If you’re an OSRS or Runescape player, you know who Woox is.

Just behind, Zezima, Woox is probably one of the most legendary players to ever walk in Gielinor.

Woox is known for being an absolute beast PVM player bringing inhumane skills to the table.

Who is Woox?

Woox, also known as Woox16, is a Swedish Runescape/OSRS player who is known for his PVM videos on YouTube.

Woox is known as the most legendary PVM player in the game.

He is also a player-moderator.

Woox achievements

  • In March of 2016, Woox was the first to solo Bandos with one item in OSRS
  • In October of 2016, Woox won the Deadman Mode tournament by tick eating in the storm for which he was later disqualified
  • In October of 2016, Woox was the first to solo Corp with only potatoes
  • On June 3rd, 2017, Woox was the first player to get the Infernal Cape after beating TzKal-Zuk in OSRS.
  • In February of 2018, Woox was the first to complete the inferno without food or potions
  • In September of 2018, Woox was the first to solo the Theatre of Blood
  • On March 17th, 2021, Woox uploaded a video where he beat 6 JADs in OSRS at the same time without prayer
  • On February 2nd, 2019, Woox uploaded a video where he defeats 6 JADs in OSRS at the same time while black screened

Woox Hiscores Runescape

In Runescape 3, Woox has a total level of 2744 as recorded on the runescape hiscores.

Woox also has 200M experience in Dungeoneering and 200M experience in Woodcutting.

Woox was the 45th player to get 200M Woodcutting experience in Runescape3.

Woox is unranked in Archaeology.

Woox Hiscores OSRS

Woox has a max account in OSRS with a total level of 2,277 as recorded on the OSRS hiscores.

Woox also has an impressive monster log on OSRS.

Examples are:

Woox April Fools

Being the legend that he is, Woox uploaded a video of a level 3 account wearing the coveted Infernal Cape as part of an April Fools joke.

In reality, Woox was wearing a regular red cape which was enhanced using RuneLite to look like an Infernal Cape.

What does Woox’s bank look like?

Players often wonder what Woox’s bank looks like because he is simply SO good at PVM.

He likely has billions of GP, right?

And he probably does…

If you count his combat log alone, you are looking at billions of coins.

  • 82,024 Zulrah kills in OSRS equals 7,770,767,311gp in profit.
  • 90,824 Vorkath kills in OSRS equals 10,183,020,298gp in profit.
  • 186,817 KBD kills in OSRS equals 3,656,469,673gpin profit.
  • 204,383 Kraken kills in OSRS equals 4,340,297,836gp in profit.
  • 239,006 barrows chests in OSRS equals 19,521,784,157gp in profit.
  • 87,313 general graardor kills equals 12,157,224,898gp in profit.
  • 9,527 theatre of blood runs equals 17,306,439,931gp in profit.
  • 37,031 Chambers of Xeric runs equals 36,958,314,836gp in profit.

Using this data alone, (and Woox has FAR more monsters in his combat log) Woox has earned a total of 111 billion GP.

So yeah, Woox’s bank on OSRS would look insane.

There is nothing Woox cannot buy.

If Woox wanted, he could buy 100 twisted bows and leave them on his bank.

Notable Woox YouTube Videos

10 Reasons why Woox won in OSRS

Best of Woox


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