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This OSRS Fishing Trawler Guide will teach you exactly how Fishing Trawler works and how you can get the Anglers Outfit as fast as possible.

Fishing Trawler is played for one primary reason: to obtain the Anglers outfit.

Playing Fishing Trawler at least once is also an Easy Ardougne Achievement Diary but you are not actually required to participate in the mini game for that diary, you can simply log out after joining the boat to skip the mini game entirely.

So if that is why you came here, you are welcome.

If you are looking for a way to get the Anglers outfit as quickly as possible, keep reading.

osrs fishing guideThis article is part of our OSRS Fishing Guide.osrs fishing guide

skill requirements Fishing Trawler Requirements

The only requirement to start Fishing Trawler is to have at least level 15 fishing.

TIP: You can get from level 1 to 24 fishing by doing the Sea Slug Quest. You will however need 30 Firemaking to start that quest. Training Firemaking early on to skip fishing levels is a common early-game practise for ironman accounts.

osrs world map How to get to fishing trawler

The easiest way to get to fishing trawler is to teleport there using your grouping teleport menu.

You can only use this teleport if you have 15 fishing.

Otherwise, you can charter a ship from anywhere to Port Khazard.

How Does Fishing Trawler Work?

The Fishing Trawler mini game is fairly simple: it is a 5 minute mini game where you go aboard Murphy’s Fishing ship and you have to prevent it from sinking.

Players protect the ship from sinking by bringing Swamp Paste with them on board and using it to fix the holes that will appear on the ship during the mini game.

If the holes aren’t fixed fast enough, the ship will take on water.

When this happens, players can use a bailing bucket to get rid of the water.

If the water level gets too high, the boat will sink and you will be kicked off.

Since this is a fishing boat, you will occasionally have to fix the fishing nets as well using rope.

Pretty simple right?

  • Fix holes with Swamp Paste
  • Use a Bailing Bucket to get rid of the water
  • Occasionally repair the fishing nets with a rope

Oh and after a while a Kraken will show up.

This Kraken will damage the ship. Players can fight off the kraken by chopping it’s tentacles with an axe. You will also need a hammer to repair the ship railings.

  • Chop of the tentacles with an axe
  • Repair railings with a hammer

That’s all there is to Fishing Trawler.

It’s a very simple mini game.

Once the game is finished, you will know whether you have received a piece or not. If you did, it will show up in your inventory.

fishing trawler rewards

Rinse and repeat until you have all 4 pieces.

Oh and, you should hurry back on the boat, it won’t wait for you.

You can purchase all the required items in the Khazard General Store btw.

(But you only really need swamp paste to play the game. Everything else is optional)

During the game there will be a contribution meter that goes up depending on your activity.

contribution meter in fishing trawler
Repairing holes with Swamp Paste5 points
Bailing water2 points
Fixing the net with a rope7 points
Attacking the Kraken10 points
Fixing a broken railing10 points

You only need to achieve 50 points per game in order to get a chance at the Anglers Outfit.

Getting more rewards will increase your pet potential but it will not increase your chance of obtaining an Anglers Outfit.

Your contribution meter also does not deplete in the Fishing Trawler mini game.

For this reason, most people will AFK once they reach 50 points.

How to get the Anglers’ outfit fast

Here’s how you can get the anglers Outfit as fast as possible.

First: join W370, this is the official Fishing Trawler World.

Don’t forget your swamp paste! I recommend at least 500.

You can also bring a bucket,hammer, axe and some rope if you are going to actually play the mini game.

Board the Fishing Trawler ship.

cross the gangplank to start fishing trawler

Next, you have to wait for the boat to ship out. This can take up to 5 minutes if you’ve just missed the boat.

wait for the fishing trawler ship to leave

Once the mini game starts, you will notice holes on the ship and water pouring in.

spam clicking on the holes to fix them in the fishing trawler is the fastest way to obtain the anglers outfit

You then are going to spam click on the holes until your contribution reaches 50 points.

In order to spam click efficiently, you should prevent the ship from shaking. You can do this by disabling the camera motion in the top right of your screen.

how to disable camera motion in fishing trawler

Once you reach 50 points, you can simply AFK until the mini game ends.

you need 50 points in order to get the chance of obtaining anglers outfit on osrs

I’m serious, just watch some Naruto or something, your job here is done.

You only need 50 points in order to obtain the chance at a piece of the Anglers Outfit.

This chance does not increase if you get more than 50 points.

Even at max 255 points, you have the same amount of chance of obtaining the Anglers Outfit as someone with only 50 points.

You can however be a try hard and try to get 255 points every time.

This isn’t that hard, and might be more enjoyable for some people.

And you will also get a higher chance at getting the Heron Pet.

heron pet is a reward from fishing trawler in osrs

It’s pretty neat right? The drop rate is 1/5000, best of luck to you!

But if you came here for the Fishing Trawler, you are best off getting 50 points and AFKing.

Play on another account, watch some Netflix, just do whatever because you’ll be doing this mini game for a while if your RNG sucks.

Might as well enjoy yourself while you do it.

ironman guideIronman Tip: If Swamp Paste is sold out, or too expensive, you can still participate in this mini game by doing other tasks instead. I recommend chopping off the tentacles with an axe for 10 points each.

How long does it take to get the anglers outfit?

While obtaining the outfit is purely based on your RNG, on average, it takes about 4.5 hours to obtain the anglers outfit.

Again, since this mini game is SUPER AFK, you will spend MOST of this time watching Netflix.

So its really not that bad.

is the anglers outfit worth it?

The Anglers Outfit, just like any other skilling outfit, gives a 2.5% fishing experience bonus when worn.

2.5% isn’t going to massively impact your hourly exp rates, but it is a nice add on.

Aside from that bonus, you’ll get access to the minnows fishing platform which is the fastest way to fish shark in the game.

It’s also a good money making method from fishing.

You will also need the Anglers Outfit for some master clue steps as well, so that’s a nice bonus.

Finally, unlocking the full outfit is a hard combat achievement.

OSRS Fishing Trawler Guide video

Wrap up

Hopefully, this OSRS Fishing Trawler Guide has taught you everything you need to know to play this very simple mini game and get your Anglers Outfit as quickly as possible.

Happy AFKing.


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