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You either hate hunter or you love it but you can’t deny its one of the best money making skills in osrs. Leveling up hunter is pretty quick. Here are 3 quick hunter money-making ways players can use.

Hunting Chinchompas

Black Chinchompas: profit up to 1.6M/hr

Hunting black chinchompas is the best osrs money-making with hunter method.

Hunter Level Required: 82

Exp per hour: 150K/hr

Other requirements:

  • Eagles peak (for box traps)
  • 43 prayer for overhead protections
  • charged glory amulet (for level 30 wilderness teleport)

Location: Level 33 wilderness

Black chinchompas are by far the best hunter money making method in osrs. However, they are only available in the wilderness and their high profitability makes them an easy target for Pkers. That’s why tanking gear and high magic defense is a must.

You should also need to bring a charged amulet of glory or royal seed pod so you can teleport out in level 30 wilderness whenever you get attacked.


Profit per hour does not include getting pked, since this is a wilderness method your profits may be affected by pkers.

Red Chinchompas: profit up to 800K/hr

hunting red chinchompas is a good way to make money with hunter in osrs.

Hunter level required: 63+

Exp per hour: 150K/hr

Other requirements:

  • Eagles peak (for box traps)
  • Hard Western provinces diary (second-best location)
  • Song of the elves (best location)

Hunting Red chinchompas is less profitable but more commonly done than black chinchompas because of how much risk there is to hunting black chinchompas.

However, red chinchompa locations are often crowded making it hard to find a good world. Players who have completed the hard western provinces diaries can access the red chinchompa hunting ground which is a better location that definitely won’t have any bots.

End-game players who have completed Song of the Elves can hunt red chinchompas at Gwenith.

Hunting Implings: profit up to 600K/hr

Hunter level requirement: 83+

Other requirements:

  • Lost city (to access the mini-game)
  • High strength and agility are recommended
  • 50 magic (to snare them)
  • Magic butterfly net (buy from Wizard Elnock at puro-puro)

Implings can be found and caught anywhere in Gielinor but for it to be profitable you need to play the puro-puro (or impetuous pulses) mini-game.

Higher-level implings spawn randomly so your hourly profits largely depend on your RNG.

To get to puro-puro you’ll need to enter the lost city shed (located in the Lumbridge swamp) with the dramen staff equipped. Alternatively, players that have completed fairy tale part 2 can use the fairy ring network to travel to Zanaris.

For more in-depth info: check out our puro-puro guide

Hunter money-making video guide

For those who prefer more in-depth info on hunter money-making methods check out the latest make money with hunter guide by the Edboys:


Hopefully, this osrs money-making with hunter quick guide has convinced you that hunter is a profitable skill worth leveling.

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Dean started playing Runescape in 2006 when he was just 10 years old and has been playing ever on and off ever since (you never quit OSRS, right?) In 2013 he switched to OSRS Servers and never looked back. Dean has spent over 20,000 hours in the game now and frequently revisits his favourite portion of OSRS; the early-to-mid game through new account builds. You can also find bite-sized runescape guides on Deans' YouTube channel

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