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Thieving has always been a profitable skill, especially when doing Ardougne knights or master farmers at a high level. But with the arrival of divine potions, a new insanely profitable method has reached osrs: pickpocketing elves in Priffdinas.

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Requirements for pickpocketing elves

Pickpocketing Elves yields very high requirements. Players need to have at least 85+ thieving to unlock it, 99 thieving is recommended for the 0 fail rate.

The full rogue’s outfit from the rouges den is 100% recommended as this will double your profit per hour.

Players with 99 thieving should wear the thieving cape if they have it as increases the success rate by 10%

Additionally, the Ardougne hard diaries also give an extra 10% increase in the success rate.

97 herblore is required to be able to make divine combat potions which will make this method even more profitable (adds 400K per hour). However, if you’re using botanical pies, you can unlock divine combat potions at level 93 herblore.

Profit per hour

Players with 99 thieving, 93 herblore, the full rogues outfit and ardougne hard diaries completed can successfully pickpocket around 500 elves per hour. This will make you 3M gp per hour.

You have a 1/1024 chance to receive the crystal teleport seed which is worth 2.3M gp, meaning you can expect one every 2 hours.

Other loot from the elves include cash (around 200K per hour) and 25 crystal shards which are untradeable but you can turn them into 250 crystal dust which in turn can make 62 divine combat potions, gaining you an additional 400K profit per hour.

Hopefully, this article has convinced taught you a new moneymaking way. If you don’t have a high enough thieving level, check out our 1-99 thieving guide for the fastest leveling in osrs and other thieving moneymaking methods.


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