osrs rune pouch is used to save inventory space when using magic. Even ironmen can use rune pouches. They are great for PVMing, teleporting and more.
Rune pouch

The osrs rune pouch is used to save inventory space. With the pouch, you can use the runes inside without the wasted inventory space. This makes it perfect for magic PVMing, teleporting, and more. A rune pouch can store up to 3 different kinds of runes with a maximum of 16,000 of each. 

Rune pouch restrictions:

  • You can only own 1 rune pouch at a time. 
  • Your rune pouch will be destroyed when killed in player-vs-player combat, don’t bring your rune pouch while pking! For non-pvp related deaths, you will keep the rune pouch. 
the rune pouch interface looks like this. You can have a maximum of 3 runes in the pouch with a maximum of 16000 each.
Rune pouch interface, image from osrs wiki

3 Ways to get the rune pouch

You can either get a rune pouch by purchasing it from a slayer master for 750 slayer reward points, by purchasing it from the bounty hunter shop for 1,200,000 points or regular players can get it from the grand exchange.

1. Through slayer

Although this method is not recommended for regular players, it is possible to get the rune pouch through slayer. This will cost you 750 slayer reward points. You can purchase the rune pouch from any slayer master. 

2. How to get the rune pouch at the grand exchange

Regular players can purchase the noted version of the rune pouch from the grand exchange which is by far the easiest method to obtain the pouch. To un-note the pouch you have to use it on a banker who will do so for you. The rune pouch note costs around 1.4M gp.

3. Obtaining the rune pouch through PKing (Bounty hunter)

The cheapest way to get the rune pouch is through bounty hunter. To do this, you’ll have to obtain an antique emblem (tier-1) or higher first. In the new version of bounty hunter, these can only be obtained through killing your designated bounty hunter target.

To obtain your first antique emblem, you’ll have to kill targets in bounty hunter worlds. This will give you a chance of obtaining the first emblem. Once you have received your first emblem, you can upgrade it by killing more targets. The emblem should always be in your inventory while playing bounty hunter. 

Once your antique emblem is upgraded to a tier 6 you’ll be able to sell it for 1,200,000 bounty hunter reward points which is the exact amount needed for the rune pouch. 

Recent bounty hunter rework

With the recent bounty hunter update, quite a bit of things have changed. Mysterious emblems no longer exist and are now called antique emblems. Here are some of the changes:

  • unlike the mysterious emblem, antique emblems can only be obtained through killing your designated target on bounty hunter worlds
  • chance of receiving an upgrade can be increased by killing higher level players and by killing your target in bounty hunter hotspots 
  • A cooldown effect prevents players from getting emblems in rapid succession (to combat fraudulent bounty hunter kills)
  • A daily maximum of 10 bounty hunter rewards (emblem drops/upgrades) is in place
  • On bounty hunter worlds, the overhead skull will indicate which tier emblem you or other players are carrying in their inventory

How to get rune pouch as an iron man

It is possible to get a rune pouch as an iron man player. Though there are some restrictions of course. As an ironman, your options are purchasing the pouch from the slayer master (750 slayer reward points) or through effectively playing bounty hunter up until the tier 6 emblem.

Hopefully, this article on the osrs rune pouch has taught you everything you need to know about the rune pouch.