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Smithing is a very profitable and fun skill, this article covers a couple of smithing money making methods in osrs.

Smithing money-making at blast furnace

If you’re unfamiliar with how the blast furnace works, we have an in-depth blast furnace guide included in our complete osrs smithing guide.

You can start this method at as low as level 30 smithing, however, you will have to pay a fee of 2,500gp for every 10 minutes you spend at the blast furnace until you reach level 60 smithing.

Smelting steel bars at the blast furnace

steel bars at the blast furnace are a good low requirement way to make money with smithing in osrs. You can make up to 650K per hour starting at level 30 smithing!
  • Profit per hour: 670K
  • Smithing level required: 30
  • Exp rate: 94K per hour

Smelting Adamantite bars at the blast furnace

Adamantite bars at the blast furnace are the best smithing money making method in osrs. You can make up to 1M per hour smelting adamantite bars
  • Profit per hour: 950K
  • Smithing level required: 70
  • Exp rate: 101K per hour

Smelting Runite bars at the blast furnace

OSRS money making method: smelting runite bars at the blast furnace, this is another good money maker, slightly behind the adamantite bars
  • Profit per hour: 850K
  • Smithing level required: 85
  • Exp rate: 107K per hour

[F2P METHOD] Smithing money-making with rune items

OSRS F2P smithing money making methods: smithing can be a very profitable skill for F2P players but they need 99 smithing to smith rune items, before that they should be doing platebodies which will loose them money

Smithing rune items at an anvil is one of the best F2P smithing methods in the game. However, it requires 99 smithing which is very expensive to achieve in just F2P game-play without the blast furnace. Check out our Smithing Guide for more info on F2P smithing methods.

The items you’ll be smithing are: rune plateskirt, rune platelegs or rune 2h sword. You should check the current GE price to see which is most profitable at the time. Each of these items requires 3 rune bars to make.

I should probably also note that you need at least 30M capital to be able to purchase 2700 runite bars which is what you’ll be smithing per hour.

This will result in 900 rune items per hour with a total profit of 600K gp per hour. This method also gives 200K exp per hour which is why many players use it to go for 200M smithing experience.

Fun fact: getting from 99 smithing to 200M experience will make you 550M in total. Doing so at the blast furnace with rune bars, will make you 1.7B in total but it will be twice as slow.

Hopefully, these smithing money-making methods have taught you just how profitable smithing can be. Check out the wiki for accurate pricing.


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