Hallowed Sepulchre agility course in osrs

The hallowed sepulchre agility course has taken the top spot from the rooftop courses and is now the fastest way to train agility in old school Runescape (osrs).

This osrs agility guide for the hallowed sepulchre will cover everything you need to know to get started with this new course.

How to get there

Hallowed Sepulchre is located in the new darkmeyer area. The easiest way to get here the first time is by using your Drakan’s medallion you received from the Sins of the father quest.

Without Sins of the father, you cannot access the Hallowed Sepulchre agility course.

You can also buy Hallowed Crystal Shards from the reward shop which can be used to teleport directly to the hallowed sepulchre lobby

What are the Requirements for Hallowed Sepulchre?

In order to participate in the Hallowed Sepulchre agility course, you’ll need a minimum of 52 agility although it’s recommended you have at least 72 agility to start. So you should do agility rooftop courses until then, you can read our osrs agility guide for more information on agility rooftop courses.

You’ll also need to complete Sins of the Father to gain access to Hallowed Sepulchre.

What is the Hallowed Sepulchre Agility Course

The hallowed Sepulchre is an agility course that is completely different from every other agility course in old school Runescape.

Players either love it, or they hate it.

While regular agility courses require you to simply follow the path and click around to finish a course, hallowed sepulchre takes an entirely different approach.

You don’t just have to click around to get to the next obstacle. Instead, you have to avoid the obstacles yourself. There is a lot of skill involved with completing a floor of the Hallowed Sepulchre and there is definitely a learning curve.

Some players love this, but many ‘grinders’ just want to mindlessly click around, those players would be much better off doing the Priffdinas or rooftop agility courses instead.

For those that like a challenge, you’ll love the Hallowed Sepulchre.

How hallowed sepulchre agility works

This agility course consists out of multiple floors (5 in total) which you can access depending on your agility level.

You can access a new floor every 10 levels so you start at floor 1 on level 52 agility and you gain access to floor 5 at 92 agility.

Looting coffins

Coffins can be looted on each floor.

On the fifth floor, you’ll find the Grand Hallowed Coffin which gives you a small chance of obtaining the Ring of Endurance which is currently worth 63M.

If you include the chance of getting the ring, on average, each opening will result in at least 400K in loot.

If you don’t include the chance of the receiving the ring each opening is worth about 80K.

Making money with agility

The Hallowed Sepulchre agility course is currently the most profitable skilling money making method in the game, surpassing the thieving elves money making method.

Because of the immense value of the Ring of Endurance (which is currently worth 63M!), you can now average up to 3M per hour.

The ring of endurance can only be found in the Grand Hallowed Coffin which is only available on floor 5 of the agility course, meaning you need at least 92 agility to make 3M per hour with agility.

Note that you will also need the following skills to complete all the skill challenges in the hallowed sepulchre agility course:

  • 66 thieving
  • 54 prayer
  • 49 magic
  • 56 construction
  • 62 ranged

Hallowed Sepulchre Agility Course EXP rates

Here are the current known exp rates for the hallowed sepulchre agility course:

  • Levels 52 – 62: 40K per hour
  • Levels 62 – 72: 50K per hour
  • Levels 72 – 82: 60K per hour
  • Levels 82 – 92: 70K per hour
  • Levels 92 – 99: 85K per hour

This makes the hallowed sepulchre agility course the fastest possible way to train agility in osrs starting from level 72 agility.

Some players have recorded up to 100K exp per hour when they refrain from looting the coffins.

What are the rewards for Hallowed Sepulchre?

Coffins can be looted on each completed floor of the hallowed Sepulchre course which lead to hallowed marks as a reward. The higher level floor, the more marks you receive. These can be exchanged for several rewards.

Rewards that help you complete floors faster

It’s highly recommended to get these types of rewards asap as they will greatly decrease your time spent on floors and thus increase your hourly experience rates. These types of rewards are equippable but can only be used on the hallowed sepulchre agility course.

  • Hallowed token: adds 1 extra minute of time on the course
  • Hallowed grapple: never fail a grapple within the hallowed sepulchre
  • Hallowed focus: never fail to conjure portal frames
  • Hallowed symbol: speeds up walking through prayer barriers
  • Hallowed hammer: never breaks when preparing bridges
  • Hallowed ring: prevents you from taking damage or losing time when failing an obstacle

Cometic rewards

Next to helpful rewards to increase your hourly experience rates, the hallowed sepulchre also gives some nice agility cosmetic rewards such as:

  • Dark dye: dyes your graceful outfit pieces into black
  • Dark acorn: dyes your giant squirrel pet black
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Hallowed sepulchre osrs video guide

We know most of you prefer to watch video guides instead in which case we recommend watching the hallowed sepulchre agility guide by Gnomonkey RS. It’s a bit long but it covers everything in-depth.


Hopefully, this hallowed sepulchre agility guide for osrs has been helpful. The hallowed sepulchre agility course can be an incredibly fun, alternative way to train your agility in osrs.

On top of that, it can be a great osrs money making method as well, at 92 agility it even becomes the best skilling money maker in osrs.

However, this agility course should not be underestimated. It takes a while to get the hang off so don’t expect to get good experience rates in your first couple of attempts.

Instead, watch osrs guides on the hallowed sepulchre and learn from the tips of the many YouTubers that cover the hallowed sepulchre.

If anything is missing from this hallowed sepulchre guide, be sure to let us know so we can fix it!