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Old School Runescape finally has an HD version, this guide will teach you exactly how to install it.

Now this isn’t an Official HD Client, as Jagex has nothing to do with the development BUT it IS an APPROVED HD client.

Jagex approved the HD client on September 10th, 2021, as revealed in a newspost on the same day.

If you’re interested, you can read the newspost here.

How to install OSRS HD Client

In order to install the OSRS HD client, you are first going to have to install Runelite.

Runelite is a third-party client for Old School Runescape (approved by Jagex) that is used by the large majority of the player base.

Runelite comes with a number of functions that make playing the game a lot easier.

For example, built-in to Runelite is a clue scroll helper, Hit Box helper, Puzzle solver and many other features.

Hence why the large majority uses this client instead of the original client, which isn’t very feature-rich.

We have an entire article dedicated to Runelite so give that a read if you’re interested.

Step 1: Install Runelite

To install Runelite, go to their OFFICIAL website: runelite.net and install the correct version for your operating system.

how to install runelite osrs client for your pc

Step 2: Go into the plugin hub

The HD client, isn’t built-in to Runelite just yet. This means you will need to install it as a plugin.

Don’t worry though, as this process is very simple.

To go to the plugin hub, simply head to the configuration located in the right side bar of your Runelite Client.

how to open plugins in runelite client

Then, click on ‘Plugin Hub’ located at the bottom of the sidebar.

how to go to plugin hub on runelite

Next, search for ‘117 HD’ and install the plugin.

How to install OSRS HD client

It will take a moment to configure.

Once installed, you now have access to the OSRS HD client!

Step 3: configure the HD Client

What’s nice about the OSRS HD plugin is that you can completely configure it to your wishes.

You can crank up the settings to ULTRA if your computer can handle it, or keep the settings at medium if you are experiencing some lag.

You can also choose whether you want certain effects such as dynamic lighting, shadows and so forth.

In order to configure the HD settings, simply go to your configuration again and search for 117 HD in your installed plugins.

how to configure your hd client settings in runelite

There, you can change all the settings to your wishes.

Examples of OSRS HD Client

Below are some examples of OSRS with the HD client.

shayzien runelite hd
Shayzien (image by 117Scape)
theatre of blood runelite hd preview
Theatre of Blood (image by 117Scape)
grand exchange runelite hd preview
Grand Exchange (Image by 117Scape)

The Best Settings for Runelite HD

By default, the Runelite HD settings aren’t fully cranked up.

If you want to really experience OSRS in FULL HD, you will have to change some settings.

To change your settings, go to your existing plugins and configure 117 HD.

There, you want to change the following settings from the default:

  • Anti Aliasing: MSAA x16
  • Flashing Effects: Toggled
  • Level of Detail: Full
  • Dynamic Lights: Many (100)
  • Atmospheric Lighting: Toggled
  • Shadow Quality: Extreme
  • Expand Shadow Draw: Toggled

By changing these elements, you will now be able to explore OSRS in its full HD potential!

If you experience lag with these settings, it means your computer cannot handle them and you might want to lower your anti aliasing, shadow quality and level of detail.

About the Runelite HD plugin

The Runelite HD plugin was created by 117Scape and released on September 10, 2021.

117Scape is constantly improving the plugin and adding new features as well as fixing bugs.

You can find 117Scape on Twitter.

You can also join his Discord Server.

Fans of the project can support the creator on Patreon.


Is the OSRS HD Client approved by Jagex?

Yes, the HD client, created by 117Scape, is approved by Jagex.

You can read the official newspost if you don’t believe a random article on the web.

Are all OSRS HD Clients approved by Jagex?

Currently, only the HD client created by 117Scape and hosted on Runelite, is approved by Jagex.

All other HD clients are not.

Is the 177Scape plugin safe?

Yes, the 117Scape plugin is safe to use. Jagex has approved of its use, you will not be banned for installing the HD plugin.

I thought the HD plugins were banned by Jagex?

Originally, all third-party HD plugins were going to be banned by Jagex.

Jagex reaveled this in a September 8 newspost.

This was met by A LOT of backlash from the Old School community.

Then on September 10th, Jagex and the plugin creator (117Scape) as well as Runelite came to an agreement and the plugin was approved.

As of right now, the Runelite HD plugin is the only plugin that is officially approved by Jagex.

Is there an Offical HD Client for OSRS?

Currently, there is no Official HD client for OSRS.

Jagex has mentioned there might be such a client in the future but as of right now, the 177Scape plugin for Runelite is the closest thing we have to an official HD client for OSRS.

Wrap Up

That’s it! Hopefully this article has taught you everything you need to know to get the HD client for OSRS.

Finally, we can enjoy our childhood nostalgia with some crispy new graphics!

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