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Mining is a pretty slow skill in osrs but it is also a good way to make money while skilling. Here are 3 quick mining money-making ways for P2P players in osrs.

To find out mining methods to get fast experience rates instead, you can check out our osrs mining guide.

Mining Gemstones up to 550K per hour

mining gemstones is a low level requirement osrs mining money-making method that also gives you good experience rates

Mining Level Required: 40 (60+ recommended)

Exp per hour: 50K

Other requirements:

  • Shilo Village quest
  • Karamja gloves 3+
  • Glory amulet

Location: Shilo Village Mine


Mining gemstones is an easy way to make some extra cash with P2P mining as it has pretty low level requirements with amazing profits.

Use your karamja gloves 3 to teleport to the mine and start mining! You might have to do some world-hopping as you’ll need to have solo access to the entire mine for the best profits per hour. A bank deposit box is located in the mine.

It’s possible to mine these without the karamja 3 gloves from the hard karamja diaries but then you won’t have access to the underground mine which is where the most rocks are located so your profits per hour will be far lower.

Mining Basalt up to 500K per hour

mining basalt is a good way to make money with the mining skill. This method gives you up to 500K profit per hour

Mining Level Required: 72

Exp per hour: 7K

Other requirements:

  • Making friends with my arm quest

Location: Weiss

Players who have completed making friends with my arm have access to the salt mine below Weiss. Here you can mine basalt which is used to make the Icey and Stoney basalt teleportation method. Basalt can make you a very decent profit however, this is not a viable mining training method. Mining basalt will only give you around 7k experience per hour.

Note: no bank is available on Weiss but you can note your basalt by speaking to NPC Snowflake.

Mining Amethyst up to 350K per hour

mining amethyst is a great way to make AFK money with the mining skill. This method gives you up to 350k profit per hour

Mining Level Required: 92

Exp per hour: 20K

Recommended items:

  • mining gloves (you will slowly earn them by mining here)
  • Varrock armour 4 (10% chance of mining 2 ores at once for increased profits)

Mining amethyst is a great AFK way to make money with mining. Amethyst is slow which makes it so AFKable but that also means the experience rates are bad at only 20K per hour.

Making money with mining video guide

For those of your interested in a more in-depth video on how to make money with the mining skill, you should check out the latest video from the Edboys.

Hopefully this quick sum-up has taught you some new money making methods in osrs.

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