Following the huge success of Leagues 2: Trailblazers and the very first Twisted League, The Oldschool Team has announced Leagues 3: Shattered Relics in an August 3rd keynote.

Players who missed out on Twisted League or Trailblazers or those who simply loved the 2 month-long seasonal game mode are in luck!

What are OSRS Leagues?

Leagues are a seasonal variant of Old School Runescape that work in a similar way to Deadman Mode.

In leagues players start completely from fresh without any stats, items, or bank. You can use your regular osrs account to login, this will not affect your account at all. Items and stats gained in leagues do not carry over to the real game. 

Leagues usually only last for 2 months. Leagues 3 will only last for 6 weeks.

Leagues 3: Shattered Relics release date:

UPDATE: we now have a date for Leagues 3!

The release date for Leagues 3: Shattered Relics was postponed until January 19th, 2022. The event will run for a total of 6 weeks, thus ending on March 2nd.

Originally, Leagues 3 was scheduled for November 3th of 2021 but sadly the Old school Team had to postpone the event until early 2022.

If you are currently busy with Group Ironman. You better make sure you have some AFKable skills ready for when Leagues 3 start!

What we know so far about Leagues 3:

Jagex isn’t releasing a whole lot of information about Leagues 3 to make it fair to everyone involved. Otherwise, many of the experienced players will be able to plan out everything beforehand and ruin the fun for the more casual players who are looking forward to the new season of Leagues.

Here’s what we do know about Leagues 3:


Instead of area-locking, Leagues 3 will focus on content-locking in the form of skills, minigames, bosses, quests, and so on.

Exp Rates:

Of course, just like DMM, you will have an increased exp rate in Leagues 3. The Leagues 3 exp rate is 5X just like it was in previous Leagues.

Can you trade in Leagues 3?

No you won’t be able to trade in Leagues 3 just like you couldn’t trade in previous editions of Leagues. Leagues should treated like an ironman gamemode!

Changes that are made from the original game:

  • 5X EXP Rate
  • Accounts start with ONLY 3 unlocked skills (you won’t be able to choose them, everyone will start with the same skills)
  • Bosses and minigames must be unlocked with unlock points
  • Fragments (buffs) are scattered around Gielinor

OSRS Leagues 3 Rewards

League 3 will have rewards that carry over to the main game.

Some of the default rewards return such as the home teleport animation, the relics hunter outfit and trophy/banner.

UPDATE: Thanks to a new OSRS news update we now have some sneak peaks on the possible rewards for Leagues 3.

Here’s a sneak peak of the default rewards:

Shattered Relics Hunter Outfit in 3 different tiers

shattered relics hunter robes are a reward from leagues 3: shattered relics. They are available in 3 different tiers.
Image credit: osrs news post

Shattered Relics Home Teleport

the home teleport animation from leagues 3 will be carried over to the main game.
Image credit: osrs news post

Leagues Banner 3

leagues 3 banner is a reward from leagues 3: shattered relics
Image credit: osrs news post

Leagues 3 Trophy

league 3 trophy is a reward from leagues 3: shattered relics
Image credit: osrs news post

And here’s a sneak peak of the new Leagues 3-Exclusive Rewards:

Weapon Variety Pack

One of the most exciting rewards announced from Leagues 3 is the weapon Variety Pack. By unlocking this pack, you will be able to apply a skin to the following items:

  • Abyssal Whip
  • Abyssal Tentacle
  • Rune Crossbow
  • God Books
  • Mystic Robes

Here are some screenshots of what this could look like:

the weapon variety kit is a reward from leagues 3: shattered relics. You will be able to apply the kit to abyssal whip, mage books, mystic robes and rune crossbow
Image credit: osrs news post

These awesome rewards will of course be carried over to the main game.

You will be able to earn multiple weapon variety packs while playing leagues 3 so you might even be able to unlock them all!

Ornament kit for Dwarf Multicannon

Does the old school design of the dwarf cannon no longer do it for you? No problem! One of the new league 3 rewards is an ornament kit to spice up the look of your dwarf multicannon.

dwarf cannon ornament kit is a reward from leagues 3: shattered relics
Image credit: osrs news post

Void & Elite Void Ornament Kit

Everyone grinds out pest control at some point to get void because of how good they are but let’s face it, the robes don’t look amazing.

Leagues 3 will change that with the Void Ornament Kit Reward.

I mean look at those robes! Who wouldn’t wanna unlock those??

void and elite void ornament kit is a reward from leagues 3: shattered relics
Image credit: osrs news post

How Leagues 3 will work in OSRS


Leagues 3 wouldn’t be leagues without some restrictions of course!

While you will be able to explore all of Gielinor, some other parts of OSRS will be restricted such as skills and bosses.

In Leagues 3 you will start off with just 3 skills (pre-selected by the Old School team).

Through unlock points, which are gained by completing tasks, you will be able to unlock more skills as you advance in the league.

Not all skills will be equal either, valuable skills will be more expensive.

While some bosses (such as Wilderness bosses) will be available to everyone, more advanced bosses (such as raids) will be locked.

This will force players to prioritize for themselves and come up with their own individual paths.

Relics are replaced with fragments

In previous leagues, Relics were used as powerful buffs to increase drop rates, exp, skilling, and so forth.

This time around, relics are replaced with fragments, which are really just smaller parts of a relic. This makes them weaker than fragments as they only hold a small portion of their power. However, fragments can be combined to create a powerful buff!

Fragments can be collected all over Gielinor through skilling, clue scrolls, bosses, and so on.

Players can only have a set amount of fragments activated at once to encourage strategic playstyles. You will be able to exchange them at a bank though.

Fragments will have their own UI so they won’t take up any inventory space!

Each fragment will contain:

  • 1 base effects
  • 2 set effects which can be used in combination with similar set effects to create a powerful buff

Each player will also be able to set up their own presets for fragments.

Below is an example of a fragment you’ll be able to collect in Gielinor during Leagues 3.

example of a fragment in osrs leagues 3

What will not be in Leagues 3:

  • Leagues 3 will NOT have auto-completed quests.

Videos on OSRS Leagues 3

OSRS YouTubers have already started theory-crafting for Leagues 3 to try to figure out which 3 skills will be unlocked at the start, where you will spawn, etc! Only Trails has a great video on this topic.

If you want to be prepared before the release of OSRS Leagues 3, WeSkillNow created a tier list for the skills that can definitely help you out.

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Wrap Up

This Concludes our article on Leagues 3: Shattered Relics.

We will continue to update this article as new updates come out. We will also publish a Leagues starters guide just like we did for group ironman so stay tuned!

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