Most of the old school player base and community by now surely have heard the rumors about high definition graphics coming to the game. Especially in the last two years, many celebrated YouTubers have started reporting on this very topic. Now more than ever, it seems like we might be seeing an OSRS Remastered version soon. But it might not be what you think. 

Will Jagex Allow OSRS Remastered?

Update: OSRS Remastered is NOT allowed by Jagex. However, Runelite HD (OSRS Remastered competitor) is approved by Jagex and can be downloaded today.

Whether or not Jagex will ever Allow OSRS Remastered is still uncertain. Jagex has reason to not allow the client as it could potentially negatively impact its current bot detection mechanism which of course no one wants to see happen.

This page will be kept updated on any OSRS Remastered advancements.

How to get your hands on OSRS Remastered

Currently, OSRS Remastered is not available to the public, and Totty (the developer) has only selected a handful of people to beta test his client. This is to ensure Jagex doesn’t get irritated.

If you want to get your hands on the client your best chances are to apply in the discord group, the developer opens new applications every now and then so keep an eye out for that. Please wait for him to open up applications instead of begging for an invitation. NEVER download any clients anyone advertises or send to you as these will most likely be phishing clients that will try to hack your account. 


The OSRS Remastered Developer

A user by the name of Totty has by far achieved the most progress on creating his own version of a high definition old school Runescape client. He started in late 2019 on the current project which is about over 80% finished currently. However, Totty is not a Jagex developer. This means that the client he is working on, might never be approved by Jagex.

As reported in an interview conducted by SirPugger, Totty has been in contact with Jagex and the possibility has been discussed. He himself was positive about the encounter but of course, nothing is guaranteed. This page will be kept updated on any new OSRS Remastered updates.

SirPugger’s video on OSRS Remastered:

Two versions of OSRS Remastered

Enhanced Vanilla Version of Old School Runescape

One of the current version that Totty has been working hard on is the enhanced Vanilla version of OSRS. This means that no textures have been changed but instead, the graphics look a lot crisper and more up to date with the year 2020. Screenshots and video footage of this enhanced vanilla version has been leaked and it’s looking sick.

Edgeville in Enhanced Vanilla Graphics. Picture from the OSRS Remastered Discord group
Edgeville in Enhanced Vanilla, picture from the OSRS Remastered Discord group

Ultra High Definition Graphics

The Ultra HD version that Totty is also working on would completely change the way we play Old School Runescape forever. This version has incredible new and updated textures that look light years ahead of the current textures in the game. Highly detailed trees, buildings, water, and even the sky are looking amazing in the leaked images of the Ultra HD client.

This version also comes with certain mods such the ability to change the time of day or even the weather cycle. Imagine if Old School Runescape actually had daytime, night time and weather cycles going on! How cozy would grinding a skill such as woodcutting or fishing but with rain and thunder in the background?

Lumbridge in ULTRA HD Graphics, a picture from the OSRS Remastered discord group.
Lumbridge in Ultra HD, picture from OSRS Remastered discord group

Why OSRS Remastered is nothing like RS3 or EOC

Of course, not everyone is excited about a project like HD Old School Runescape. Some players fear it might lead to EOC-like events and Old School Runescape could end up like RS3. This, however, couldn’t be further from the truth. Graphics updates aren’t what made so many people leave, the revised combat system is what made them leave.

Having a high-definition version of the game as a toggleable option or even separate client doesn’t hurt anyone who doesn’t wish to use it. Players against it would still be able to play Old School Runescape in its original state.

How OSRS Remastered Could Attract New Players To Old School Runescape

Currently, old school Runescape has a hard time attracting newer players that aren’t just like many of us dragged back into the game due to the nostalgia factor. This audience wouldn’t exactly be impressed with the current graphics of Old School Runescape.

A High Definition version could change that completely. Many players from the community believe it would increase the influx of newer players and the update would benefit everyone and especially Jagex. It’s our task, as the old school Runescape community to urge Jagex to work together with Totty and make OSRS Remastered happen! So tweet at Jagex, comment on their Facebook pages, and share this article on Reddit and Facebook!

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