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Update: As of January 10, Kourend Favour was removed from the game.

This in-depth Hosidius Favour Guide will cover everything you need to know to get 100% favour in the Hosidius House.

Hosidius is one of the easier houses to get favour in.

How to get to Hosidius
0 – 5% Hosidius Favour (Ploughing the Fields)
5 – 100% Hosidius Favour (Making Fertiliser)
45 – 100% Hosidius Favour (Mess Hall)
Best order to gain Hosidius Favour
Ironman Hosidius Favour Guide

hosidius favour icon How to get to Hosidius

Players with level 25 construction can place their house in Hosidius, making getting to Hosidius as easy as teleporting to your house.

If this is your first time getting to Hosidius, you can travel to Hosidius by taking a boat in Port Sarim.

In Port Sarim, look for Veos, he is located on the first dock just underneath the pub.

how to travel to hosidius from port sarim

Speak with him and he’ll take you to Port Piscarilius.

Once you arrive in Port Piscarilius, you can run all the way to Hosidius.

how to travel to hosidius without teleporting

hosidius favour icon 0 – 5% Hosidius Favour: Ploughing the fields

The only thing you can do at 0% Hosidius favour is ploughing the fields.

These ploughs can be found underneath the market.

ploughing fields location in hosidius

Your job is to push them back and forth across the fields to till the soil for the Hosidius House.

While there are multiple ploughs, you really only need to focus on one of them to gain your first 5% Hosidius favour.

push the plough to gain your first 5% hosidius favour

When you click push on one plough, your player will automatically plough the field.

Once the plough reaches the end, push it again in the opposite direction.

Every so often, you will receive 0.1% favour doing this. You will also gain 10 experience in Farming at random.

Sometimes, the plough will break, in which case you need to use a hammer on it to repair it.

every so often the plough will break in which case you will need to repair it with a hammer

Doing this will take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes depending on your RNG.

hosidius favour icon 5 – 100% Hosidius Favour: Making fertiliser

At 5% Favour, you unlock the fastest way to get Hosidius Favour: making sulpherous fertiliser.

To create Sulpherous Fertiliser, you will need regular compost and saltpetre. Both of which can be bought at the Grand Exchange.

Ironmen will have to mine the Saltpetre themselves. If you are an ironman, additional information will be available to you at the bottom of the article or [click here].

Every bucket of Sulpherous Fertiliser is worth 0.1% favour.

To gain favour, you have to hand them in to the Hosidius Clerk, who is located in the Saltpetre fields.

saltpetre fields in hosidius
donate your sulpherous fertiliser to the clerk to gain favour

IMPORTANT: The Clerk can take Fertiliser from your bank, so you don’t need to have any of it in your inventory when you talk to her. Ideally, you will only talk to her once you’ve made all the required fertiliser.

Here’s how much fertiliser you need for each milestone.

0 – 45% Hosidius Favour400 buckets of Sulpherous Fertiliser45% unlocks Mess Hall
0 – 75% Hosidius Favour700 buckets of Sulpherous Fertiliser75% unlocks the Woodcutting Guild
0 – 90% Hosidius Favour850 buckets of Sulpherous Fertiliser
0 – 100% Hosidius Favour950 buckets of Sulpherous Fertiliser100% unlocks Tithe Farm mini game

Creating Fertiliser can be done at any bank.

To do it efficiently, your inventory should look like this:

1.Withdraw 14 Saltpetre and 14 compost. Your inventory should look like this:
Salpetre – Compost – Saltpetre – Compost
how to make sulpherous fertiliser to gain hosidius favour
2.Create Sulpherous Fertiliser by using the salpetre on the compost, you can do this in rapid succession thanks to this inventory setup.sulpherous fertiliser
3.Once you bank, DO NOT DEPOSIT the fertiliser yet.
First, Withdraw the salpetre again.
withdraw the saltpetre first
4.THEN deposit the fertiliser and withdraw the compost.
This keeps your inventory in tact.
deposit fertiliser
5. Now simply repeat making compost until you reach 100% Hosidius Favour (or another milestone). how to make sulpherous fertiliser to gain hosidius favour

hosidius favour icon 45 – 100% Hosidius Favour: Mess Hall

At 45% Favour, you unlock the Mess Hall where you can gain favour through cooking.

mess hall hosidius favour method

While making Fertiliser is much faster, the Mess Hall is a great alternative for ironmen who don’t want to dig up saltpetre and regular accounts who don’t want to spend money on gaining favour.

On top of that, cooking at the Mess Hall is actually great, free cooking experience.

You’ll need at least 20 cooking to start working at the Mess Hall. Higher is recommended so you can prepare more dishes and burn less.

The Mess hall is located inbetween Hosidius and Shayzien.

There are three meals that can be prepared:

Meat PieRequires 20 Cookingup to 50k Cooking exp with perfect clicks
StewRequires 25 Cookingup to 60k Cooking exp with perfect clicks
PizzaRequires 20 Cookingup to 200k Cooking exp with perfect clicks

If you are going for favour, you should pay close attention to the mess interface.

the mess hall interface tells you exactly which dishes will give the most hosidius favour

It will tell you exactly which dishes the soldiers want to eat, making that dish will give the most favour.

When you focus on one dish(e.g. Stews) the soldiers will start to lose interest after 1 – 2 full servings and the bar will turn orange.

To avoid this, you can always hop worlds to start over.

Cooking at the Mess Hall is a little bit more complicated than other Hosidius Favour methods as you need to use the correct ingredients.

The Mess Hall kitchen contains the following:

Meat Tablemeat table mess hall
Sinksink mess hall
Clay Ovenclay oven mess hall
Food Cupboardfood cupboard
Utensil Cupboardutensil cupboard
Serve tableserve table mess hall

Below are the recipies for each individual food.

Meat Pies

1.Gather supplies: 14 Servery pots of Flour (Food Cupboard) and 14 bowl (Utensil Cupboard)
2.Fill the bowls with water
3.Combine bowls of water with Pots of Flour to create Pastry Doughs.
(spam clicking while holding down the 1 key will speed things up)
4.Gather supplies: 14 pie dishes (Utensil Cupboard) and combine them with the Pastry Doughs.
5.Gather supplies: 14 meats from meat table, cook them.
6.Combine cooked meat with the pie dishes. Cook them.
7.Serve the Meat Pies. Hop worlds to continue making this food.


1.Gather supplies: 14 meats (meat table) and 14 bowl (Utensil Cupboard)
2.Fill the bowls with water and cook the meats.
3.Combine the cooked meat with bowls of water.
4.Gather supplies: 14 potatoes (Food Cupboard) and combine them with the incomplete stews.
5.Cook the stews.
7.Serve the Stew. Hop worlds to continue making this food.


1.Gather supplies: 2 knifes (Utensil Cupboard), 13 pots of flour (Food Cupboard) and 13 bowls (Utensil Cupboard)
2.Fill the bowls with water.
3.Combine bowls of water with Pots of Flour to create Pizza Doughs.
(spam clicking while holding down the 2 key will speed things up)
4.Use the empty bowls on the Food Cupboard to remove them from your inventory.
5.Gather supplies: 13 tomatoes (Food Cupboard). Add them to the pizza doughs.
6.Gather supplies: 13 cheese (Food Cupboard). Add them to the pizza doughs.
7.Cook the pizzas.
8.Gather supplies: 13 pineapple (Food Cupboard). Cut them into chunks.
9.Add the chunks to the cooked pizzas.
10.Serve the Pizzas. Hop worlds to continue making this food.

hosidius favour icon Best order to gain Hosidius Favour

  1. 0-5% favour: Ploughing the fields
  2. 5-100% favour: Making Sulpherous Fertiliser

ironman guide Ironman Hosidius Favour Guide

Ironman should follow this strategy:

  • First get 5% favour by pushing ploughs
  • Then get 45% favour by making Sulpherous Fertiliser
  • Then get 100% favour by cooking at the Mess Hall.

Using this strategy, you will need to dig up 400 saltpetre from the saltpetre mine.

You will also need to buy 4 packs of compost.

These packs of compost can be bought from any farming supplier around Gielinor.

example: buying compost pack in Catherby

(1 pack of compost contains 100 noted buckets of compost, you need 400 for 45% favour)

This is where you dig up the saltpetre in Hosidius.

The mine is located just West from the Hosidius P-O-H portal.

This mine has 5 spots where you can dig up saltpetre, only one of them will have a salpetre pile.

The Saltpetre pile is random to another location once it is fully depleted.

As an ironman, you will not be banking the Saltpetre. Instead, you will dig up saltpetre on the spot and combine them with 14 compost and give them directly to the clerk.

With the ironman method, you are making use of the Tool Leprechaun.

To set this up, you first need to add 400 noted compost in the tool leprechaun.

Next, make your way to the Saltpetre mine (BRING A SHOVEL!).

Follow this strategy:

1.Withdraw 14 compost form the leprechaun and set your inventory up like this:
2.Dig up a full inventory of Saltpetre.
3.Combine the Saltpetre with the compost to create Sulpherous Fertiliser.
4.Withdraw 14 compost from the Tool Leprechaun (to keep your inventory in place)
5.Talk to the Clerk in the middle of the field to donate your Sulpherous Fertiliser
6.Dig up more Saltpetre and repeat this process until you reach 45% Hosidius favour.

And that’s it!

There is also a bank deposit box located in the middle of the field if you don’t feel like making Sulpherous Fertiliser on the spot.

Do this until you reach 45% Hosidius Favour, at which point you can go to the Mess Hall.

You can find our guide on the Mess Hall higher up in this article or [click here]

If you really want, and you are down to mine 950 Saltpetre, you can of course do this all the way to 100% Favour as well.

Wrap up

This should help you get 100% Hosidius Favour as quickly as possible.

Making Fertiliser is the fastest way to gain Hosidius Favour.

Alternatively, you can work in the Mess Halls as well for the additional cooking experience which is a great option for ironmen accounts.

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