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In this OSRS Doric’s Quest Guide, we’ll go through all the steps to complete the quest.

This guide is a part of our OSRS Optimal Quest Guide.

Doric’s Quest story & info

Doric would happily let you use the anvil in his house, but first he wants you to run some errands for him.

This is a buyable quest where you can purchase all the items from the Grand Exchange beforehand.

For ironman accounts and players who want to do the quest as it was intended, we of course mention the locations of all the materials.

Quest Requirements

skill requirements Skill Requirements

This quest has no skill requirements for regular accounts who can buy the items.


  • 15 mining

quest requirements Quest Requirements

You must have 16 Quest Points.

item requirements Item Requirements

For the quick version of this guide, purchase all of these from the Grand Exchange before starting the quest.

ItemGrand Exchange?Obtainable during Quest?
6 clay (unnoted)YesYes, will show you
4 copper ore (unnoted)YesYes, will show you
2 iron ore (unnoted)YesYes, will show you


If you buy the items from the Grand Exchange, make sure they are unnoted

OSRSGuide Recommendation:

Use the Quest Helper Plugin for Runelite.

The Quest Helper Plugin makes Questing TONS easier.

  • Helps keep track of the item requirements and whether you have them on you or not
  • Displays a quest guide in the sidebar
  • Highlights NPCs you need to talk to
  • Knows which dialogue you need to use during the quest
  • Shows the next location in the quest on your map

If you want to install it, you can install the Quest Helper directly from your Plugin Hub on Runelite.

install the quest helper plugin for runelite from the runelite plugin hub

Doric’s Quest Guide (Quick Version)

Grand Exchange

Make your way to the Grand Exchange and purchase the following materials:

  • 6 Clay (not soft clay)
  • 4 Copper Ore
  • 2 Iron Ore

After buying them, un-not them and leave them UNNOTED in your inventory.

If you don’t have access to the grand exchange, [skip ahead].

to make dorics quest fast, you can purchase all the required materials from the grand exchange beforehand

Quest Start

Speak with Doric in his house North of Falador to start the Quest.

He will give you a bronze pickaxe to mine some materials for him.

speak with doric in his house north of falador to start the quest

Finish Quest

Speak with Doric again with the following materials in your inventory:

  • 6 Clay (not soft clay)
  • 4 Copper Ore
  • 2 Iron Ore

Once the conversation is over, you’ve successfully finished the quest!

If you have to gather the materials yourself, check the guide below.

Doric’s Quest Guide (Ironman Version)

In this section of the guide, we’ll show you where to gather all the materials if you don’t plan on buying them from the Grand Exchange.

Be sure to speak with Doric first if you are an ironman as he will give you a bronze pickaxe.

Travel to the Dwarven Mine

The Dwarven mine is located East of Doric’s house and northeast of Falador.

dwarven mine location osrs for dorics quest

Once here, go down the ladder. You’ll find yourself in a cave.

location of copper, iron and clay in the dwarven mine for dorics quest

Southeast from the entrance, you will find copper and iron rocks.

Mine 2 iron ore and 4 copper ore.

iron rocks and copper rocks location dwarven mine

Then, run further south until you find the clay rocks.

Mine them until you have 6 clay.

clay rocks location dwarven mine

Now run back to the entrance of the cave, go up, and run back to Doric to deliver the materials.

Once you have delivered them, the quest is complete.

Quests Rewards

Congratulations. You’ve finished the Doric’s Quest quest. The rewards are the following:

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