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Here’s a quick starter guide for Leagues 4: Trailblazer Reloaded which starts on November 15th. In this guide, I’ll help you get through the first hour of the league after which you should be able to unlock a new region!

Choose your starter relic

Upon entering the Trailblazer League, you get to pick out 3 starter relics: Trickster, Endless Harvest & Production Prodigy.

Here’s a little summary:

  • Trickster helps with thieving, agility, firemaking & hunter. With this relic, you get double loot from pickpocketing & box traps and you gain passive agility experience while running which scales with your level. This is a great starter if you’re looking to make a ton of money early in the game.
  • Endless Harvest doubles resources gathered through Woodcutting, Fishing & Mining. All gathered resources immediately go to the bank instead of your inventory.
  • Production Prodigy processes an entire inventory at once when doing smithing, cooking, fletching & crafting. On top of that, your aforementioned skill levels are boosted by +12 and you get a 25% of getting an extra resource

If you need more info, you can read more about the Leagues 4 relics on the OSRS Wiki.

Obviously, all of these skills are ridiculously good. If you want to rush money making early on, Trickster is the way to go. If you want to double down on resources, Endless Harvest is your pick. And if you want to rush items early on, Production Prodigy is the relic for you.

Easy Reward Points to pick up

Many League Tasks have already been uploaded to the Wiki. Here’s a quick summary of some of the easiest tasks you can complete so you can gather a ton of reward points very early in the League!

Early Gathering Skills

There are a bunch of gathering activities to do around Misthalin that will grant easy points. Just keep in mind that some of them will not be possible due to the large amount of players starting leagues on release.

woodcutting guide Woodcutting | fletching guide Fletching | firemaking guide Firemaking
10 pointsChop a log
10 pointsBurn a log
10 pointsFletch arrowshafts
10 pointsFletch 1000 arrowshafts
10 pointsChop an oak log
10 pointsBurn an oak log
10 pointsFletch an Oak shortbow
fishing guide Fishing |cooking Cooking
10 pointsCatch a shrimp
10 pointsCook something using the lumbridge range (cook’s assistant required)
10 pointsCook a shrimp
10 pointsCook 5 fish
10 pointsBurn something (will happen naturally)
10 pointsCatch an anchovy
10 pointsCatch a herring
mining Mining | smithing guide Smithing
10 pointsMine copper
10 pointsMine 10 tin ore
10 pointsSmelt a bronze bar
10 pointsSmith a bronze full helm
10 pointsSmith a bronze plateskirt

Easy Tasks in Lumbridge

As we’re starting our Leagues journey in Lumbridge, here are some of the easy tasks you can do right off the bat!

10 pointsLeagues Tutorial
10 pointsOpen the Leagues Menu
10 pointsPickpocket a man
10 pointsOpen 28 coin pouches at once
10 pointsDance in the Lumbridge graveyard
10 pointsVisit Death’s Domain
10 pointsDefeat a goblin
10 pointsBury their bones
10 pointsEnter Zanaris
10 pointsUse a fairy ring
10 pointsMake a pot of flour from scratch
10 pointsCry in a Wheatfield
10 pointsPickpocket a H.A.M member
10 pointsComplete Cook’s Assistant
10 pointsAfter completion of cook’s assistant: cook something on the lumbridge range
10 pointsComplete Rune Mysteries (save Aubury step for when you go to Varrock)
10 pointsAfter completion of rune mysteries: teleport to the essence mines
10 pointsHome teleport to Lumbridge
40 pointsComplete the Easy Diary

Draynor Tasks

Just like Lumbridge, Draynor has some very quick tasks you can complete. Consider sticking around for some Woodcutting as Forestry events reward 40 League Points each!

Barbarian Village/Edgeville

You can easily get to Barbarian Village by talking to Count Check in the Lumbridge graveyard, keep in mind that you can only do this once. You also need to have a Jagex Account in order for him to want to teleport you (+ to complete the Stronghold of Security)

10 pointsEquip boots from Stronghold of Security
10 pointsBuy and equip steel full helm from Pesky in Barb Village (requires 5 Defence)
20 pointsGet a slayer task from Vannaka
10 pointsBuy an Enchanted Gem from Vannaka and check your task
10 pointsBuy a spiny helm from Vannaka and equip it


Everyone’s favorite city. Pass through here to complete Rune Mysteries and rack up some easy points along the way. Don’t forget to get yourself a house and pet the doggo.

10 pointsPet a stray dog
10 pointsComplete Gertrude’s Cat
10 pointsBuy an elemental staff from Zaff
10 pointsComplete Romeo and Juliet
10 pointsSteal some tea from the tea stall East of Varrock
No pointsDon’t forget to talk to Aubury for Rune Mysteries
10 pointsDefeat a Guard
10 pointsPickpocket a Guard
10 pointsBring some tea to Elsie above the Lumbridge church and have her tell you a story
10 pointsComplete the Varrock Museum Quiz
10 pointsEither Complete Daddy’s home to get a house or pay 1,000 GP to buy it
10 pointsSlash the web in the Varrock Sewers
10 pointsDefeat a Moss Giant
10 pointsDefeat a Dark Wizard
10 pointsRun the Varrock Rooftop Course
10 pointsRun a lap on the Rooftop Course
10 pointsRun 10 laps on the Draynor Rooftop Course
10 pointsObtain a Marks of Grace
40 pointsComplete a task with the wise old man
10 pointsEnter the Draynor Manor
10 pointsGet chairs to follow you in the Draynor Manor (upstairs)
10 pointsComplete Vampyre Slayer
10 pointsInsult Aggie the witch
10 pointsHave ned make you a rope (requires 4 balls of wool)
40 pointsRising Roots Event (Forestry)
40 pointsStruggling Sapling Event (Forestry)
40 pointsFlowering Bush (requires bees on a stick)
40 pointsPheasant Event (requires padded spoon)
40 pointsRitual Event (requires petal circlet)
40 pointsPickpocket a master farmer (lvl 38 required)

Karamja/Brimhaven/Shilo Village

Now you may wonder how am I getting into Karamja/Brimhaven? Well, in Trailblazer Reloaded you’ll be able to teleport directly to these locations via waystones in your Leagues interface. So definitely don’t forget to visit Karamja and complete some of the easy tasks.

10 pointsBuy something from charter crewmembers in Brimhaven (e.g. knife if you don’t yet have one)
10 pointsTravel to Shilo Village via the cart (200gp) and buy a torch from the general store. Light the torch with your tinderbox. 
20 pointsGet a task from Duradel (only do this if you didn’t get a task from Vannaka ofc)
20 pointsBuy a spiny helm & equip it / Buy an enchanted gem and check your task (only if you didn’t do this with Vannaka already)
40 pointsFill a crate with 10 bananas
10 pointsEnter your player-owned house in Brimhaven (your house will be located in Brimhaven because Rimmington is not part of Misthalin)
10 pointsBuild a room in your house

Fossil Island

10 pointsTravel to Fossil Island
10 pointsPet the Museum Dog

For a more exhaustive list on League Tasks, continue on the OSRS Wiki.

Get 700+ points in the first hour: Efficient Point Path

So you don’t want to make your own path and instead, just follow an efficient path to rack in as many reward points as possible early on?

I’ve spent the last couple of days researching every guide I could find on Leagues 4, and by far the most efficient starter strategy I could find was uploaded by Youtuber Doubleshine.

Here’s his video:

Once you’re done with the video, you can follow along with his path here:

1.Open the Leagues Menu
2.Complete the Leagues Tutorial
Go to Lumbridge Graveyard
3.Dance in the graveyard
4.Visit Deaths Domain
Ask count check to teleport to the stronghold of security
5.Finish stronghold of security to get your 10k + Fancy Boots, equip them for league task
Teleport to Brimhaven via League Waypoint and run to the Charter Crewmembers
6.Buy a knife from them
Take the cart (200gp) to Shilo Village
7.Buy a torch from the general store, light it for a task
Head to the Shilo Village fish shop and buy a fishing rod + 1 bait pack
Afterward, head to Duradel
8-9Get a Slayer Task from Duradel. This knocks out 2 tasks in one
10.Buy an enchanted gem and check your task
11.Buy a spiny helm (you’ll need to equip it later when you have 5 defence)
12.Cast home teleport (is a task)
quest guide Talk to Duke Horacio in the castle to start Rune Mysteries
Bank everything, except: Coins, air talisman, axe, tinderbox, bucket, dramen staff, bait, fishing rod, knife, spiny helm
13.Pickpocket a man.
14.Pickpocket 28 times and open the 28 coin pouches for league points
Buy a steel axe from Bob’s axe shop in Lumby
15.Equip dramen staff and defeat a goblin via the defensive attack style (goal: 5 def)
16.Bury the bones
17.Equip your spiny helm
Head to the cow pen
quest guide Milk a cow (cook’s assistant)
quest guide Get an egg from the chicken coop (cook’s assitant)
Head to the windmill
18.Cry emote in wheatfield
19.Make flour at the windmill (both a task and needed for cooks’ assistant)
Make your way over to Draynor
20.Complete a run on the Draynor Rooftop
21.Complete 10 runs in total
22.Obtain a Marks of Grace
23.Continue until level 20 Agility (you’ll get multiple league points doing this)
24.Insult Aggie the witch for league points.WARNING: have at least 20 coins in your inventory else she will take starter items including a pot of flour from you!!
Skilling portion
25.Catch a Shrimp, continue until level 5
26.Catch sardines (bait fishing) to level 10 and bank them
27.Catch a herring, continue until level 10
28.Catch an anchovy (net)
29 – 30.Chop & burn a log. Repeat until lvl 15 woodcutting/firemaking
30-31.Chop & burn an oak log
32.Fletch arrow shafts
Buy a chronicle from Django and a couple of teleportation cards (teleports you to Varrock)
Run south to the Wizards tower and speak with Sedridor in the basement for Rune Mysteries
Run to the Draynor Manor
33.Enter the Draynor Manor
34.Get a chair to follow you inside the Draynor Manor
Teleport to Varrock via your newly bought Chronicle
Buy a rake from Dreven (farmer behind the Champions Guild)
35.Rake a farming patch
Head towards Aubury in Varrock
36.Pet a stray dog while in Varrock (location is random)
quest guide Speak to Aubury until you get the package for Rune Mysteries
37.Steal from the Tea stall (can be done on the same tick as other players, keep the tea in inventory)
38.Purchase a house from the Estate Agent
39.Give Elsie a tea and have her tell you a story (she’s upstairs in the lumbridge church)
Head to the Sawmill
40.Turn any logs into a plank
Walk East towards the Dig Site 
41.Travel to Fossil island (via the barge)
42.Pet a museum dog
Teleport to Lumbridge
43.Finish Cook’s Assistant by giving the ingredients to the cook (egg, pot of flour, bucket of milk)
44- 49.Grab raw fish from the bank and cook them on the lumbridge range.
Cook at least 5 fish successfully.
Burn at least 1 fish.
Continue until level 5 cooking
Cook at least 1 herring
50.Use a herring on a random tree
Head to the hut in the Lumbridge swamp 
51.Equip your dramen staff and enter Zanaris
52.Run to the other fairy ring in Zanaris and teleport to C-K-R (karamja)
53.Fish Karambwanji
Teleport to Fairy ring code DIS (Wizards Guild)
54.Finish Rune Mysteries (Sedridor, basement)
55.Teleport to Rune Essence Mine
Waystone teleport to Karamja
56.Locate an altar via your talisman (reward from Rune Mysteries)
Run towards the banana trees
57.Pick 10 bananas and stick them in Luthas’ crate for 10 league points
Waystone teleport to Brimhaven
58.Enter your Player Owned House
59.Build a room inside your Player Owned House
60.Enter the Brimhaven Dungeon

Wrap Up

And that’s it for our Leagues Starter Guide. Hopefully, you’ve found this guide helpful in preparation to your first hour on the Trailblazer Reloaded servers. Best of luck and most importantly of all: have fun!


Dean started playing Runescape in 2006 when he was just 10 years old and has been playing ever on and off ever since (you never quit OSRS, right?) In 2013 he switched to OSRS Servers and never looked back. Dean has spent over 20,000 hours in the game now and frequently revisits his favourite portion of OSRS; the early-to-mid game through new account builds. You can also find bite-sized runescape guides on Deans' YouTube channel

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