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Changes are coming to OSRS’ first raid: Chambers of Xeric. Both, the Scouting and Scaling aspects of this raiding activity are about to see an improvement.

These changes were polled during the August 2023 Summer Summit Giga Poll.

osrs summer summit giga poll which asked players for a scouting and scaling rework

Questions 9 and 10 asked if the community wanted a new system to improve scouting and scaling for Raids 1, both received more than 90% of the votes.

This article covers the proposed changes made by the Old School Team on their October 3rd newspost.

Proposed Changes to Scouting

Here’s everything you need to know about the new proposed system for scouting.

Keep in mind that this system does not replace scouting, you will still be able to scout using the original methods.

How Scouting Currently Works:

The Current system works as follows: you enter the raid, and it gives you a randomly generated layout.

This forces players to enter and exit CoX constantly until they find the desired Raid. While the Runelite plugin is helpful in this process, a lot of time is still being wasted by scouting.

Or what sometimes happens, is that players pay other players ‘scouters’ to get their preferred layout.

More on scouting in our OSRS CoX Guide

Proposed Rework:

The proposed new system allows players to customize their raid, against payment.

Here’s what you’ll be able to modify:

  • Select the number of rooms in the raid (5-8)
  • Select which rooms you want in the raid
  • Select a static beginner-friendly raid

In other words, you’ll have full control over how your raid will look like.

The number mentioned for a fully custom raid is 500k which is subject to change but seems like a fair amount.

Each additional player added to the raid will add 100k to the tally.

The Static Beginner-friendly raid will be cheaper than a fully custom raid. Beginner-friendly raids will exclude complicated mini-bosses such as Tekton and Vasa.

Here’s an example of what that could look like:

best scout in cox

The cost of the Raid will be paid by the player setting up the Raid.

Furthermore, it will be possible to save a Raid Layout meaning you’ll be able to speed-run through your Raids without constantly being required to go through the setup again.

Restrictions to custom raid layouts include:

  • Minimum of 5 rooms
  • At least one puzzle room
  • No duplicate combat rooms
  • No duplicate puzzle rooms on small layouts

Proposed Changes to Scaling

The newspost only briefly covers scaling. Players will be able to select as many players for their custom raid as they want and pay 100k for each additional player they add.

The 100k payment will decrease by 1k for each additional player.

So for example, for the first additional player, you’ll pay 100k, for the next one 99k, for the one after that 98k, and so forth.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, this has sufficiently informed you of the proposed changes to CoX.

Of course, nothing is set in stone yet. I’ll update this article as we know more.

I’m personally in favor of allowing custom raids in exchange for payment, as this is what many players currently do anyway. They pay scouting bots to get their preferred layout.

With this new system, at least that money would be taken out of the game, good for the economy!

If you have thoughts of your own about the proposed CoX Rework, you can participate in OSRS’ Survey.


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