Since September 13, the Runelite HD plugin is available to all OSRS players who use the Runelite client.

This article will cover everything you need to know about this brand-new HD client for OSRS.

What is Runelite HD?

Runelite HD is a plugin for Runelite that allows players to play Old School Runescape in High Defintion graphics.

With Runelite HD enabled, you will be playing a more visually pleasing version of Old School Runescape with improved textures, better lighting, shadows and so forth.

What’s also cool about Runelite HD is that the developer, 117scape, didn’t go over the top with the enhancements. Runelite HD very much still looks like OSRS, just more visually stunning!

Is OSRS Runelite HD allowed by Jagex?

Jagex has approved of Runelite HD in a September 10 news post even stating that they will help users set up the HD client in an upcoming post.

This news came days after the OSRS team revealed that they were talking to the plugin creator 117scape and the Runelite team.

Here’s what 117scape had to say about it himself:

First look at Runelite HD (OSRS HD Client Preview)

If you’re wondering what HD OSRS will look like with the Runelite HD extension enabled, here are some screenshots!

And here is a before and after shot.

before and after shot of runelite HD client

All pictures are taken from 177scape’s Twitter profile and belong to him.

You can support 177scape by subscribing to him on Patreon

OSRS Runelite HD Preview

Below is a video featuring what water, lava and Zulrah looks like in Runelite HD.

How to install Runelite HD (Runelite HD Download)

If you want to install Runelite HD you will have to download the Runelite client first if you don’t already have it.

You can read our guide on how to safely install Runelite here.

Or if you refuse to click any links you can find the official runelite website at

Once Runelite is installed, you’ll be able to add Runelite HD as an extension plugin.

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Why did OSRS Runelite HD get banned Previously?

On a September 7th news post, it was revealed that all third-party OSRS HD clients would be banned stating that Jagex was working on their own version of an HD client. The same news post revealed that Jagex had messaged all third-party clients to stop working on their projects.

This caused a lot of outrage within the OSRS community which was very vocal on Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and other platforms. On top of that, riots were held in Falador to protest the decision.

This was a very frustrating day for the community, who was psyched about the Runelite HD client which was scheduled for release on September 10th. But most of all to its creator, 117scape who spend over 2 years and thousands of hours working on the project.

The next day, Jagex made an update statement saying they heard the community feedback and were in talks with 117scape and Runelite to come up with a solution.

On September 10th, Jagex came out with a newspost where they reveal that the 117scape plugin (OSRS Runelite HD) will be allowed and available to everyone on September 13th.

Are other OSRS HD Clients Still Banned?

Other OSRS HD plugins such as OSRS Remastered remain banned for the time being. Only the Runelite HD plugin has been approved by Jagex at the time of writing.

Runelite HD Wll Bring New Players To Old School Runescape

Runelite HD will be really good for the longevity of OSRS, here’s why…

Currently, old school Runescape has a hard time attracting newer players that aren’t just like many of us dragged back into the game due to the nostalgia factor. This audience wouldn’t exactly be impressed with the current graphics of Old School Runescape.

A High Definition version of OSRS could change that completely! With an HD client available, just like Runelite HD, many new players will be convinced to give it a shot. And once you start playing Runescape … Well, we are all still here, aren’t we?

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