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In this OSRS Giants’ Foundry Guide you learn everything you need to know about the new Smithing mini-game. This guide teaches you the basics and goes through the mini-game step-by-step. Once you’re done reading, and got the hang of it, you’ll be ready to try some of our advanced strategies!

If you’ve played Giants Foundry before and just need a little reminder, skip ahead to ‘How Giants’ Foundry Works’ for an insight into all the available tools. If you are completely new, you can use our follow-along guide.

This Minigame Guide is part of our OSRS 1-99 Smithing Guide.

Giants’ Foundry Requirements

Giant’s Foundry only has two requirements. You need to have 15 Smithing and completion of Sleeping Giants quest.

The Sleeping Giants quest is very short and serves as a tutorial for this minigame. We also have a follow-along guide for the quest.

If you don’t have 15 Smithing yet, we recommend completing The Knights Sword Quest first which will boost you from levels 1 – 29 Smithing.

How to Get to Giant’s Foundry

The easiest way to get to Giants’ Foundry is to use the Giants’ Foundry minigame teleport in your Grouping Menu.

how to get to giants foundry minigame in osrs

Otherwise, you can run to Giants’ Foundry from Al Kharid:

  • Use a Glory to teleport to Al Kharid
  • Use a Dueling Ring to teleport to PVP Arena
  • Use a Glory in someones P-O-H in W330 to get to AL Kharid
  • Take the Gnome Glider to Al Kharid
  • Teleport to Lumbridge and go through the toll gate (10GP or completion of Prince Ali Rescue)

How Giants’ Foundry Works

Here’s a helpful map that includes all the features of the Giant’s Foundry.

How Giants' Foundry works: a map of Giant's Foundry with all the tools of the minigame explained

Below is an explanation of each tool inside the Giants’ Foundry.

The Giants’ Foundry is divided into two phases: the Setup Phase (in which you create the mould) followed by a Refinement Phase where you use the available tools (Trip Hammer, Grindstone & Polishing Wheel) to finish the blade off.

Setup Phase


Kovac is the NPC that gives you the commissions. Speak with him first to start the minigame. He’ll tell you what kind of sword to make.

first speak with kovac to get the commission for your sword

The sword will have two features (e.g. Narrow & Spiked) which you will need to take into account when making the mould.


This is where you add your bars or items that you will smelt into the sword.

The crucible needs to be full for every sword you make.

now add your bars and items to the crucible

A full crucible requires 28 bars. Or, you can use items that will count for (-1) bars they require to make.

(e.g. A platebody, which requires 5 bars to smith, will count in the crucible as 4 bars.)

You will receive a message once the crucible is full.

youll get a notification when your crucible is full

After setting up the mould later, you will need to pour the crucible into the mould.

Mould Jig

The Mould Jig is where you create the mould of your sword.

Which kind of Mould you make, will depend on Kovac’s Commission.

The Mould HUD is divided in 3 categories: Forte, Blades & Tips.

You’ll need to select a fitting Mould for each part.

Always choose the moulds that add the highest number toward your commission.

giants foundry mould setup interface

Once you have selected a mould for each category, select ‘set Mould’ to finish.

Refinement Phase

Trip hammer (requires HOT temperature)

The Trip Hammer is a tool used to hammer out imperfections on the blade.

how to use the trip hammer in giants' foundry

The trip hammer is marked in RED on the completion bar and thus requires a HOT temperature.

Since the Trip Hammer cools the blade down, players will have to make use of the Lava Pool to heat the blade up in between to ensure that the temperature remains HOT (Red Bar).

Grindstone (requires MEDIUM temperature)

The Grindstone smoothens the edges of the blades at a MEDIUM temperature, as indicated by its yellow color on the completion bar.

how to use the grindstone in giants' foundry

Since the Grindstone heats the blade up, players will have to make use of the Waterfall to cool the blade down in-between to ensure that the temperature remains MEDIUM (yellow bar).

Polishing Wheel (requires COOL temperature)

The Polishing wheel cleans up the blade at the end.

The sword must be at COOL temperature to use the Polishing wheel.

how to use the polishing wheel in giants' foundry

Since the polishing wheel cools the blade down further, players will have to make use of the Lava Pool to heat the blade up in-between to ensure that the temperature remains COOL (green bar).

Waterfall (cools down Preform)

The Waterfall allows you to decrease the heat of your preform.

how to use the waterfall to cool down your preform in giants' foundry

In case you make the preform too hot, you can use the Waterfall to decrease the heat.

Additionally, you can fill buckets with water here if you don’t have ice gloves to equip the preform.

Lava Pool (heats up Preform)

The Lava Pool allows you to increase the heat of your preform.

how to use the lava pool to heat up your preform in giants' foundry

In case you make the preform too cool, you can use the Lava Pool to increase the heat.

Giants’ Foundry HUD Explained

explanation of the Giants' Foundry HUD for our OSRS Giants Foundry Guide

During the refinement phase, a HUD will pop up on your screen.

This HUD has three layers.

1. Quality

This shows the quality of the sword and will determine your points and experience in the end. Quality will go down if you make mistakes.

2. Temperature

A white indicator shows which heat your preform is currently at. Depending on the tool you are using, the temperature will go up or down. It’s super important that the temperature color always matches the tool you need to use. If you don’t you will lose quality.

You can use the Lava Pool and Waterfall to regulate the temperature.

  • Red bar: Hot
  • Yellow bar: Medium
  • Green bar: Cool

3. Completion Bar

This shows where you are in the progression, and also reveals which tool you should be using. The tools need to color-match the temperature.

  • Red: Trip Hammer (requires hot temperature)
  • Yellow: Grindstone (requires medium temperature)
  • Green: Polishing Wheel (requires cool temperature)

Giants’ Foundry Guide (Follow-Along)

Giants’ Foundry isn’t all that complicated, but it does have a lot of tools that can make it feel overwhelming at first.

Here’s an easy follow-along guide where you can follow along with me going through a round of the minigame.

I recommend you start out with a cheap resource first (e.g. bronze/iron/steel bars). These materials have EASIER interfaces and are also cheaper since you will definitely make some mistakes at first. You can move on to higher tiers once you get the hang of the minigame.

Step 1. Speak with Kovac

Kovac will give you a sword commission with TWO features.

speak with kovac to get your commission and start the giants' foundry minigame

For example, NARROW and SPIKED.

Once you have your commission, we can get started.

Step 2. Fill the Crucible

Now we need to fill the crucible until it’s full.

add your bars and items to the crucible

If you are using bars, you will need a total of 28 bars to fill up the crucible.

Items count as well, these are worth 1 bar less than it takes to smith them.

(e.g. platebody requires 5 bars to smith, is worth 4 bars in Giants’ Foundry)

Once the crucible is full, you will receive a notification in your chatbox.

Step 3. Mould Setup

Next, we will need to set up the mould for our sword.

Here we need to take Kovac’s Commission into account, and we need to do some basic math.

The Mould Jig consists out of 3 layers: Forte, Blades & Tip.

We will need to select the right ingredients (based on the commission) for each of these layers.

Note: we always want the total number to be as high as possible.


Since my commission is NARROW and SPIKED, I’m choosing the option which has +8 Narrow and +6 Spiked, this gives me the highest possible number.

giants foundry mould setup: how to choose your forte


For the blades, I will select Narrow as this has a high number.

giants foundry mould setup: how to choose your blades


And for the tip, I select Narrow 8 and Spiked 8.

giants foundry mould setup: how to choose your tip

(yours will depend on your commission!)

Once it looks right, click on ‘Set Mould’ in the top right.

Step 4. Fill our Preform

Now we need to fill our preform. So go up to the Crucible and select ‘fill-preform’.

fill your preform with the crucible

Next, we need to equip the preform to start working on it.

To equip the preform, our hands need to be empty.

If you have Ice Gloves, you can grab the preform right away.

If you don’t have Ice Gloves, you need to perform an extra step: grab a bucket from the bottom left corner and fill it at the waterfall, and finally use the bucket on the Mould Jig. Now you can equip it as well.

Step 5. Refinement stage walk-through

The easy setup part is over. Now it’s time to start refining the sword.

You’ll notice a HUD pop-up on your screen. This contains everything you need to know.

Your hud might look differently, as it depends on the difficulty level. For this example, we are using the LOW difficulty with 4 sections.

Header text

Trip Hammer

The first action is always the Trip Hammer, which requires a HOT preform.

Since the blade is already hot, you can start using the Trip Hammer right away.

You need to ensure your blade remains hot when using the Trip Hammer and your temperature bar and completion bar are color matched.

OSRS Giants' Foundry Guide: how to use the trip hammer

The Trip Hammer cools the blade down as you are using it. Whenever the white arrow inches too close to the yellow bar you need to visit the Lava Pool to increase the heat.

OSRS Giants' Foundry Guide: how to use the lava pool

Once heated up, continue using the Trip Hammer.

Pay close attention to your completion bar! Once this hits the next phase STOP IMMEDIATELY or you will lose quality.


For the grindstone, you need to have a MEDIUM-hot sword.

Depending on your temperature, you may need to use either the Lava Pool or Waterfall to increase/decrease the heat to MEDIUM.

In this case, I just used the Trip Hammer so my sword is still hot. I, therefore, need to visit the Waterfall first to cool it down all the way.

OSRS Giants' Foundry Guide: how to use the the waterfall

Once color-matched, we can start working on the Grindstone.

OSRS Giants' Foundry Guide: how to use the grindstone

Since the Grindstone heats up the preform, we will need to use the Waterfall in-between to cool it back down.

Polishing Wheel

And finally, we use the Polishing wheel to make the blade nice and shiny.

To use the Polishing wheel, your sword must be cold.

BUT the polishing wheel also cools the blade down, so don’t cool it down all the way.

OSRS Giants' Foundry Guide: how to use the polishing wheel

Use the Lava Pool to heat your Preform back up whenever it gets too cold.

And that’s it!

Once your sword is finished, speak with Kovac to receive your reward experience and points.

Kovac will also recharge 50% of your run energy.

Now keep repeating this with cheap bars/items until you got the hang of it, and then you can move on to higher-tier materials.

EXP Rates

Here are the estimated experience rates for Giants’ Foundry based on the tier level used.

Tier levelSmithing Exp per hour
Lowest48k EXP/hr
Low85K EXP/hr
Medium135K EXP/hr
High195k EXP/hr
Highest276K EXP/hr

Difficulty Levels

The difficulty is dependent on the alloy that is used. Bronze bars offer the lowest difficulty with 3 sections. The most common difficulty level has 4 sections (Trip Hammer, Grindstone, Trip Hammer, Polishing Stone). At the maximum, you can get 7 sections.

Difficulty LevelSmithing RequiredSections
Lowest15 Smithing3
Low15-70 Smithing4
Medium85+ Smithing5
High85+ Smithing6
Highest85+ Smithing7

Giants’ Foundry Best Strategies

Once you got the hang of the Giant’s Foundry Minigame, you can start looking at strategies.

Moneymaking Strategy

Players with 30 Smithing (Knights Sword + Sleeping Giants quest = easy 33 Smithing) can make money at the Giants’ Foundry by doing low-difficulty swords!

Using a combination of iron/steel alloy, players can make up to 150k GP/hr.

This isn’t an amazing money-making method (we definitely have better ones) BUT you will also gain up to 85K Smithing EXP per hour with this method!

So what do you need? A combination of Iron Platebodies and Steel Battleaxes.

For each crucible, you should use 3 Iron Platebodies, 2 Iron Bars, and 7 Steel Battleaxes.

At maximum efficiency, and without messing up, you should be able to make up to 15 swords per hour. Or 150K GP/hr.

Ironman Strategy

For Ironman accounts, the Giants’ Foundry is a godsend. Not only does this give a purpose to all the metal weaponry and armour you receive from slaying (besides alching it), but it also allows you to get extra experience out of your bars.

Imagine this:

  • Using the Blast furnace to turn your ores into bars
  • THEN smithing the bars into weaponry
  • AND FINALLY getting extra experience by using the items in Giants’ Foundry.

And you still get paid for it! So instead of alching these items, the Giants’ Foundry allows you to gain easy smithing levels on ironman builds.

Giants’ Foundry Rewards

For each completed sword, you will get Smithing Experience, payment, AND Foundry Reputation points.

These points can be used in Kovac’s shop for some cool rewards!

Here they are:

RewardDescriptionFoundry Reputation
Double Ammo MouldSpeeds up making cannonballs by 2X!2,000
Kovac’s GrogTemporarily boosts Smithing level by 4 points400
Smithing CatalystConsumable that HALVES the amount of coal requires per bar while smithing AND gives DOUBLE experience while Smithing Catalyst is active. 15
Ore PackCombination of 30 random noted ores200
Smiths Tunic20% chance of speeding up smithing at anvil with 1 tick. + 20% chance of increased progress on preforms in the Giants Foundry Minigame. (100% for full set)4,000
Smiths Trousers20% chance of speeding up smithing at anvil with 1 tick. + 20% chance of increased progress on preforms in the Giants Foundry Minigame. (100% for full set)4,000
Smiths Boots20% chance of speeding up smithing at anvil with 1 tick. + 20% chance of increased progress on preforms in the Giants Foundry Minigame. (100% for full set)3,500
Smiths Gloves20% chance of speeding up smithing at anvil with 1 tick. + 20% chance of increased progress on preforms in the Giants Foundry Minigame. (100% for full set)
Can also be combined with Ice Gloves to swallow its effect.
Collosal Bladetwo-handed sword that requires 60 Attack. 5,000

Furthermore, you can also purchase Better Moulds from the reward store which unlock higher experience rates.

Giants’ Foundry Guide – FAQs


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