modcast Mod Ash said:

“I always prefer it when we’re taking oldschool in a direction that isn’t a carbon copy of what RS3 did”

Mod Ash, Modcast May 21, 2015

They mods have a point. Ash also mentioned how instead of adding Nex to osrs, they added Zulrah. And let’s face it, Zulrah is far nicer than Nex right?

But it is currently 5 years later, and we still don’t have a mini-game that resembles soul wars or stealing creation.

The only recent news we’ve gotten is from the Gielinor Gazette this April:

Soul Wars: Last month we talked about our initial prototype for bringing Soul Wars to Old School. The community response was hugely positive, so we’re currently working on turning that prototype into a playable chunk of content. We’re currently investigating what changes should be made, if any, from the original Soul Wars. As always, if you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them!

Gielinor Gazette April 2020

So is stealing creation coming to OSRS? We don’t know, its been a long time since Jagex has even covered the topic. Only one thing is for sure: Soul Wars might be coming to osrs and that’s exciting too right? It might even contain elements from stealing creation, just like the mods mentioned back in 2015.

If you want more info on stealing creation in osrs, check out curios’ video on the topic:


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