how long it takes to max in osrs, can you max in 2 months?

Ever wondered how long it takes to max in osrs with maximum efficiency? We did the math for you.

The calculations in this article will assume the maximum efficiency for every skill. This means that tick-manipulation methods are used where possible and the most efficient skilling order is used. This also means that with buyable skills such as farming, herblore, and prayer—the most expensive method is used.

For this article we collected all the fastest methods used in our skilling guides.

Most efficient Combat and slayer training

Strength, attack, defence, ranged, hitpoints, and slayer should be training alongside each other for the fastest results. You don’t have to worry about hitpoints as you’ll get 99 naturally when maxing the other combat skills. 

Most efficient order:

Train strength and attack to 80+, then train defence to 80+. Once you’ve hit 80 in all stats, you can  start training slayer with your combat styles in the correct order: strength > attack > defence and use a cannon to speed up your slayer experience as well as gain ranged experience. 

Using a dwarf cannon, you can get 0,75 ranged experience for every slayer experience point. This means that getting 99 slayer with just a cannon would also get you all the way to 95 ranged. Realistically though, you’ll get to about 90 ranged from 1-99 slayer if you use a cannon for every task as well as regular combat. This means you still have about 7.5M ranged experience left which you can do in around 10 hours by chinning in the MM2 dungeons in max gear.  

So lets sum up, times to 99:

  • Strength: 150 hours
  • Attack: 150 hours
  • Defence: 150 hours
  • Slayer: around 200 hours but it doesn’t count as in efficient training you’ll get it while you’re training your combat
  • Ranged: 10 hours (90-99)

That’s 6 skills (slayer, strength, attack, defence, hitpoints, ranged) in just 310 hours total.

Other OSRS Skills in order from fastest to slowest

1. Fletching

The fastest way to 99 fletching is by making the highest possible dart tips your level allows all the way until level 99. This method will cost a whopping 143M in total. 

Total time: 

  • average player: 12 – 18 hours
  • world record: 3 hours and 9 minutes

fastest way to get 99 fletching in osrs

2. Prayer

The fastest way to 99 prayer is by doing dagannoth bones on a chaos/gilded altar and switching over to superior dragon bones at level 70 prayer. You’ll want to spam click the altar to achieve the highest possible exp/hr. Doing this method all the way to 99 will take you only 10 hours. 

Total time: 10 hours

fastest way to get 99 prayer in osrs

3. Farming

For the fastest way to 99 farming you’ll want to do tree runs all the way to 99. Magic trees will cost you quite a bit but you can combine this with herb runs to make back some of the cost.

Total time: 15 hours

As farming is a passive skill, the total time calculation is based on the amount of time it takes per tree run at maximum efficiency. Tree runs can easily be done in under 5 minutes with the appropriate teleportation methods. This amounts to 15 hours in total, which can be done over the course of 2 months with 2 daily tree runs.

Total cost: 80M

fastest way to get 99 farming in osrs

4. Construction 

The fastest way to 99 construction is by doing chairs until 33, Oak larders until 52, mahogany tables until 77 and finally gnome benches all the way until 99 construction. This method will cost you a total amount of around 300M and take you about 15 hours to do. 

Total time: 15 hours

Total Cost: 300M

fastest way to get 99 construction in osrs

5. Cooking

The fastest way to 99 cooking is by 1-ticking Karambwans all the way to 99. You unlock this extremely click-intensive method at 30 cooking. Levels 30 – 99 will take you approximately 16 hours. Another options is making jugs of wine until 99 which will take you 26 hours. 

Total time: 16 hours

Total profit: 4M (karambwans)

fastest way to get 99 cooking in osrs

6. Herblore

The fastest way to 99 herblore is by making anti-venoms which are unlocked at level 87. Before that you’ll want to make attack potions until 38, prayer potions until 63 and super restores until 83. Then you can guzzle down botanical pies to boost your herblore level by 4 so you can start making anti-venoms. Levels 1 – 99 will take you a total time of 24 hours.

Total time: 24 hours

Total cost: 200M

fastest way to get 99 herblore in osrs

7. Crafting

The fastest way to 99 crafting is by doing making dragon hide bodies all the way to 99. Doing this will take a total of 34 hours. 

Total time: 34 hours

Total cost: 120M

fastest way to get 99 crafting in osrs

8. Firemaking

The fastest way to 99 firemaking is by using the conventional firemaking method in varrock. (guide) For this method you’ll want to use the highest possible log your level can light all the way to 99. You’ll also need varrock teleports as you’ll be teleporting back to the square every time to save a couple hours in total. This will cost you 11M in total. 

A profitable yet still fast method of training fire making is by doing the Wintertotd skill-boss. This way you will make a little bit of profit (around 3M) and reach 99 in around 50 hours. 

total time: 35 hours

Total cost: 11M

fastest way to get 99 firemaking in osrs

9. Smithing

The fastest way to 99 smithing is using the blast furnace to make gold bars which you unlock at only level 40 smithing. This method all the way to 99 will take you only 37 hours in total though you will need goldsmith gauntlets for this. 

Another quick method to train smithing is doing plate bodies all the way to 99. 

total time: 37 hours

total cost: 43M

fastest way to get 99 smithing in osrs

10. Magic

Magic is very fast for those who have the money to do so. Getting 99 magic can be done in as little as 38 hours if you combine enchanting bolts and ice barraging in the MM2 caves. Alternatively, you can enchant bolts all the way to 99.

Total time: 38 hours

fastest way to get 99 magic in osrs

11. Thieving

Blackjack thieving is the best way to reach 99 thieving as fast as possible. Another option is ardougne knights for a slightly more AFK (you still have to spam-click) way of training. Both can give you up to 250K Exp per hour at higher levels.

Total time: 57.5 hours

fastest way to get 99 thieving in osrs

12. Woodcutting

For the fastest way to 99 woodcutting, highly efficient players use tick-manipulation. Specifically 2-tick woodcutting (80 hours in total) and 3-tick woodcutting (120 hours in total). But the most common method is redwood trees until 99 which would take you around 140 hours.

Total time: 80 hours

fastest way to get 99 woodcutting in osrs

13. Hunter

For the fastest hunter experience, you should hunt salamanders to 80.

from level 80, Hunting herbiboars can gain you up to 130K hunter experience with an additional 5-13K herblore experience per hour.

Total time: 110 hours

fastest way to get 99 hunter in osrs

14. Fishing

Fishing is one of the slowest skills in OSRS but you can do it while you do other things such as Netflix, homework, work, and more. For the fastest way to 99 fishing you want to do barbarian fishing, which will additionally give you 1m Exp in both strength and agility while you get your 99.

Total time: 150 hours

fastest way to get 99 fishing in osrs

15. Mining

Mining is about just as slow as fishing but not AFK at all when going for the fastest method to 99. For maximum efficiency, you should be 3-tick mining in the granite quarry.

Total time: 150 hours

fastest way to get 99 mining in osrs

16. Runecrafting

Runecrafting is the most dreaded skill in the OSRS community. It’s training methods are very slow and if you want to get the fastest runecrafting experience in the game, you have to do lava runes which aren’t even profitable. Another option is the ZMI altar but that will add an extra 70 hours to your total time.

Total time: 190 hours

fastest way to get 99 runecrafting in osrs

17. Agility

Agility is the second slowest skill in the game, just behind slayer. But slayer should be trained alongside combat which means you don’t really feel the grind as much.

That said, for maximum efficiency, you can add fletching and high-alching methods to your agility runs but that will make it even more click-intensive.

1-99 agility takes around 230 hours but we can subtract 16 hours from the 1m EXP received through barbarian fishing, meaning we end up with 214 hours in total.

Total time: 214 hours

fastest way to get 99 agility in osrs

Total skill time: 1178.5

Total time to max in osrs

If we add the total combat/slayer time of 310 hours to the total skill time of 1178.5, we get a total time to max of 1488.5 hours. That’s only 62 days of playtime. However, unless you’re Lynx Titan or Zezima it’s almost impossible to be this efficient so a more achievable time to max is around 2000-2500 hours.

Fastest Time max in osrs?

The current fastest time to max in osrs is 32 days, 3 hours, and 3 minutes. The record was set by He Box Jonge and published on his youtube channel.

fastest time to max in osrs is 32 days, 3 hours and 3 minutes