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This OSRS Chompy Bird Hunting Guide teaches you everything you need to know about hunting Chompy Birds as efficiently as possible.

I’ve seen people hunt Chompy Birds using just 1 ogre bellow, using a regular ogre bow, or using the wrong spot. Using the wrong tools & location can make your Chompy grind much longer than it needs to be. This Chompy Hunting Guide aims to get you 300+ kills in around 2 hours.

Why hunt Chompy Birds?

The main reason why players hunt Chompy Bird is to unlock Elite Void which is locked behind the Western Provinces Hard Diary requiring 300 Chompy Bird Kills.

Another reason to hunt chompy birds is to unlock the ‘Chompy Chick’ which can only be unlocked after completing the Elite Western Provinces Diary but after it has a very small drop rate of 1/500.

quest requirements Chompy Bird Hunting Requirements

The only requirement to start Chompy Bird Hunting is the Chompy Bird Hunting Quest.

However, I highly recommend you also finish the Zogre Flesh Eaters Quest which unlocks the far superior Brutal Arrows and Ogre Comp Bow.

ogre bow osrs Tools for hunting chompies

You need 3 tools for hunting Chompy Birds:

  • Ogre Bellows (to inflate toads which are used as bait)
  • Ogre bow or Ogre Comp bow
  • Ogre arrows or Brutal Arrows

How to get Ogre Bellows

If you forgot how to get Ogre Bellows, you can get them from the chest in the cave behind Rantz from the Big Chompy Bird Hunting Quest.

where to get ogre bellows, rantz cave location osrs

You can get to the cave by using Fairy Ring code A-K-S. Alternatively, you can also use a gnome glider or a Feldip Hill Teleport Scroll.

Inside the cave, open the chest to fill up your inventory with bellows.

how to get ogre bellows in osrs

How to get Ogre Comp Bow & Brutal Arrows

Players who have completed the Zogre Flesh Eaters Quest have access to the Ogre Comp Bow and Brutal Arrows which are far superior to the regular comp bow in combination with Ogre Arrows.

Main accounts can buy the Ogre Comp Bow & Mithril, Adamant or Runite Brutal Arrows from the Grand Exchange.

Ironmen will have to make it themselves.

You can make an Ogre Comp Bow by fletching Achey Logs while having Wolf Bones in your inventory.

Brutal Arrows can be made by fletching Achey logs into arrow shafts, adding feathers to them, and finally adding Mithril or higher-tier nail to them.

inventory setup Inventory setup

chompy bird hunting guide inventory setup

Your inventory should look like this:

  • Teleport to Fairy Ring
  • Dramen Staff (to access Fairy Ring)
  • 3 empty inventory spots (for bloating toads)
  • 23 Ogre Bellows

equipment setup Gear setup

chompy bird hunting gear setup

For your gear setup, you should wear your best-in-slot Ranged Setup paired with Mithril/Adamant/Runite Brutal Arrows & an Ogre Comp Bow.

If you haven’t come Zogre Flesh Eaters, replace them with Ogre bow and Ogre Arrows but your DPS will be much lower.

Where to hunt Chompies

The best place to Hunt Chompy Birds is South of Castle Wars which is most easily accessed by using Fairy Ring code B-K-P. Alternatively, you can also walk here from Castle Wars.

Do not hunt Chompy Birds in Feldip Hills as this area has wolfs and other monsters that will attack you. The Chompy Spot South of Castle Wars has no monsters allowing you to hunt chompies in peace.

How to hunt Chompy Birds

There are three steps to hunting chompy birds:

  1. Fill your Ogre Bellows at the swamp
  2. Inflate 3 toads & drop them as bait
  3. Shoot the Chompy Birds that spawn

1. Fill your Ogre Bellows at the swamp

fill your ogre bellows in the swamp

Click on the swamp bubbles to fill up your Ogre Bellows.

Since you have 23 Ogre Bellows in your inventory and each Bellow takes 3 charges, you can inflate 69 swamp toads with a full inventory.

You can spam-click between your bellows and the swamp bubbles to fill them up faster.

2. Inflate 3 toads & drop them as bait

inflate swamp toads to use them as bait

Now inflate 3 toads (that’s why you left 3 empty inventory slots) and drop them next to each other. These will serve as bait and allow Chompy Birds to spawn.

Once your 3 toads are dropped, repeat the process as you wait for Chompy Birds to spawn.

inflate toads and drop them to use as bait

3. Shoot the Chompy Birds when they spawn

shoot the chompy birds that spawn from your inflated toads

A couple of seconds after the toads are dropped, chompy birds will start spawning.

Try to shoot them before they can reach your bait, otherwise, they will eat it.

Sometimes it takes a while for them to spawn (or they won’t spawn at all), it’s very RNG-based, and chompy birds aren’t a guaranteed spawn until the Elite Western Diary is completed. Don’t panic and just continue inflating toads and dropping them.

Don’t wait around and do nothing while you are hunting chompies. When you aren’t shooting, you should either inflate toads or fill up your ogre bellows. This will guarantee that you can kill a good amount of Chompy Birds per hour.

You don’t need to pluck the Chompy Birds for them to count as kills.

How many chompy birds can you kill per hour?

You can expect around 100-200 kills per hour while hunting chompies with the easy and medium Western Diary unlocked. After the Elite Diary is unlocked, players can expect to kill between 300-400 chompies per hour.

I killed chompies to unlock the Western Hard Diary on my GIM while writing this article and it took me 2 hours in total.

me getting lucky with a huge chompy bird spawn
me getting lucky with 7 chompy birds spawning at the same time

Rewards from hunting chompies

Players can unlock reward hats from hunting chompies by speaking with Rantz with their Ogre bow in their inventory.

These rewards showcase your mastery in chompy hunting.

You can not pick out the hats, you simply receive them once you have the required kills for each hat.

Every time you talk to Rantz and ask about rewards you will get all the hats in your inventory.

If you lose the hats, you can retrieve them from Rantz.

Tips for Hunting Chompy Birds

Install the Runelite Plugin

To make Chompy Bird Hunting a little bit easier, you can install the Chompy Hunter plugin. This plugin highlights the spawned chompies, notifies you when one spawns, and shows you a de-spawn timer.

You can install the Chompy Hunter plugin from the Runelite plugin hub.

chompy bird hunting runelite plugin

Complete the Western Diaries while you are hunting Chompies

As a reward from the Western Diaries, you have an increased chance of having a double Chompy Bird spawn.

Since most of you are probably hunting chompies to complete the Hard Western Diary (which requires 300 kills), you should be sure to unlock the Easy diary (requires 30 kills) and Medium diary (requires 125) whenever you meet the requirements.

  • The Easy Diary offers a 25% chance of a double Chompy spawn
  • The Medium Diary offers a 50% chance of a double Chompy spawn
  • The Hard Diary offers a 50% chance of a double Chompy spawn
  • The Elite Diary guarantees a Chompy Bird will spawn

Use the Ogre Comp Bow & Brutal Arrows

Don’t use the original Ogre Bow and Ogre Arrows you receive during the Chompy Bird Hunting quest. These are terrible. Instead, complete the Zogre Flesh Eaters Quest and unlock the ability to craft an Ogre Comp Bow and Brutal Arrows.

These will deal a lot more damage. If you make Mithril/Addy or even Runite Brutal Arrows you will one shot just about every Chompy Bird which will reduce the time spent by a lot.

Main accounts can buy Brutal Arrows from the Grand Exchange.


Dean started playing Runescape in 2006 when he was just 10 years old and has been playing ever on and off ever since (you never quit OSRS, right?) In 2013 he switched to OSRS Servers and never looked back. Dean has spent over 20,000 hours in the game now and frequently revisits his favourite portion of OSRS; the early-to-mid game through new account builds. You can also find bite-sized runescape guides on Deans' YouTube channel

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