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In April, Jagex revealed some info in the Gielinor Gazette regarding the possibility of Soul Wars coming to osrs. Here’s what we know until now.

What is soul wars

Soul wars was (and is in rs3) a fun little slayer-based PVP mini-game where two teams fight each other on a battlefield. The mini-game was introduced on February 10th 2019, 1,5 years after the snapchat old school runescape was built on.

The purpose of the game, was to defeat each others avatar. During the game, players would fight 2 types of slayer monsters on the battlefield to earn soul fragments from them. These could be offered to the soul obelisk to weaken your opponent’s avatar.

Of course, there was a PVP aspect as well, meaning you could your opponent ‘s before they could offer their soul fragments and offer them to your own obelisk instead.

Does soul wars belong in OSRS?

Yes and no. Soul wars will need to be heavily modified in order to fit OSRS before it can actually be added in the game without causing a lot of dissatisfied players.

soul wars reward system

In RS3, Soul Wars reward zeals can be used to gain combat, prayer and even slayer experience pretty quickly. This would have a huge impact on the current game as currently being a level 3 skiller with 99 Slayer is one of the longest achievements in the game.

If soul wars comes into the game with the same reward system, a lot of effort from these players will have gone to waste.

If Jagex ends up coming out with a new mini-game like soul wars, they will have to think about a way to incorporate a reward system that makes playing the mini-game both worth it but also doesn’t ruin the current version of the game.

Watch Theoatrix’s latest video on the topic:

So will soul wars come to OSRS?

Update: YES! Soul wars was succesfully polled and IS coming to OSRS in early January as posted in the recent Gielinor Gazette!

Here’s what Jagex wrote in the Gielinor Gazette on in April 2020:

Last month we talked about our initial prototype for bringing Soul Wars to Old School. The community response was hugely positive, so we’re currently working on turning that prototype into a playable chunk of content. We’re currently investigating what changes should be made, if any, from the original Soul Wars. As always, if you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear them!

Gielinor Gazette, April 2020

The fact that Jagex is already working on a prototype for the mini-game, makes the possibility of soul wars being introduced into the game pretty big.

We recently covered how HD graphics might be coming to osrs, and how positively the community is reacting to these kinds of changes. Contrary to a couple of years ago, when osrs first was introduced an no one wanted HD graphics or other RS3 features.

Similarly, the player base has been a lot more welcoming to the possibility of mini-games such as stealing creation, fist of guthix, and soul wars coming to osrs.

Soul Wars is here!

As of January 6th, 2021, Soul Wars has finally been added to the game.

You can check out our OSRS Soul Wars Guide to get started with the new mini-game!


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