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This OSRS Tempoross Guide teaches you everything you need to know about the Fishing Skill Bos. Get ready to make Fishing fun again with this minigame-like skill-boss that boasts a TON of fun and useful rewards!

What is Tempoross?

Tempoross is a Skill Boss for the Fishing Skill in OSRS.

Anyone with 35+ Fishing can participate in Tempoross which functions like a minigame (even though it officially isn’t one).

Tempoross is very similar to Wintertodt, where you are co-operating with a large group of players to defeat the Tempoross.

During a game of Temporros, you catch fish which you then shove into cannons to shoot at the Tempoross and weaken its energy. Once weakened, you can drain its essence at the docks.

Not clear yet? Don’t worry, the rest of this guide will make it clear to you!

Tempoross is very easy and once you know where everything is, you will only need to play one game to get the hang of it!

How Tempoross Works

Once Temporros is started, you will land on an instanced island named Temporros Cove.

how tempoross works - a full map of tempoross cove

The island contains two symmetrical sides. Which side you spawn on doesn’t change anything, since they are identical.

At the start of the game, you first spawn on the Temporros Boat.

how tempoross works: everything you find on the boat

Here, you have access to everything you need during the skill-boss:

  • Harpoon (to catch Harpoonfish)
  • Hammer (to repair the mast/totem whenever they break)
  • Rope (to tether yourself to a mast/totem whenever a colossal wave approaches)
  • Buckets (to douse the fire from storm clouds)

You will also notice that there are cannons on this boat, aimed at Tempoross with Ammo Crates next to it.

Those Ammo Crates are your main priority during the game.

You have to stock these with either RAW or COOKED harpoon fish, which will in turn be blasted at Tempoross using the cannons. (The NPCs do this, you just have to provide the harpoon fish)

The Harpoonfish will deal damage to Tempoross’ Energy Bar.

Tempoross HUD

The HUD for Tempoross has three bars:

  • Energy Bar: Starts at 100% and goes down from harpoon fish cannons
  • Essence Bar: Starts at 100%, and only goes down during phase 2 where players are harpooning the spirit pool to drain its essence
  • Storm Intensity Bar: starts at 100%, once it goes up to 100% you lose the game.
how the tempoross hud works

Game Phases

Tempoross has two phases.

Phase 1: starts when Tempoross’ energy bar is at 100%

phase 1 of tempoross: how to drain tempoross' energy

During this phase, Tempoross Energy is anywhere from 1%-100%. Players are required to load the cannons with Harpoonfish to drain Tempoross’ energy. Cooked Harpoonfish take longer, but they deal more damage to the energy bar.

Once Tempoross’ Energy bar reaches 0%, phase 2 starts.

Phase 2: starts when Tempoross’ energy bar hits 0%

phase 2 of tempoross: how to drain tempoross' energy at the spirit pool

This phase starts when Tempoross’ energy reaches 0%. During this phase, players will fish at the spirit pool to drain the Essence of Tempoross.

Once Tempoross’ Energy bar reaches 100%, phase 1 begins again. (Most games in the official world, you will have to do phases 1&2 twice)

Once Tempoross’ Essence bar reaches 0%, the game ends and you defeat Tempoross!

Random Events (Tempoross’ Attacks)

Every now and then, Tempoross will randomly attack the players. These attacks don’t cause damage but they will cause you to lose items from your inventory! Failing to prevent these random events, will make it a lot more difficult to get enough reward points.

Colossal Wave

colossal wave attack from tempoross

During this random event, an unavoidable colossal wave approaches the entire island. The only way to prevent yourself from being washed away and losing harpoonfish is by tethering yourself with a rope to a totem (on the beaches) or the mast (on the boat).

Before the wave commences, you will get a RED message in your chatbox.

a colossal wave closes in message

You’ll also notice that the NPCs start shouting that a colossal wave is approaching.

tempoross is drawing in water, prepare yourselves message before colossal wave

During the colossal wave, your screen will start to shake a little followed by the entire screen turning blue.

If you see any of these signs, quickly tether yourself to the totem if you are fishing/cooking or to the mast if you are on the boat.

you need to tether yourself to a mast or totem pole when tempoross colossal wave is coming

If you fail to tether yourself in time, or you don’t have a rope on you, you will be knocked to the ground and lose some items.

if you fail to secure yourself from the colossal wave you lose items

The colossal wave only occurs during Phase 1.

Totem/Mast breaks

Sometimes, the totem or mast may break after a colossal wave hit. If this happens, use a hammer to fix it. If nobody repairs the totem/mast before the next colossal wave, you will all be unable to tether yourself!

Storm Clouds

Lightning clouds are continuously moving around the island and sometimes they strike and cause a fire.

stormclouds will leave fires at tempoross, douse those for 40 reward points

This fire is harmless, as long as you don’t run inside it! If you do, you will lose items! I’ve lost my rope a lot by being negligent around these.

Fires have to be doused with buckets of water. If you have a bucket of water in your inventory, just click on it to douse the fire.

You can grab buckets from the boat and fill them up at the water pump where the spirit pool is.

You will also get 40 reward points for each fire you dose, so always having buckets of water on you does increase your points/game!

Lightning Attacks on Cannons

electrified harpoonfish cannon tempoross

Sometimes, Tempoross will strike the cannons, causing them to be electrified and temporarily unusable.

If you happen to be using the cannon while it gets zapped, you will be stunned for a little while.

Gaining Reward Points

While Tempoross gives pretty good EXP rates, the main reason we do Tempoross is for the amazing rewards it gives.

During Tempoross, you gain points for the activities that you do. At 2,000 points, you get 1 reward permit. This goes up to 2 at 2,700 points, 3 at 3,400 points, 4 at 4,100 points, and so on.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, at good efficiency, you should gain 4-5 reward tickets per game.

Here’s how the reward points are given:

  • Fishing: 5 reward points/fish
  • Cooking: 10 reward points/fish
  • Adding RAW Harpoonfish to Cannon: 20 points/fish
  • Adding COOKED Harpoonfish to Cannon: 65 points/fish
  • Harpooning Spirit Pool; 55 points/every couple of ticks
  • Repairing totem/mast: 40 points
  • Dousing fires: 40 points

Tempoross Prep

Here’s how you prepare for a game of Tempoross.

How to get to Tempoross

Tempoross is located in the Ruins of Unkah, which is reachable from Al Kharid, where a Ferryman is waiting next to the Al Kharid bank.

Get to Al Kharid first (Duelling ring to PVP Arena) then take the Ferry to Tempoross.

how to get to tempoross

Starting a game

You can start a game of Tempoross by boarding the boat in the Ruins of Unkah.

ruins of unkah map

The boat is marked with ‘Start Tempoross’ on our map above.

Tempoross Worlds

To avoid losing, you should play Tempoross in one of three official worlds.

Here are the official Tempoross worlds:

  • 463
  • 422
  • 341

You will have to play on one of these worlds if you want to defeat Tempoross. Soloing Tempoross is very, very difficult.

Inventory Setup

You technically don’t need to have any inventory setup for Tempoross, as everything you need for this skill boss can be found inside the instance.

But it does speed things up to already have the inventory ready.

tempoross inventory

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Harpoon (Dragon Harpoon if possible)
  • Rope (to tether yourself to the mast/totem)
  • 1+ buckets of water (to dove fire clouds)
  • Hammer (to repair the mast/totem when broken)

Tempoross Rewards

Using the Reward Permits you gained from participating in Tempoross, you get to fish at the Reward Pool.

The reward pool is found just behind the bank at the Ruins of Unkah.

For every Reward Permit you have, you get to fish once using a small fishing net. If you don’t have a small fishing net, the NPC next to the reward pool can give you one.

Here are the potential rewards from Tempoross:

ImageRewardDescriptionDrop Rate
Spirit FlakesCan be used while fishing. Each flake has a 50% chance of giving you double fish1/4
CasketHas a random gift inside (e.g. 100 noted gold bars)1/20
Tome of WaterThis book can be quipped and acts as a source for water runes. Must be filled with soaked pages1/1600
Soaked pagesMust. be added to tome of Water to give it charges1/53
Fish BarrelThis barrel can store up to 28 extra fish while only taking up one inventory slot1/400
Tackle BoxSuper handy fishing box that stores fishing supplies and outfits!!1/400
Tiny Tempor (pet)A cute tiny tempoross pet that follows you around!1/8000
Dragon harpoonBest harpoon in the game, has a special attack that boosts your fishing level1/8000

OSRS Tempoross Guide – Best Strategies

There are two main ways to play Tempoross:

  • Go for optimal Reward Permits/game
  • Go for the Most Fishing Experience/hour

Here are some strategies for your preferences!

How to get the most Reward Permits in Tempoross

Here’s a strategy that will give you 5-6 Reward Permits per game:

  • Start fishing as soon as the game starts
  • Cook once you have 10 Harpoonfish in your inventory
  • Look out for the double fishing spot while cooking and instantly go over there when it opens up
  • Fill up your inventory, then cook the fish
  • Load up the cannons with cooked fish once your inventory is full
  • Repeat!
  • Pay close attention to the energy bar, as soon as it hits 0% instantly make your way over to the Spirit Pool as you get 55 points every couple of ticks!
  • Always keep 3 buckets of water on you to dose all the fires around you for an extra 40 points per fire. If you do this correctly, you should be able to add 500+ reward points to your game
  • Always keep an eye out for broken totems for an extra 40 points per repair, if you do this correctly you should be able to add 80+ points per game

This strategy should get you 5-6 Reward Permits per game and also give you 30-40k Fishing Experience per hour.

How to get the Best EXP/HR at Tempoross

Here’s a strategy that will give you 55-70k Fishing Experience per hour:

  • Start fishing as soon as the game starts (use Dragon Harpoon Special Attack if you have it)
  • Keep an eye out for double fishing spots and use those when available
  • Once your inventory is full, DON’T COOK, fill the cannon instead for more Fishing Experience
  • Repeat until Phase 2
  • When phase 2 starts, fish in the spirit pool for those reward points and experience
  • As soon as Phase 1 comes back up, fish until your inventory is full and load up the cannons
  • Repeat until Phase 2 Starts for the final time, make sure you have all your harpoon fish loaded in the cannons before the spirit pool is up!

Using this strategy, you should still get 3 reward permits per game.

Final Words

Hopefully, this OSRS Tempoross Guide taught you everything you need to know to get started with Tempoross. Our strategies section should help you get the most Reward Permits or Fishing Experience per hour depending on your preferences.

At OSRSGuide we have a ton of articles at your disposal!


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