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The Christmas event for 2023 has finally arrived in OSRS. This year’s edition brings back Jack Frost, Santa’s mischievous son who also featured in the 2017 and 2019 winter holiday events.

This guide provides a full walkthrough of the event.

You can follow along with this quick video I’ve created or follow the instructions below.

Christmas Event Guide

To get started, travel to Lumbridge.

Jack Frost is located across from the sheep pen from Sheep’s Shearer.

speak with jack frost to start the 2023 winter holiday event

Speak with him. Select dialogue option 2: What Brings you here.

A small cutscene will start, don’t interrupt him or you’ll have to start over.

Once the dialog is over, make your way into the rink and look out for the beacons.

You have to move your character to the correct tile of each beacon. As the entire pen is covered in ice, you’ll slide until you reach a snowy patch. Your character can move forward, backward, and diagonal.

chase beacons around the ice rink

If you’re struggling with this bit, check out my video guide above to help you out.

Once you’re done, Jack Frost will call you back.

Speak with him again, and this time, he wants you to use the ramp in the centre. Head back in the rink and chase the next two beacons.

He’ll call you back again and this time Anti-Santa will show up and a cut-scene will commence.

Grab some snowballs West from the fence and equip them.

gather snowballs and equip them

Then chuck snowballs at anti-santa until you get the following dialog:

chuck snowballs at anti-santa until you see this dialog

Speak with Jack Frost again.

This time, he wants you to knock over Anti-Santa. So get back in the rink and click underneath Anti-Santa to slide underneath him and knock him off his boots.

And finally, Jack Frost wants you to pet a goose.

pet the goose to finish the 2023 christmas event

The goose can be found southeast of the fencing. Pet him and speak with Jack Frost to collect your rewards.

Event Rewards

The rewards for this years’ event are the Snowglobe Helmet and the Icey Jumper.

2023 christmas event rewards

You’ll also get access to all holiday items from past Christmas events and as a bonus you’ll receive some extra goodies: santa hats, partyhats, and christmas crackers.

Hope this event guide was helpful. Happy holidays!


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