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On January 21st, Jagex revealed on their newsfeed that the blowpipe will get nerfed, this article will cover everything you need to know about the blowpipe nerf.

How is the blowpipe getting nerfed?

Stats of the blowpipe before and after nerf
Image from osrs news

The above image shows the proposed stats for the blowpipe nerf.

Here’s whats getting changed:

  • Attack stats: from 60 to 30 (50% nerf!)
  • Ranged strength: from 40 to 25

On top of that the stats of the darts are also getting a rebalance:

darts nerfed as well as blowpipe

Jagex’s theory for the blowpipe nerf is that the blowpipe would still be the best option for low-defense monsters.

For higher defense monsters released in the future, Jagex’ would like for crossbows, the crystal bow, and t-bow to be better options.

When is the blowpipe nerf happening?

As of right now, we don’t know exactly when the blowpipe nerf is happening.

All we know currently is that on Wednesday, January 27th, Jagex is opening a beta world to test the blowpipe nerf.

Did Jagex poll the blowpipe nerf?

Jagex did indeed poll the blowpipe nerf, though, they didn’t mention the blowpipe at all.

What Jagex polled is how the playerbase felt about the powercreep of some of the weapons in game and how it would affect the long-term health of the game.

In this poll, over 10,000 votes came in and the majority suggested that they do feel there is a powercreep in Old school Runescape.

Most players suggested the overpowered weapons weren’t a problem as of right now but they are worried about the long term health of the game.

Then they went on with a proposal suggesting that some of the weapons be nerfed so they don’t dominate the meta.

A majority agreed and that led to the blowpipe nerf.

osrs blowpipe nerf poll

See results from the poll.

Does the blowpipe deserve to be nerfed?

The playerbase seems to be 50/50 regarding the issue of whether the toxic blowpipe should be nerfed or not.

Some are arguing that the toxic blowpipe is overpowered compared to other ranged weaponry and others are saying that you shouldn’t be nerfing weapons that have been in the game for years.

Personally, I can agree with both sentiments here.

Many players have used the toxic blowpipe to their advantage over the years.

Whether it is to defeat JAD and get the fire cape, to get 99 ranged or for general bossing — players have been using and benefiting the overpowered toxic blowpipe for years.

I can understand that this might seem unfair to newer players who haven’t yet been able to take advantage of the toxic blowpipe.

Why is Jagex nerfing the blowpipe?

Jagex’s argument for nerfing the blowpipe is that they want to preserve the longevity of the game.

They feel that the blowpipe is simply too overpowered and that might impact the long-term health of the game overall.

You have to understand with updates like these, Jagex is always looking out for the game.

While you might feel the blowpipe doesn’t deserve to be nerfed because you haven’t been able to reap the benefits, Jagex is simply looking out for the game itself and wants to keep it from dying.

What else is getting nerfed?

Jagex isn’t stopping with jus the toxic blowpipe nerf though, they are proposing other items be nerfed as well.

The Neitiznot faceguard: Strength bonus nerf from +6 to +5

The Twisted Bow: 75 ranged to 82 ranged and the prayer bonus reduced from 4 to 0.

Dragonhide armour

Dragonhide armour is getting a pretty big melee nerf as pictured below.

dragonhide armour is getting a nerf in osrs

Dinh’s Bulwark: adding -25 magic defense and reduce magic bonuses by 25%.

Here are the proposed items:

  • Ghrazi Rapier: from 75 attack to 80 attack requirement.
  • Blade of Saeldor: from 75 attack to 80 attack requirement
  • Inquisitors’ Mace: from 75 attack to 80 attack requirement
  • Trident of the Swamp: from 75 magic to 80 magic requirement
  • Sanguinesti Staff: from 75 magic to 82 magic requirement
  • Kodai wand: from 75 magic to 80 magic requirement
  • Nightmare staff (base): from 65 magic to 72 magic requirement
  • Nightmare staff (+orb): from 75 magic to 82 magic requirement
  • Dragon hunter crossbow: from 65 ranged to 70 ranged requirement
  • Dragon hunter Lance: from 70 attack to 78 attack requirement
  • Scythe of Vitur: from 75 attack to 85 attack required

Hopefully, this article has been helpful in helping you understand the upcoming Blowpipe nerf and other weapon nerfs coming in the future.

You can read the full newsarticle on the weapon rebalancing on the old school runescape newsfeed.


Dean started playing Runescape in 2006 when he was just 10 years old and has been playing ever on and off ever since (you never quit OSRS, right?) In 2013 he switched to OSRS Servers and never looked back. Dean has spent over 20,000 hours in the game now and frequently revisits his favourite portion of OSRS; the early-to-mid game through new account builds. You can also find bite-sized runescape guides on Deans' YouTube channel

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