nex is coming to osrs new godwars dungeon boss

After a successful poll, Nex is finally coming to OSRS.

For those unaware, Nex is a Godwars Dungeon boss that was released in 2011. Years before the reboot we are currently playing.

Although Nex is going to be basically a content copy from RS3, we won’t be getting the same rewards as that would insert a huge power-creep into the game.

So we are not getting the pernix and torva armour sets in the game for that exact reason.

We are getting Virtus robes though, and we’ll cover them later in this article.

When will Nex be released to OSRS?

Currently, we have no set time for the release of Nex to OSRS. However, it seems that the old-school team wants to publish this content BEFORE the Raids 3: Tombs of Amascut release. As of right now, it looks like this release will be set for early 2022.

This content was originally posted on OSRSGUIDE.COM if you see it anywhere else, it was stolen.

this article was originally posted on if you see it anywhere else it was stolen.

Nex Rewards

Here are the Nex rewards as revealed by the Old School Team in the latest newspost.

This article was updated again as Jagex revealed some reward changes. (read newspost)

You can test out the Nex Rewards for yourself using one of Jagex’s beta worlds. (test worlds are currently closed)
World 401 – US East
World 405 – EU
World 408 – UK
World 409 – US West
World 412 – Australia

Torva Armour (instead of Virtus)

torva armour osrs
The official design of Torva armour as revealed by Jagex

Originally, the old school team had planned for a Virtus Robe Set to be released into the game but this was met with some backlash as the community found the proposed robe set disappointing and hardly distinguishable from the existing Ancestral robe set.

As a result of this backlash, the Old School Team revealed that Torva Armour (an original Nex reward which was also added back in 2011) would be on the droptable instead.

Torva is a melee set that will become the new Best-in-slot for old school runescape.

These new armour pieces will be dropped by next in a broken state.

To repair them, players will be required to smith them together with BANDOS items (e.g. Bandos chestplate for the Torva platebody).

This is exciting news because it won’t plummet the prices of bandos gear and it will not make bandos bossing any less worth doing (it will likely INCREASE the price of Bandos).

Below are the stats of the Bandos items as revealed in the recent newspost.

In case you were wondering, we have the virus robe set stats listed below. The old school team said they might still implement virtus at some point in the game. Please keep in mind, as of right now, virtus WILL NOT be added to the game.

virtus robe top - reward for nex osrs
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virtus robe legs - reward for nex osrs
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virtus mask - reward for nex osrs
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The Virtus Robe Set, which was also introduced back in 2011 (albeit with different stats) will have similar stats to the current best-in-slot mage gear: Ancestral.

Each individual Virtus piece gives a 3% damage when using ANCIENT SPELLS. The full set gives 9% magic damage on Ancient Spells.

Additionally, when the FULL SET is worn, smoke spells will reduce healing with 30% if your opponent is poisoned.

On top of that, Shadow spells will drain your target’s strength, attack, defense, magic, and ranged.

The requirements to wear Virtus Robes are:

  • 75 Defence
  • 80 Magic

Zaryte Vambraces

zaryte vambraces - reward for nex osrs

Zaryte Vambraces will become the Best In Slot Ranged gloves in OSRS, beating out the barrows gloves.

To wear Zaryte Vambraces, you will need:

  • 45 Defence (zerk-proof)
  • 80 Ranged

Ancient Godsword

ancient godsword and torva armour modelled in osrs

Of course, Nex drops a new godsword as well. At least, it will drop it in pieces just like any other godsword.

Stats-wise this godsword will be the same as the Armadyl or Bandos Godsword, the difference lies in the Special Attack which uses 50% energy.

When used, the special attack will DOUBLE the accuracy of the hit. If it hits, the damage will be 10% higher. On top of that, an 8-cycle will start. If your opponents does not move further than 5 hits after the special attack in this time, they will be hit for 25 damage and you (the attacker) will be healed for this amount as well.

The ancient godsword will be another PVP-Worthy item that you can expect to see in the pking worlds.

Just like its counterparts, the Ancient Godsword will require 75 attack to equip.

ancient godsword stats osrs

Zaryte Crossbow (Instead of Zaryte Bow)

zaryte crossbow nex reward osrs

The Zaryte crossbow will replace the original idea of the Zaryte bow being added to the game.

The bow was scrapped for the reason that we already have the Twisted Bow and Bow of Faerdhinen in the game but crossbows have not seen an update in a while.

The Zaryte Crossbow will require 80 Ranged to equip.

Its special will allow any bolt effect to be 10% stronger.

Just like the Torva Armour, the Zaryte Crossbow will require the current best-in-slot (Armadyl Crossbow) and 250 Nihil Shards (Nex drop) to create.

Below are the stats of the now-scrapped Zaryte bow. Please keep in mind this bow will NOT be added to the game.

The Zaryte bow would have had a special effect which is similar to chinchompas but with a slightly bigger range.

This special allowed the bow to reach opponents within 2 tiles of the original target.

The Zaryte bow will need to be recharged with Nihil Shards, which you will be able to get from Nex alongside minions.

The Zaryte bow will require 80 ranged to equip.

Below are some videos from popular OSRS YouTubers reviewing the new nex rewards.

This content was originally posted on OSRSGUIDE.COM if you see it anywhere else, it was stolen.

this article was originally posted on if you see it anywhere else it was stolen.

Wrap Up

So that’s everything we know so far about Nex, the upcoming boss to OSRS.

This post will continue to be updated as we gain more and more insights through the news posts from the Old School Team.

What do you think about the release of a new boss into the game?

Are you excited? Worried about power-creep?

Let us know below.

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