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Update: As of January 10, Kourend Favour was removed from the game.

This in-depth Lovakengj Favour Guide will cover everything you need to know to get 100% favour in the Lovakengj House.

lovakengj favour icon How to get to Lovakengj

The fastest way to travel to Lovakengj is to use the Xeric’s talisman to teleport to Xeric’s Inferno.

If you don’t have a Xeric’s talisman you will have to run to Lovakengj.

You can use the Fairy Ring teleport C I S if you have paid 80k to Trossa beforehand. From there, run west towards Lovakengj.

how to get to lovakengj in osrs

Alternatively, you can teleport to Wintertodt using the games necklace and run southwest towards Lovakengj.

lovakengj favour icon 0 – 20% Lovakengj Favour: Volcanic Sulphur

At 0% Lovankengj favour, you can only mine Volcanic Sulphur.

You’ll need 42 mining in order to mine Volcanic Sulphur.

Additionally, you’ll need to wear either a Slayer Helmet (58 Slayer), A Gas Mask (Plague City Quest), or a Face Mask (10 Slayer) in order to protect yourself from the toxic gasses.

The volcanic Sulphur mine is located in the northwestern corner of the Lovankengj area.

volcanic sulphur mine location in lovakengj. this is where you'll gain 0 - 20% lovakengj favour

This mine contains piles of Volcanic Ash that you can mine relatively quickly.

Each Volcanic Sulphur mined provides you with 0.033% favour and 25 mining experience.

The clouds that surround the mine, will damage you if don’t move away from them. The damage is equal to 1 hit per tick. 

Bringing food here is highly advised.

A bank chest is available in the southeastern corner of the mine for you to re-stock on food.

Players can also bring runes for a curse spell to attack one of the nearby spiders and bring them to a pile of Sulphur.

Doing this will put you in combat and negate the damage done to you by clouds.

You can bank the Sulphur that you mine if you plan on making Dynamite to gain Favour later on. If you don’t dropping them is much more efficient.

If you wish to take this method all the way to 100% favour, you’ll need to mine a total of 3800 Volcanic Sulphur. 

This would also grant you 95,000 mining experience.

lovakengj favour icon 30 – 100% Lovakengj Favour: Creating Shayzien Armoursets

At 30% Lovakengj favour, you unlock the fastest way to get Lovakengj Favour: Creating armour sets for the Shayzien soldiers.

However, this comes with some requirements:

  • 65 mining
  • 53 smithing

You’ll need 65 mining to mine the Lovakite required.

Lovakite can be mined in the Lovakengj mine, they are located right next to a bank.

To create a Lovakite bar, you’ll need to combine melt 1 Lovakite with 2 Coal Ores in the Lovakite Furnace.

This furnace is located in the center of Lovakengj.

(Alternatively, you can also use the superheat item spell as well. Other furnaces don’t work)

Next, you’ll need to smith these into armour pieces using the Lovakengj Anvil.

The anvils are located just northeast of the Lovakite Furnace.

You’ll need 11 Lovakite bars to create a full armour set.

To turn the armour pieces into an armourset crate, you’ll need to use a crate on a full set.

These crates can be found in the drawers of any of the Armourer houses.

Here’s a table displaying how much favour you’ll get for each individual set:

Favour RequiredSmithing Required (full set)Armour TierFavour per set
30%53 SmithingTier 1 armour1.5% favour
40%63 SmithingTier 2 armour3% favour
50%73 SmithingTier 3 armour4.5% favour
60%83 SmithingTier 4 armour6% favour
70%93 SmithingTier 5 armour7.5% favour

It is recommended that you only make armour sets because these give the largest amount of favour. If your Smithing level is too low for a full set, you should stick to lower-tier sets.

For example, if you have 60 Smithing, you should create Tier 1 armour sets and not make individual pieces of Tier 2 armour.

The higher your smithing level, the faster you will gain Lovakengj favour.

quest requirements for slayer taskThe Forsaken Tower quest

At 20% Lovakengj favour, you can complete the Forsaken Tower quest.

The quest is quick, easy and rewards you with 10% favour in the Lovakengj house.

Ideally, you’ll complete this quest as soon as you reach 20% favour which will instantly bump you up to 30% favour which is the requirement to smith Lovakite Armour.

lovakengj favour icon Best order to get Lovakengj Favour

  1. Mine Volcanic Sulphur until 20% Lovankengj Favour
  2. Complete the Forsaken Tower quest
  3. Smith Shayzien Supply armour sets until 100% favour

If you don’t have 65 mining and 53 smithing which are required to make armoursets, your best bet is to mine Volcanic Sulphur until 100% favour.

It sucks, it does, but not as much as making dynamite.

Which you should avoid at all costs.

I’ve done 0 – 100% Lovakengj favour on multiple ironmen and it really isn’t that bad if you limit yourself to 20-30% favour per day.

The 90k mining experience you’ll gain, is a nice bonus.

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