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In this OSRS Black Knights Fortress Quest Guide, we’ll go through all the steps to complete the quest.

This guide is a part of our OSRS Optimal Quest Guide.

Black Knights’ Fortress story & info

The Black Knights’ Fortress is a pretty short quest in which you are tasked by Sir Amik Varze (the leader of the White Knights) to spy on the Black Knights. In this quest, you will dress up as a guard (iron chainbody, bronze med helm) and infiltrate into the Black Knights Fortress.

Quest Requirements

skill requirements Skill Requirements

  • 12 Quest Points
  • Being able to dodge lvl 33 Black Knights

quest requirements Quest Requirements

12 Quest Point are required.

item requirements Item Requirements

ItemGrand Exchange?Obtainable during Quest?
CabbageYesYes, pick up from Edgeville Monastery
Iron ChainbodyYesYes. Purchase from armour shop while in Falador
Bronze Med HelmYesYes. Purchase from Barbarian village helmet shop


  • Some food
  • Armour
  • Teleports to Falador


  • Combat Bracelet teleport to Monastery speeds up the quest a lot

OSRSGuide Recommendation:

Use the Quest Helper Plugin for Runelite.

The Quest Helper Plugin makes Questing TONS easier.

  • Helps keep track of the item requirements and whether you have them on you or not
  • Displays a quest guide in the sidebar
  • Highlights NPCs you need to talk to
  • Knows which dialogue you need to use during the quest
  • Shows the next location in the quest on your map

If you want to install it, you can install the Quest Helper directly from your Plugin Hub on Runelite.

install the quest helper plugin for runelite from the runelite plugin hub

Black Knights’ Fortress Guide

Purchase the items beforehand

This quest is slightly faster if you purchase all items from the Grand Exchange beforehand.

You’ll need to buy the following:

  • Iron Chainbody
  • Bronze Med Helm
  • Cabbage

Ironmen, just follow along with the guide as I’ll show you all the locations anyway.

Quest Start

location osrsF2P: Teleport Falador using the Magic spell if you have 37 Magic. Otherwise you have to walk.
P2P: Purchase Falador Teleport Tablets from the Grand Exchange to get to Falador quickly

Speak with Sir Amik Varze in Falador Castle to start the quest.

speak with sir amik varze to start the black knights fortress quest
Dialogue: 1-1-1

He is located on the top floor 2nd floor (2 staircases up) of the western tower of the castle.

Get the Iron Chainbody

While you are in Falador, visit the armour shop (South of the castle) to purchase an Iron Chainbody.

buy an iron chainbody for the quest

Travel to the Monastery

location osrsF2P: Run here from Falador
P2P: use a combat bracelet teleport to the Monastery

Next up, we’ll go to the Black Knights’ Fortress. But first, we’ll need to make some stops to get the rest of the items (skip ahead if you already have them).

Pick a cabbage from the Monastery

While you are at the Monastery, grab a cabbage from the cabbage field out front.

pick cabbage

(grab multiple if you are prone to eat it instead of use it)

Buy a Bronze Med Helm in Barbarian Village

From the monastery, run south to Barbarian Village and purchase a Bronze Med Helm from the helmet shop.

buy a bronze med helm

Travel to the Black Knight’s Fortress

The Black Knights’ Fortress is located just northwest of the Monastery. Passing the ice mountain.

Equip your Iron Chainbody and Bronze Med Helm.

(you know, to fit right in)

And enter through the Sturdy Door.

open the sturdy door while wearing bronze med helm and iron chainbody to enter

Then, push the wall across from the entrance.

push the wall

Climb up the ladder TWICE.

Then, climb down the ladder South.

climb down this ladder

Then, go through the southern door as illustrated and climb up the ladder.

go up this ladder

Now climb down the eastern ladder, just next to the ladder you just climbed up from.

climb down this ladder

Now go through the door and climb down the southwestern ladder.

climb down this ladder

In this room, locate the grill and select ‘listen-at Grill’. You’ll spy on their conversation.

listen at the grill to spy on the conversation

Once the conversation is over, use the same path you came to get back to the entrance hall of the Fortress.

Now go through the door to the dining hall. The guard will speak with you.

open the door to the dining room

Once inside, climb up the northern ladder.

climb up the ladder in the dining room

Then follow the path until the end where you can push the wall.

push the wall at the end

Use your cabbage on the hole.

use your cabbage on the hole

Your character will now interrupt you and say you should go to Falador. So teleport to Falador or walk there.

Finish the quest

Go back to Sir Amik Varze and speak with him to complete the quest.

speak with sir amik varze to complete the black knights fortress quest

Quests Rewards

Congratulations. You’ve finished the Black Knights’ Fortress quest. The rewards are the following:

  • 3 Quest Points
  • 2,500 GP

Black Knight’s Fortress Quick Guide

For those of you who prefer videos, Slayermusiq has the best play-through of this quest.

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