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In this OSRS Demon Slayer Quest Guide, we’ll go through all the steps to complete the quest.

This guide is a part of our OSRS Optimal Quest Guide.

Demon Slayer story & info

Aris in Varrock Square will tell you that a demon named Delrith is going to destroy Varrock. Since you are a might adventurer, you tell her that you’ll defeat him. As it turns out, he can only be defeated with Silverlight. During this quest, you will obtain 3 Silverlight keys which will give you access to the Silverlight weapon. With it, you will banish Delrith and save Varrock.

Quest Requirements

skill requirements Skill Requirements

Must be able to kill a level 27 Demon

quest requirements Quest Requirements

There are no quest requirements.

item requirements Item Requirements

ItemGrand Exchange?Obtainable during Quest?
Bucket of waterYesYes
25 bones (unnoted)YesYes
1 coin (for the start)N/AN/A


  • Armour and food
  • Teleports to Varrock


  • Teleports to Wizard Tower (Necklace of Passage)

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install the quest helper plugin for runelite from the runelite plugin hub

Demon Slayer Guide

Quest Start

Speak with Aris in her tent in Varrock Square to start the quest.

speak with aris to start the quest
Dialogue: 1, 2, 3,4

Pay her 1 coin and she will tell your Delrith (the demon) is coming. Tell her you will kill Delrith. And finally, ask her how Wally killed Delrith.

A cutscene will start.

Write down the incantation that Wally shouts in the cutscene. You will need it later. It’s random for everyone.

Afterward, ask her about Silverlight.

Once all that is done, go to the Varrock Castle and speak with Sir Prysin. He’s located in the first room on the western side of the castle.

speak with sir prysin about silverlight
Dialogue: 3-1-2-2

1. Obtaining Key #1

The first key can be obtained inside Varrock Castle.

Go to the northern tower and go up two flights of stairs.

Speak with Captain Rovin until he gives you the key.

speak with captain rovin to get silverlight key #1
Dialogue: 3 – 1 -2 -2-3-1

2. Obtaining Key #2

Go back downstairs and then go East towards the kitchen.

Go up the staircase and pick up the bucket form the bedroom.

grab bucket

Go back downstairs and fill your bucket at the sink.

fill bucket with water

Then, use the bucket of water on the drain outside the kitchen.

pour bucket of water down the drain

This will flush key #2 down to the sewers.

Next, exit the castle and go towards the manhole East of the castle. Enter it.

varrock sewers location

Inside the basement, run North as illustrated to find key #2.

silverlight key #2 will be in the varrock sewers

3. Obtaining Key #3

location osrsP2P: use a Necklace of Passage to teleport to the Wizards tower OR use a glory to teleport to Draynor village

Go to the Wizards Tower and bring 25 unnoted bones.

wizards tower location osrs

Climb up the staircase and speak with Wizard Traiborn. Then, speak with him again to give him the 25 bones. He will give you the third key.

give wizard traiborn 25 unnoted bones to get silverlight key #3
Dialogue (1-3-2)

4. Boss Fight (Delrith)

You will need the incantation from the cutscene at the start of the quest for this fight. (Speak with Aris if you forgot)

Now it’s time to prepare for the boss fight.

Teleport to Varrock and grab your food and armor from the bank (you don’t need a weapon, you will get Silverlight)

Go back into the castle and speak with Sir Prysin. Give him the three keys and he will give you Silverlight in return.

Equip Silverlight and go down to the Dark Wizards at the southern entrance of Varrock.

delrith location demon slayer osrs

Once you arrive, a cut scene will start.

Defeat Delrith. Once killed, right-click and use your incantation to banish him.

As soon as he’s banished, your quest is complete!

Quests Rewards

Congratulations. You’ve finished the Demon Slayer quest. The rewards are the following:

  • 3 Quest Points
  • Silverlight
  • 5 Kudos at Varrock museum

Demon Slayer Quick Guide

For those of you who prefer videos, Slayermusiq has the best play-through of this quest.

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