quest speedrunning guide for osrs. Everything you need to know about how to play this new gamemode and the rewards

This OSRS Guide to Quest Speedrunning teaches you everything you need to know about this brand new gamemode.

What is Quest Speedrunning?

Quest Speedrunning finally makes it possible for fans of Old School Runescape to race against each other and set new time records for quests in the game. This gamemode is separate from the main game and occurs on its own individual servers. OSRS allocated 10 worlds to Quest Speedrunning [view worlds]. Aside from breaking records, and to make the gamemode appeable to all players, speedrunners will be able to collect some pretty nice rewards from speedrunning. (spoiler: one of which is a graceful transmog!) [view rewards]

Quest Speedrunning is available to everyone with a members account. You do not need to have any stats or complete any quests to access the speedrunning worlds.

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How does it work?

Quest speedrunning worlds are MEMBERS-ONLY worlds that give you access to a separate account with different save files.

⚠️ This means that you won’t have access to any of your account’s items or stats while logged into quest speed-running worlds. Anything that happens in these worlds does not affect your real account.

While participating in Quest speed-running worlds, your account will assume Ironman restrictions. This means you won’t be allowed to trade with other players or pick things up that other players have dropped from the floor.

The stats and items that are given to you will depend upon the quest that you selected. This is to ensure that everyone is speedrunning with the same stats and items no one has any advantage.

Here is the full list of restrictions:

  • PVP is not possible.
  • The following mini-games CANNOT be accessed: Castle Wars, PVP Arena, Fight Pits, Rat Pits, Last man Standing, Soul Wars and Trouble Brewing. You can still teleport to them though.
  • Shops (e.g. general store) are never sold out and the prices don’t change.
  • Items sold to the general store are immediately removed.
  • Griefing is not possible: all floor items are player-specific in these worlds meaning everyone can pick up the same item WITHOUT having to wait.
  • Dropped items are deleted once the speed run ends. Other players cannot see or pick up your dropped items.
  • Cooldowns on teleports are paused when a player logs off to prevent cheating. (e.g. you can only use the home teleport once and you cannot log out and wait 30 minutes to use it again).
  • XP gain is disabled while logged into these worlds (you cannot improve the base skills to get an advantage in the speed runs.)
  • Items dropped upon death are deleted.
  • Logging out (and world-hopping) has time penalties attached to it.

How to Speed run quests in OSRS

First, log into one of the 10 Quest Speedrunning Worlds.

  • 502 (UK)
  • 503 (UK)
  • 540 (US)
  • 541 (US)
  • 549 (GER)
  • 550 (GER)
  • 568 (AUS)
  • 569 (AUS)
  • 576 (US)
  • 581 (US)

After logging in, you will find yourself in Lumbridge with the Quest Speedrunning interface open.

⚠️ You will not have any stats or items from your main account in these worlds!

how to quest speedrun in osrs

Here you can select the quest you want to start on the left-hand side. For each quest you select, you will receive different stats as well as items to complete the quest.

E.g. you will get higher stats to participate in Dragon Slayer (which requires combat) than you would to complete Cooks Assistant (which requires no stats).

The timer will start once you speak to the relevant NPC to start the quest. From there on, you want to move as efficiently as possible to finish the quest in the fastest possible time!

Once you talk to the final NPC, the speedrun timer will stop and you will know if you broke any records or managed to score a trophy.

There are four trophies to be earned, each giving you reward points which can be spent in the new speedrunning reward shop!

Here are the trophies:

  • Bronze: 10 reward points
  • Silver: 30 reward points
  • Gold: 80 reward points
  • Platinum: 200 reward points

This brings the total reward points that can be collected per quest to 320 reward points.

Trophies are unlocked by finishing in a determined time. For example, if you finish Cook’s assistant in 3 minutes and 30 seconds, you will get the bronze trophy. If you manage to do it in under 2 minutes, you will get the platinum trophy.

That’s about it. Speedrunning quests is really simple (but not that easy.) Test it out for yourself!

Tip: use the quest helper plugin

Players who play Old School Runescape using the Runelite Client have access their plugin library which includes the quest helper plugin.

This is a super handy plugin that makes questing stupid easy. The guide tells you exactly what to say in dialogue, where to run on the map, where to click and so on. It’s so good, it almost feels like a cheat!

the quest helper plugin is super handy for speedrunning quests
the quest helper plugin helps you in dialogue

This plugin will be a huge aid for you while getting the hang of speedrunning. You might not use it for your final attempt, but it will be helpful to get the hang of the quest and prepare for your final attempt without having to use a guide on a second monitor!

You can read more about the quest helper plugin here.

Quest Speedrunning Rewards

So why should you participate in speed runs? Aside from chasing the glory of being the world-record holder of the fastest Dragon Slayer run, there are of course some rewards attached to this game mode that allows you to show off your speedrunning skills in the main game.

Rewards can be purchased from the new NPC (Eliza) located in Varrock Square using the reward points that you gain from collecting trophies.

Here are the different rewards.

Adventurer’s outfit (tier 1)200 reward pointsadventurers outfit 1 reward
Adventurer’s outfit (tier 2)600 reward pointsadventurers outfit 2 reward
Adventurer’s outfit (tier 3)1800 reward pointsadventurers outfit 3 reward
Speedy Teleport Scroll600 reward points
Giant Stopwatch1200 reward pointsgiant stopwatch reward

Bonus: The Adventurers Outfit 3 can be combined with graceful for the ultimate fashionscape!

adventurers outfit 3 Graceful transmog

Additional Rewards: Speedrun Trophies

Aside from the aforementioned rewards, players can also collect equippable trophies they have earned.

players will get trophy rewards from playing quest speedrunning
what an equipped platinum trophy looks like

To collect a trophy, you must reach that tier in every single speed run quest. So if you reach bronze trophies in every speed run quest, you can collect the bronze trophy from Eliza. The same for silver and so on.

Here’s what the trophies look like!

RewardHow to get:Trophy
BronzeFinish ALL speedrun quests in at least bronze tier difficulty. bronze speedrun trophy reward
SilverFinish ALL speedrun quests in at least silver tier difficulty. silver speedrun trophy reward
GoldFinish ALL speedrun quests in at least gold tier difficulty. gold speedrun trophy reward
PlatinumFinish ALL speedrun quests in at least platinum tier difficulty. platinum speedrun trophy reward

Quest Speedrunning FAQ

When will new speedrun quests arrive?

The Old School team is currently working on adding new quests to the speedrunning worlds. However, they have made no timeline available.

Which speedrun quests will be added in the future?

No info has been released on which quests the old school team plans on adding. They will likely focus on adding some beloved member quests in the future.

What is the current hardest quest to speedrun in osrs?

Currently, the hardest speedrun quest is Dragon Slayer 1 which requires you to complete it in under 18 minutes to get the platinum trophy. (For reference, Slayermusiq’s quick guide on Dragon Slayer 1 is 21 minutes long)

Do I keep my trophy if a new quest comes out?

You will likely not be able to equip your trophy until you finish the quest in that tier. These are the same restrictions that apply to the Quest Cape.

Summary: OSRS Quest Speedrunning Guide

Hopefully, this OSRS Guide to speedrunning has been helpful to get you started with quest speedrunning and collect its awesome rewards! Quest Speedrunning is brand new to the game and thus not all quests have yet been uploaded. In the coming months, the Oldschool team is going to upload more and more quests to the speedrunning gamemode so stay tuned for that!

In the mean time, check out our OSRS Skilling Guides!